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Groundies At Night – Playground Wars / That YouTub3 Family

(upbeat music) – Hi guys, welcome back to– – [Family In Unison] That YouTub3 Family! – And today we’re gonna
play groundies at night. This is pretty crazy, we have
or cousins Steel Kids with us! (cheering) Go check out their channel, make sure to hit that subscribe button, watch their videos because
they’ve got some awesome videos on there, and we’re also going
to be collabing with them, filming some really cool
videos for their channel, so make sure to head over
there, hit that subscribe! Are you guys ready to play? Groundies is easy. – One person’s it and
if they’re on the ground they can see, if they’re on the– – Playground. – Playground equipment,
they are to close their eyes and try to get the person. And if someone’s on the ground, and the person that’s it says “groundies,” the other person is it. – Okay, so, we have to be careful to stay away from whoever’s it. Whoever’s it can go on the playground for five seconds, right? Before they have to close their eyes. – Yep. – So we have to be very careful. Everybody, this is kind of a
crazy game, so be cautious. Don’t get hurt, stay safe–
– Yep. – play smart, let’s have
an adventure, let’s go! – Woo!
– Last one on is it! (excited yelling)
– I’m up on it, Jordan’s not! – Audrey’s on!
– Audrey’s it! (indiscernible yelling) – No, I’m on, Audrey wasn’t on! – Mom is it!
– Who on it? – [Dad] I say–
– No, you were running over there and I was up here. _ I think it’s Jordan! – [In Unison] Jordan’s it! (whooping) – Oh no, this is so hard! – Alright, guys, I am kind of nervous because there is so many players, and it’s at nighttime
so it’s kind of harder to see them all, so I don’t know if I’m gonna actually get anybody. Cross your fingers and
hopefully I’ll get somebody. Let’s go, I think they’ve had enough time. – [Dad] Alright. – You ready? Let’s go! Be on the ground at first. – [Ty] If you touch the
playground equipment you have to close your eyes. Even if you touch it. – Oh, my gosh! What is she doing? (laughing) – Got ’em! – What was that move? – [Jordan] I don’t even know! – You’ve gotta be kidding me! – [Dad] Totally got you by jumping. – I grabbed it and I pulled myself up and touched mom with my feet. That was great! – [Mom] That was insane! – [Dad] That was fast. – Perks of gymnastics! Let’s go! – [Dad] Alright, granny, come on down. – Oh, my goodness, this I
gonna be hard for me now. – I can’t believe I got you. – Okay, ready? Here I come, guys! I’m gonna go after the oldest person because I’m slow. The oldest person, the
oldest person is my brother. – [Audrey] What the heck? I can hear you. (clapping) – Wait a minute, I just found Jake. (laughter) – [Audrey] What? – Change of plans, Jake was easy! – [Audrey] What? – [In unsion] Jake’s out. – You have to say “One, five,
ten, Q” before you start. – One, five ten, Q?
– Yeah. – [Dad] Okay, go! – Wait, he can climb for five seconds. – [Dad] Only five seconds. – No, not five seconds, I can go up– – [Mom] No, five seconds
with your eyes open, then you gotta close your eyes. – Oh. – [Dad] Look at all those people up there. – [Mom] Go, go, go! – [Dad] Okay, his eyes are closed. – [Mom] Oh, no. – [Dad] He’s walking in the dark. – [Jordan] Dad, dad. Sh, don’t tell him we’re here. (child screams) Look, they’re back there. – [Uncle] Oh, you move so fast! – [Jordan] I think he got somebody! – Oh, he got him!
– He got someone! – He got me!
– Who’d you get? – I got… – Man, that was a good strategy, he faked me out. – [Dad] Alright, you know how to play? – Yup, so I just close my
eyes and say, “groundies.” – [Dad] I think you don’t
have to close your eyes until you get on the platform. – Yeah–
– Oh! – Only when you get on the platform. – [Dad] Down here you can keep ’em open. – Oh, okay! – You can keep ’em open until you step on. You have five seconds while
you’re on the platform to have your eyes open. – Oh, okay. – [Mom] So, you can keep ’em open as long as you’re touching the ground. – Okay, alright. – [Mom] And five seconds while
you’re on the playground. – [Jake] I’m over here! – [Jordan] Wait, Jake, don’t say that! – [Mom] Run! (yelling) – [Uncle] Groundies! (indiscernible yelling) – [Dad] Oh, who’s on the ground? Oh, you were on the ground
and he said, “Groundies!” – No, I waited ’til after
he said “Groundies,” then got on the ground. – [Dad] Are you sure? – [Kid] Yeah, I’m sure. – [Dad] Alright. – [Child] Ah, dad! (laughs) – It’s like his eyes are
closed, he can’t see. – [Kid] That’s ’cause his eyes are closed and he can’t see. – I don’t know this playground, where is this going? I gotta get off this. – [Dad] Now you can open ’em. – [Kid] Hey dad, hey dad, hey dad! (yelling) – No, I can’t get back, I was stuck there! (laughing) He moved too fast, ugh! Why me again? – [Mom] Okay, ready? I’m it! Oh, my gosh, the animals are… – [Dad] It’s the coyotes. – Ugh, the animals are going crazy here! – [Dad] We’re right next to a zoo. – Oh, my gosh, okay, let’s go. I don’t know my strategy. (animals howling) – There’s somebody. – [Dad] Where is everybody, oh. – One, two, three, four, five! I’m just gonna roll and
hope I don’t get hurt. (laughter) – [Jake] Yeah, but my head’s a part of it. – I don’t know why I feel afraid up here. I gotta go back down and open my eyes. (laughter) – [Mom] Ah, it is so
scary when you can’t see! (kids shouting and exclaiming loudly) (kids mimicking animal noises) – Okay, as soon as I get down, I can open. Where is the bottom? Okay, that was terrifying. – [Jordan] Hello, Katie! (child exclaims) – Katie! (child yelling) (all shout) – [Jordan] Whoa, whoa, whoa! (excited exclaiming) – [Jordan] Audrey’s out! – [Mom] Woo!
(clapping) – [Dad] She got you! – I wasn’t even expecting that. (laughs) – Ready, set, go! Wait, how do I do this? – [Dad] You have five
seconds on the playground with your eyes open, and
then you gotta shut ’em off. – Okay. – [Dad] Close ’em. – Hello, Katie. (laughing) – [Jake] She’s after us! – I can’t tell where she is with that bright light in my eyes. – Yeah, it’s so hard. – It’s blinding me. – This is so hard. (laughter) (children exclaim) – Where is she? I don’t know where she is! – [Child] No fair! Why is she over there? – [Jake] Why is she over there? – [Child] No one’s in it! (Audrey tapping on slide) – I know some people
were over here earlier. – [Ty] Audrey, no one’s there! – Hello? I don’t wanna climb up
there, okay let’s go back. – [Child] There’s no one up that slide! – [Child] It’s Jake! – [Audrey] Jake’s over there? – [Child] Yeah. – [Jake] Oh, really, guys? – Guys, here she comes! – Where is she? – Oh, that light blinds you, though! – Ah, she’s right there! – Audrey, you can’t get us! (excited screaming) – [Jordan] She’s cornered us, guys! – [Mom] She’s so scary! (laughing) – [Audrey] Oh, I can’t see squat. – [Mom] Where is she gonna go? (laughing) – [Audrey] Ready, set-y, go-y. – [Mom] We’re all trapped up here! – [Audrey] One, two, three! – [Jake] Ha-ha! – [Ty] Audrey! – [Audrey] Oh, no! – [Jake] Ty, run! – [Audrey] Groundies! – [Dad] Oh, who’s on the ground? – [Jake] No one’s on the ground! – [Child] We’re behind you! We’re behind you! Hey, you can’t look! – Did anyone get out? – [Child] No. You’re way, way behind! – [Audrey] Groundies! – [Mom] Nobody’s on the ground. – Are you kidding me? Seriously? – Seriously? – [Audrey] One, two, three,
four, five, groundies! (child shrieks) Groundies! Are you serious? (laughing) – [Dad] Audrey, Audrey. – [Jake] Audrey! (indiscernible chatter)
– [Uncle] Is Audrey up? – [Ty] Yeah, she’s still there! – [Audrey] Ah, you guys, this is intense! – One, two, three, four, five! – Go!
– Groundies! – [Dad] Nope. – I hate this, where is everyone? – [Jake] Audrey, no one’s over there! They’re all on the slide.
– Groundies! – [Jake] Look all on the slide. – Where am I? (indiscernible yelling) – [Jake] Can’t say! – That was so close. – [Jake] You’re getting
closer to me, nevermind. – Ouch, ow! – [Child] Everybody left,
everybody’s over here. – [Audrey] Groundies! – [Child] Nada! – Okay, I’m getting off this. Or am I? Where am I? (laughs) – [Jake] Oh, I can’t say. – Oh, no. Ow, what is this, oh. Groundies! – [Child] Nada! I am not good at being the monster. Okay, I can see now. – [Dad] (laughs) Mom
was right next to you. – Are you kidding me? (laughter)
(sigh of relief) – [Ty] You almost got mom! You almost got mom, great job! – [Child] You went right past your mom. – [Child] Jake, run! – [Jake] I can’t! – Hi, Jakey. – Not here! – You wanna play a game?
– No! – I think you do! – There’s a lot of gnats up here. – Oh, I actually have to
close my eyes now, dang it. Groundies!
– No! – I got you when you were running. – [Dad] Yeah, you were on the ground. – I jumped! – She got you.
– I jump– – I got Ty! – [Dad] Okay, Ty, you’re the
man, the myth, the legend. You ready to get ’em? – [Ty] Yup. – Got any strategies?
– Nope. – [Dad] To share with everybody for groundies at dark? – No, I’m just… – [Dad] Go get ’em! – Ready, set, go! – [Dad] Alright, game on! – One, two, three, four, five! – No, he can see!
(laughing) – He got me!
– He got mom! – Let’s redo, redo! Ty’s too good! – [Dad] Alright, Ty’s too fast. Okay, come here, Ty. You gotta give people a chance, man. You’re too good at this game!
– No! – [Dad] Alright, you ready, set go! – One, two, three, four, five. Okay, eyes closed! – Groundies! (all shouting) – [Dad] You got groundied on the ground! – I was on the ground, man! – [Dad] I think Ty’s
played this game before. – That was so tricky! So, I think I’m gonna tag out and have Jake be the groundies, since he hasn’t been the
groundies yet and I have. So, Jake’s the new groundies! – [Dad] Alright, Jake, you ready? What’s your strategy, Jake? – Speedy. – [Dad] Speedy, you’re like your brother. I’ll call your time when
you get on the thing. Okay, you ready? One, two, three, four, five! Oh! – Why me–
– He got you! – Why me!
(laughing) Just kidding, ah! That was pretty good! I felt like I did good, though, because I escaped Audrey pretty good– – You did.
– So pat on the shoulder. – [Dad] You were right there next to her and she had no clue. – Yes, I got caught this round, oh well. That was so fun! If you guys liked seeing us play groundies at night, tell us what other games we should play at night in the dark. – [Dad] ‘Cause it’s a whole
new ball game at dark. – Alrighty, thank you
guys so much for watching. Make sure to like, subscribe, and share, and… – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure! We’ll see you all next time! – [In unison] Bye! (upbeat music)

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