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GREAT WOLF LODGE REVIEW 🐺 Scottsdale, AZ (Activities, Locations, Passes) 🌊 (Indoor Waterpark Fun)

hey everybody welcome to today’s video I
am so pleased to be able to share our family’s experience at the Great Wolf
Lodge in Scottsdale with you guys we’re gonna take you on a tour around the
entire resort share some of our favorite things that we did and give you a couple
tips and tricks that helped make our experience something that we will never
forget hey kiddos where we going for us Great
Wolf Lodge was about a 20-minute drive from our house and so it was a quick and
easy trip that we could take that didn’t take a lot of time the kids were still
super happy nobody asked if we were there yet and so I love that there’s so
many locations all over that it is really short drive for most people for
those of you who are new to Great Wolf Lodge it’s a wonderful hotel for
children and families alike that has a built-in waterpark so you don’t have to
go far to be able to find entertainment and fun things to do you just walk right
into the waterpark and your kids will be entertained for the whole entire day now
at night after you have dinner and everybody is rested and ready to do
something else fun they have a ton of interactive activities inside the hotel
as well Oh they have a mining activity you can see
these ropes courses were really fun I will tell you that they go up three
levels high and my eight-year-old got really really scared on that upper level
now my six-year-old is an adventure seeker and she had a great time but I
will say that that one is a little bit scary for some of the kids when you’re excited for Gavin we had a great time bowling but my
skills leave a little to be desired I love that you can put the bumpers up so
the kids could really experience having success while bowling and there was
hardly anybody there with us so we didn’t have to wait in line for anything
it was super fun how do you feel although we were gifted
some of the passes that you could purchase that include a lot of the
activities if you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing the activities in the
hotel you can purchase the activities individually but the best value for sure
is to purchase one of their passes that include a ton of activities and kept our
kids busy the entire time we stayed our ten-year-old loved the arcade the best
aside from the water park this is where he wanted to spend most of his time was
playing games in the arcade but that’s one of his favorite things to do at home
as well the favorite activity for our middle
child and our youngest they are eight and six was the Magi quest you get to
pick out a magic wand and then you travel around the entire resort doing
interactive activities with the wands so they absolutely loved it they kept pussy
for so long one morning and they just did that until almost lunchtime so they
chose that activity over going to the water park for the entire day so for
sure this one’s a great one to keep the hitters busy for a long period of time they’ve got a miniature petting green
that was super fun again I love that we were able to go on a weekday and it was
close to when they had actually opened the resort up so the there was hardly
anybody there we didn’t wait in line at all another thing that they really loved
was the candy store they have a darling candy store with bulk candy and one of
the things that came with their passes was an opportunity to go in and fill up
one of their cups so they loved doing that you there’s so many things to cover because
there’s so many activities but they’ve got characters that come around and hang
out with the kids they’ve got rock climbing walls they’ve got an amazing
buffet for breakfast lunch and dinner with tons of selections for even the
pickiest of eaters they have I mean they’ve got a doughnut place a coffee
place an ice cream place they’ve got chicken fingers they’ve got dippin dots
they have just they’ve got tacos they have pretty much everything you could
need right there in one spot we didn’t leave the resort once and had an amazing
time this trip was specifically for our
oldest son’s tenth birthday and as you can see he is on cloud nine he had the
very best time it’s going to be a vacation that he will always remember
and a birthday that will be something that he cherishes forever make sure thanks so much for hanging out with us
today I hope this video was helpful and give you a couple of tips that can help
you guys plan your next trip to the Great Wolf Lodge there’s a ton of
locations I’ll drop them in the comments but I’d love to hear have you been to a
Great Wolf Lodge before or if you haven’t what has been your very favorite
family vacation I can’t wait to talk to you guys soon have a great day you

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