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Great Wolf Lodge – Best Water Park in Orange County, CA

Hello folks, Tony Cabrerra here with ChoiceTV and I am at the Great Wolf Lodge today, the first and only indoor water
park in Southern California and I’m so excited because there’s not only a water
park with plenty of slides and the wolf rider wipe out where I can practice my surfing, there
is also miniature golf, an arcade, bowling everyone’s happy to be here its
opening weekend and quite frankly I’m the most exciting one so without further
ado let’s get to it I’m here at the 10 Paw Bowling Alley which is very exciting for me because prior to being on
television, I was on track to be a professional bowler I’ve hit 300 once or
twice. Balls aren’t regulation size Of course it’s said that great bowlers can adapt to anything but I don’t know if I that theory right now. Wasn’t at my usual 300 today Got a 67 but again it’s
just for fun right, just for the kids. Tony Cabrerra here in the Arcade, playing a game of Stinky Feet not a concept that I’m familiar with
of course but that doesn’t change the fact i’m near professional gamer well as a
professional bowler pinpoint accuracy How’d I do, high score? Ooohh. Megan Wright just got herself a teddy bear. I’m here at Hungry as a Wolf and this bear cub is hungry. They have some fantastic pizza here
I’m not really sure that compares to Grandma Seems like we have a fan. Joey! Buddy! I’m fantastic, what are you doing here? I’m writing an article for the Orange County Press You’re with the Press? I am. You’re on TV. I’m on ChoiceTV, we’re on FOX. That’s so cool, I’ve always wanted to be on TV. This is my friend Joey from college I haven’t
seen this guy in a dogs age. Can my friend Joey join us here today? This day just got a whole lot better as if that was possible. Tony and Joey here at Howl at the Moon Golf. You remember me being a good mini golfer back in the day. Yeah, but I think I beat you. Let the games begin, hold that peasant. I’ve apparently mis hit a little bit today the ball doesn’t have regulation weight, regulation size. That’s ok, long game, 18 holes right? Meanwhile Joey All right so why don’t we summarize the golf game Tony? For the first time in his young life, Joey has beaten me at mini golf And he thinks he’s some kind of God Mis hit today, arm’s a little bit sore. It was an off day, Joey’s getting a little over excited. Tony I’m such a big fan of yours. Thank you sir! Finally some recognition today. But you’re just a hack man. You can’t even play at Pebble Beach and then you come here. That’s very kind of you sir, you a professional golfer? Oh yeah, minus 1 handicap. Really, really well any other day my friend, my arm’s a little sore today Next time we’ll have to have a one on one. Step it up! This is Joey and Tony here… This kid thinks he can just take the show. This is Joey and Tony on Tony’s show, ChoiceTV We are about to go into Beartrack Landing Water Park, it’s the highlight of the day. My friend Joseph and I, catching up after all these years. Without further ado, let’s go do it. Tony Cabrerra here with ChoiceTV, we have had a fabulous day at The Great Wolf Lodge Caught up with an old friend. Had a wonderful time. Even went on the Coyote Cannon, 40ft. strait drop, and I did it. I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous, Tony Cabrerra gets nervous but I did it. It was fantastic. Played some mini golf, played some arcade games, did some bowling. It was all wonderful. Had a great time, highly recommend The Great Wolf Lodge So we’ll see you next time ChoiceTV Make wise choices, and this is a wise choice!

Reader Comments

  1. If you want to have a great time with the whole family? Go to the Great Wolf Lodge! There's so much fun and the pool and slides are great!!

  2. A friend told me about this so i looked it up. Looks like a cool place. I don't understand why the guy was wearing rabbit ears though!

  3. Great Wolf Lodge is a ton of fun – not just for the kids either! For sheer family entertainment, it's hard to beat this place. Lots of happy memories from GWL.

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