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Gov. DeSantis to Florida spring breakers: ‘The party’s over’

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  1. Not going to lie, I'm predominantly a Democrat but Gov. DeSantis is doing an excellent job so far as Florida Governor. Well done

  2. Your an idiot! Keeping beaches open with millions interacting and partying! Your the problem! Only one in the world dumb enough to allow this. You should be fired!

  3. This is not America as we've known it, it's a Police State. This reaction by government has set precedence to end "Freedom" as we've known it. Advise, Assist and to Protect is what we expect from our Government, they have gone to far by creating laws to take away the freedom of our fellow citizens and destroying our businesses. Yet I believe our Republic is strong and my fellow Americans will use this moment as learning experience that will only make US stronger. May peace and freedom be with you in your pursuit of happiness!

  4. De santas does not have balls to shutdown economy. Most beaches in FL is a petri dish if mayors have not closed. Blood will be on his hands for deaths all over country!

  5. The Generation Z mind set is an actual epidemic on its own and obvious now more than ever. This is our future seeing a generation calling a pandemic the “Boomer Remover” while partying. The parents of this generation are just as vulnerable to the pandemic. The media has to stop talking about the youth not being vulnerable to this, they are!!

  6. Who ever told these kids they can’t catch corona virus ? Oh yeah, the media…..thanks social media channels, for turning one generation against the other to benefit ratings…..shame

  7. Hope they dont listen. The goverment is out of control amd they should all ne locked up. To hell with the tyrant sons of birches! The CDC is a terrorost organisation and they need to be stepped.

  8. Governor still too wimpy with these idiots on the beach. Florida will likely go down big! Typical government incompetence. Boomer remover. Millennials wouldnt last a day without us. Look how out of shape. Seventy year old boomers can kick their huge muffin top buts. And the millennial males have arms like 12 year old girls!

  9. It pissed my off seeing these rich kids down on these beaches partying & at restaurants taking selfie’s & dancing around like O THE CORONAVIRUS CANT GET ME BECAUSE IM YOUNG RICH & PRETTY & IM DRINKING ALCOHOL SO THAT WILL CLEAN ME FROM THE INSIDE OUT & I,LL BE OK . What a total disregard for human life .

  10. 152 Police officers quarantined in Detroit, the Police might not be there when you need them, Florida Gov. Ron Desantis should wave the 5 day waiting period to purchase a firearm, it could be too late for a law abiding citizen if they need a firearm if the gun store is closed/employees sick, before the 5 days is up, during this emergency 5 days is a long time to wait plus weekend days don't count.

  11. Ab time dipshit but the way he talked earlier was that he wasn't enforcing anything bc the people wouldn't do it anyway or so he said.. he doesn't wanna shutdown beaches- less income for the state and trump doesn't want to either bc his lil mara lago.

  12. Those images are disturbing now for u, after u r done peddling it as a hoax. Shame on your incompetency. People are dying and will be dying more because of people like u…. only if it is family member.. u will feel the pinch. If a constituent dies.. no big deal.. flu kills more as per some politicians…

  13. For a state with such a high concentration of seniors like Florida things should have been closed ages ago. This governor has been absolutely irresponsible.

  14. These stupid people shouldn't be allowed to go home until these whole thing is over, all sending them home will do is track the virus all over..

  15. Dudley Do-Right has to find someone to blame.
    Exploit old people.. like you care suddenly. Can't exploit kids with the latest trending drama
    Why didn't YOU react faster and end the LIES about toilet paper coming from China? What good are YOU media outlets?
    Useless lying gossips

  16. Anyone else hear " We are keeping them open until monday because we want as much money as we can get away with"?


  18. Come on Ron, I like you man… Bad decision… Hanging on the beach is ok… Keep your distance, all is good. Focus on getting China to reimbursement us let's start at 3 Trillion …

  19. GOP are murderers. They have no plan of attack against this virus and spread lies about it. They got blood on their hands

  20. No doubt this goes on any longer this entire economy is going to collapse. This is crazy! We must get back to normal quickly.

  21. You're so full of s***. This governor was on TV a few days ago and refused to close these beaches after it got bad. Dont try to come on Fox News and backtrack now governor. We all remember what happened this past week. Now you're going to try to come on here and clean everything up. And after all this you still refuse to close every Beach. What is wrong with you?

  22. Government asserting 100 percent control and everyone just stand back and says "Thanx!", like a bunch of asshat tools. What a shame.

  23. Yes, I can just see all those enthusiastic college professors awaiting the return of spring breakers who couldn't stay away from each other on those Florida beaches! Perhaps they can extol the virtues of OUR COUNTRY rather than Communism and it's complete failure to handle an international pandemic, while in fact making it far more lethal!! That'll make the student body snap out of it!!

  24. As a Florida resident, I'm so grateful we have DeSantis, instead of Gullium, as governor. The only reason the voting was even close between the two, was the massive cheating in South Florida.

  25. Keep all those partygoers from the beach together in mandatory quarantine for 3 weeks. Dont advise them to return to their hotels or the skies or homes and trust they will voluntarily quarantine. It mocks what all of us are doing and endangers us for extra months. And they should be fined too.

  26. News: young people are not at risk for the coronavirus, caution should only be taken by the elderly or those with a compromised immune system.

    A week later

    News: look at these irresponsible young people acting like they shouldn’t be scared of the corona virus, what is wrong with them”?!?

  27. Pure incompetence! Global pandemic and the image of spring break streaming all over the globe! Talk about lack of action! White ppl 😳

  28. Trump should block the Florida Borders with military troops and quarantine the the State of Florida for 2 weeks. Nobody is going anywhere out of Florida until their quarantine time expires. People stuck in Florida want to moan and complain tell them you have the spring breakers to thank for this inconvenience.

  29. These were mostly young men and woman NOT kids. Shame on them for not being more responsible, a twelve yr old would know better, especially with all the info about COVID -19

  30. Do you people realize that SUNSHINE kills CORONAVIRUS aka COVID-19? ASK A DR!
    Real Dumb to Shut Down Beaches & tell people to stay indoors!

  31. Hey Gov. – The Party is still going on & Florida will be to blame for spreading the Wuhan Flu! In the USA – Everyone at Home – Not Florida Beaches – They are Relaxing, Drinking Beers, Hanging Out??? Arrest Them – Idiot!

  32. This is a free country, I don’t condoning what they are doing but they are not doing anything that is against the law, cdc recommend no social gathering but that’s it, it’s just recommendation… aslong they are not intentionally spreading virus to public ? Americans are free to do whatever they want… when I see a group of people that always talks about first amendment and second amendment rights, talk sh*t about left being socialist but yet condemn these young people it just makes me sick, so I guess freedom is only convenient when it benefits yourself….

  33. Think it was too late! PC Bch too. It is rumored Mayer Mike Thomas isn't closing bars nor Thunder Beach. Is it true? Hope not! Got to bring in the revenue and make more catch the virus all in the name of money. Good ole boy network here. Already have one 47 yr old spring breaker here from Texas tested positive and now a 7 or 8 yr old little girl and 5 more waiting results. Gov. Santis shut things down. The longer you wait the more will die. Laws need to be enforced.

  34. Florida should be fined significantly for its utter failure to close beaches weeks ago. This governor should personally be fined.

  35. Good advice, Gov. DeSantis. Yes, “The party should be over” for the young Spring vacationers. But did your last gubernatorial candidate opponent Andrew Gillum get that same message in time to save him? – HaHaHaHa

  36. This definitely would have been on Kroq’s what’s going on with Florida segment.

    Sadly the whole morning squad was fired 🤦‍♂️ 😞

  37. Darwin was right;it's natural selection,thinning the herd of the weak and sick. Survival of the fittest.

  38. You Idiot!!! it's already too late, beaches should've been closed 2 wks ago. Desantis' poor and dangerous decision to allow thousands to flood FL's beaches is going to cost lives…. he should resign.

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