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[GOT7의 하드캐리2.5] Ep.2 (Full ver.) (ENG SUB)

(MARK) (BAMBAM) (JACKSON) (JB) (YUGYEOM) (YOUNGJAE) (JINYOUNG) (GOT7’s HARD CARRY 2.5) (Previously on HARD CARRY 2.5) (The 3rd round,
YUGYEOM’s intense attack) After I get in, you get in, got it? All right (10 seconds before YUGYEOM’s attack) (Tiptoeing) (He hides himself so that YOUNGJAE
won’t see him) (Ready to attack) Hi, it’s been a while (YOUNGJAE arrives in Gimbap Heaven) Long time no see It’s been a while It’s been a while (BAMBAM is moving towards his partner) We’ll make a surprise attack Get in (Let’s go!) (YUGYEOM, go) (So fast) (YOUNGJAE has no clue) (He gets into the restaurant quickly) (I got you, you rat!) (Is the game over?) (Let’s see) Where is the baby bird? (But he doesn’t have the baby bird) Okay, search me Have some food Where is the bird? Have some food first Have some food first What’s this? (What’s going on?) Have some food first (YOUNGJAE looks so happy) I’m not hungry at all Have a seat and eat some food East some food Where is the baby bird? We got him, that is Let’s have some food (BAM doesn’t realize the situation) Where is the baby bird? Let’s have some food (Give me the baby bird) – Let’s eat
– No Is it in the company? I thought he should carry it with him Oh, I just got an awesome idea I’ll hide the baby bird somewhere and wait till other members come I can summon the baby bird later (Respect) Wait, I shouldn’t get off
in front of the Gimbap Heaven Just go straight, please I’ll get off where I want to get off Please drive slowly Yes, please let me get off here (He gets off with a perfect plan) (Where YOUNGJAE got off)
(Where the restaurant is) (He got off a little
far from the restaurant) (Where is he going?) (The BBQ restaurant that he
often went to with the members) Hello Is the shop owner here? Could you look after this for a while? If someone comes here and ask
about this, please say there’s nothing like that Please Just hide over there I’ll get it later, thank you so much I’ll be back (I’m here) (Haha) (Seemingly his plan is successful) – Let’s have some food
– No You really don’t have the baby bird? No Then we didn’t have to find him We didn’t have to (What should I do?) He doesn’t have it in his pocket This is nonsense I’ll enjoy some food Let’s check the bathroom BAM, did you check the bathroom? (Knock) (A surprise attack) (Knock) (Poor lambs are searching
the bathroom) (They’re searching unnecessarily hard) Can I check here? Can I check the drawer? (He even search the kitchen) How about under the drawer? Try (Frustrated) (Darn it) Come on Give us a hint It’s near here The staff said I can hide it
somewhere near here That’s where you already know (The place we already know?) (The ox team recalls
the places near here) (Meanwhile, the dog team
is going to the Gimbap Heaven) (Confident) I got a message from him What did he say? ‘I didn’t say that it’s Gimbap Heaven’ ‘Don’t get stressed out, guys,
this is for fun’ (Haha…it’s fun) For him, this is fun We’re back here again (YOUNGJAE, you’re there) Oh Thank you, ma’am YOUNGJAE, what are you doing here? Hi (How dare you enjoy food sitting here?) Say hello to the owner Ma’am (Haha) (JACKSON is being polite
even in this situation) What are you doing here? Can’t you tell? (Let me think) Is the baby bird here? (JINYOUNG is approaching) Is this fun? Is it? Yes, it is (I really want to hit him) Excuse me, ma’am, did YOUNGJAE
hide something in the kitchen? No, he didn’t bring anything He didn’t? I heard you ran away
after you saw us Yes I came up from underground
and I saw you It was easy to tell
because you were in red I was horrified and ran away Did you see me? Yes How could you be so sneaky? What are you talking about? Are you having fun? Yes You’ve been always not likeable to me Why? Because of the Shabu-shabu? I hate you 10 times more now Have some food first (Pissed) (What the…) (He stands up out of the blue) (Searching under the table) Okay (He even opens the spoon box) (Dumbfounded) Search everywhere Right here? (They’re looking for the baby bird) (Poor JACKSON…) (Ring) (Startled) (JB’s call) Where are you? In Gimbap Heaven What are you doing? YOUNGJAE is here What? He’s here, come quick Did you get him? It’s no use Because we need to find the bird (What is he talking about?) (Come on) He’s lying (MARK doesn’t trust him) (JB’s calling JINYOUNG) I heard YOUNGJAE’s voice (As soon as he gets JB’s call,) (he puts YOUNGJAE on the phone)) Where are you? Come here and eat some food (It’s YOUNGJAE!) Did they catch you? How could you do this to us? Why for did you use the defense skill? (How can I punish this brat?) Well, I think he’s thinking of using another skill (Oh) (How did he figure it out?) (But he acts as if
he doesn’t know anything) I’m waiting here For what? I’m waiting for you to come I’ve met all the members,
BAM, YUGYEOM… JACKSON… I’m sure he doesn’t have the bird I’m 100% sure (JB is still confused) He hid it somewhere else
and went to the restaurant That’s why he’s calling us now That is He hid it somewhere else I have no idea I can’t think of
anything but Daelim Changgo (Daelim Changgo- where GOT7
held the first debut showcase) (Where’s the ox team, by the way?) BAM Look around carefully (BAM is full of drive) (It must be near here) You search the shop,
I’ll go to the cafe Okay, I’ll do that Okay Wait Hello This is where we filmed ‘A’ teaser Let me check here (There’s no bird here) (Yes, it’s tasty but wrong place) (Not here) (Try) Hello Has one of our members come here yet? It means there’s no bird here It must be somewhere It must be (BAM is searching everywhere) (He even goes upstairs) (to look for the bird) (Where are you, AHGASE?) (YUGYEOM joins) BAM Did you find it? I’m searching Something’s weird He should get it back and run It means it’s not far from here Let’s go back to the
neighborhood of the restaurant (Our mission must go on) (Searching hard) This is so frustrating (They’re doing their best) (AHGASE,) (you wait there) (But) (they return the restaurant
empty-handed) Where do you think it is? It’s somewhere we all know,
we used to go there often But not here (It’s not in Gimbap Heaven) It’s here(near here) Just tell me one thing Is it in Gimbap Heaven? No Otherwise I can’t enjoy Ramen like this Did we go there often? Yes But not anymore? No, because the company relocated (Come on, this is enough to get it) (The place that we can’t go
anymore…) (Then…) (Exchanging looks) (JINYOUNG and JACKSON
get an idea) (Oh? Did they figure out?) (The ox team follows them) No, not here (JACKSON changes his direction) (I’ll find it!) Hello (YUGYEOM searches another cafe) Hello Hello Did YOUNGJAE come here? What? YOUNGJAE He didn’t come here He didn’t? It doesn’t look like he’s lying Then do you know where they went?
To the left or right? To the left? Okay (He’s relieved now) (He’s enjoying this moment) How can’t they know that place? (Daehan Geukjang- GOT7’s
ex-hangout near JYP) Wait (JACKSON, you figured it out?) (Not really) Hello Did YOUNGJAE come here? All right (Retreat right away) (He’s vigilant) Did you see a guy coming in? With some cameras No? Long time no see Yes, I remember you Yes, me, either (Only 15 minutes left) (The dog and the ox teams
looked everywhere) Hey, we missed ‘Daehan Geukjang’! (The dog team runs towards
the restaurant) (But YUGYEOM arrives earlier) We came here often Hello (Run) (The dog team arrives) Was YOUNGJAE here? Umm? I don’t know (She acts as if she
doesn’t know anything) (But the lady in the kitchen
starts laughing) Are you sure? I don’t know, I won’t tell YOUNGJAE told me I shouldn’t tell you YOUNGJAE told me I shouldn’t tell you (It’s here) (They search everywhere
from the wall clock,) (the shelf) (to the toilet paper holder) (AHGASE, wait for me) This is crazy I need to check every chair (YUGYEOM checks the chairs) I won’t tell you, hahaha Please (Where are you, AHGASE?) Not there Then where? (Strong denials are strong affirmations) I said, not there JACKSON (Not there, kid) (They’re searching wrong places) (Finally, they approach where
the bird is hidden) (YOUNGJAE hid the bird
above the counter) I’ll put it here for a while Thank you (Chirping) (It’s getting interesting) (YUGYEOM is approaching) (Jump) (Is it there?) (Will they miss the bird
before there eyes? (They just turn around) (Come on, you’re almost there) Not here? (At that moment) (YUGYEOM gets close to the bird) (Will he be able to find it?) (It’s getting closer…) (Turn around) One more time (It’s so frustrating) (Ha…will you miss it like that?) (While YUGYEOM guesses wrong,) (JACKSON is having a secret
conversation with the lady) Go and find over there (She gave them a rough,
but crucial hint) (JACKSON goes straight) (Will they be able to get AHGASE?) (JACKSON is focused) (It’s a tense moment) (Will he be able to get it?) (Oops) No (I got it!) Wait He got it! From there (YUGYEOM is excited) (Let’s get in the car and run away) (Run) We need to run (Running fast) Why are they running? (Because they’re worried that
you’d steal it) (Your partner is already running) (Get him!) JACKSON, I’ll get the car (JINYOUNG outdistances YUGYEOM) All right (I’ll be coming with the car) (He gets in the car quickly) (and goes to JACKSON) Okay (Why does he look so handsome
even in this situation?) (I’ve been waiting for today) (AHGASE, FLEX) Who is the king? (I’m the KING) (He’s still vigilant) (He puts the bird into his pocket) JACKSON and JINYOUNG
found the baby bird I’ll use one of the defense skills ‘AHGASE, I love you 3000!’ I’ll use the ‘resurrection’ skill ‘Resurrection’ (Resurrection: He can be
resurrected once) (Using the defense skill) What a nonsense! (Dispirited) JINYOUNG JACKSON He used one of the skills What should we do now? Where are you? I’ll pick you up (I’ll be there for you) This is not right This is why I hate him You call yourself a human? A human? (Furious) Wow YOUNGJAE is so clever (They’re impressed by YOUNGJAE) (Finally the dog team members
meet each other again) – We should give this back to him
– Yes (The real one is already with YOUNGJAE) Can I swear? This is not fair (JACKSON, you feel unfair) This is not fair Gangnam is extensive Right? It’s huge We almost get him, then he can say
‘Stop’, then we should stop We get the bird, but he gets
another one ‘You know what?’ ‘What you found is not real’ (This is what the game is) (Meanwhile, YOUNGJAE is…) (Call the dog team) No, I’m scared JACKSON will diss me (I don’t care, I’m just so excited) This is so funny Let’s go to the next place (The last place) (What is the last hint?) (It’s a voice hint) ‘Seoul’ It’s quite long ‘Are you ready?’ ‘Yes!’ (Hahaha) (Sounds like it’s from a concert hall) (This is too easy) I’m sure they’ll get this I’m sure they’ll get this (Where is the last meaningful place?) (Will other members get the hint?) (Focused) This is where we had the first concert,
isn’t it? I think so Is it? No, it’s somewhere in Jamsil ‘Are you ready?’ (The ox team is listening
the hint carefully) It’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena Are you sure? (The chicken team is one step ahead) (JB is so serious) Our debut showcase? No (Did he get it?) No, no No (Darn it) It’s Gymnastics Arena Gymnastics? Yes, Olympic Gymnastics Arena Where should we go? It’s in Songpa, but
we’re in Seongdong now (What a shame) (We need to go back) (JB was waiting in the wrong place) Ah…(sigh) What a shame (He doesn’t have to be so sad) I’ll call the dog team What are you doing? Where are you? What are you talking about?
You saw the message Yes We know where it is,
but we gave up We can’t win this game I gave up I gave up, too (No, I didn’t) I’ll go back to the company I really don’t know (JB smiles) All right Okay Okay Do you think he’ll give up? I guess he will No, he won’t That’s typical JB – He won’t give up
– No way (Where is YOUNGJAE?) (He’s just so excited
about teasing the members) This is so fun! What are they doing? (Let’s see) It’s YOUNGJAE Hello Here I am Here I am Where are you? – Where are you?
– I’m coming now Where the hell are you? I’m coming You used the resurrection skill ‘Trap!’ Don’t move for 5 minutes I’ve used the resurrection
and the summon skills (Would you be our crew?) You should’ve seen it,
it was fun We could’ve had some food together I wanted to eat some food
there all together after a long time recalling our old days You meant, ‘Gimbap Heaven’ As we did before I was waiting for you with
Ramen and Gimbap Go! You did it on purpose? Of course I was waiting for you with the food I wouldn’t have done it, because
I’m a man of great self respect Okay Hope you understand this situation well YOUNGJAE I don’t want to get the penalty Then do your best I’ll see you later See you later All right (These guys are so funny) I’m so excited I’m so excited about teasing them I have an idea We arrive there, and then use the ‘paparazzi’ item – As soon as we arrive?
– Yes YOUNGJAE used all defense skills He’s done, we can get him We should get him now We have to win the last round Right The youngest is the best I feel something heavy on my chest Do you know that feeling? (Taking a deep breath) Drink something sweet (JACKSON, let’s do our best) (Who will arrive first?) (YOUNGJAE with the AHGASE) (Excited) Where is the RC car? Oh, there Hello (Why is he so excited?) Hello (What did he find?) (The dog team arrives the destination) He knows our car It means he’ll hide if he finds our car We should hurry (The chicken team arrives) Let’s park somewhere hidden Oh, they are coming (Carefully) (They find the chicken team) Yo (The old brothers are coming) (Finally, the youngest members arrive) As JACKSON said, (MARK and JB start running right away) (MARK runs fast) (Panting) (Running) (They’re coming) (He finds them running) I’ll go there (He goes to a visible spot) (He’s teasing them showing the bird) (Running) (MARK finds him) (It’s a question of speed now) (Running rapidly) (YOUNGJAE vs. the chicken team) Catch him (YOUNGJAE runs away) Who found him? Shall we go? (What will happen to YOUNGJAE?) (I’m out of breath) Where is he? (We filmed this scene safely) JB (He locates YOUNGJAE) He’s on the main street (They try to drive him
from both sides) On the main street (JB takes the opposite side) (Will the chicken team catch him?) (YOUNGJAE spots JB) (Welcome) (He runs to the other side) (We filmed this scene safely) (Just then) (MARK finds YOUNGJAE) (YOUNGJAE runs towards MARK) (Finally, MARK and YOUNGJAE
run into each other) (The rat will be caught like this?) (A tight match) No (But MARK catches him) No All right, I won’t run away I won’t Let’s go to the camera The camera is here (YOUNGJAE is trapped between
lovely brothers) Let’s go to the camera Let’s divide in half – Let’s divide in half
– Take this hand (Did they get the half of the bird?) (Arm in arm tightly) We got him Where is the AHGASE? We got him Raise your hand (Like this) Here he is Really? (The baby bird is here) – Raise your hand
– Is this done? Go to the front What’s this? Is the game over? If we take the bird from you, you can’t use the last skill,
can you? Can you? No, I’ve used all the skills I’ve used them up – Have you?
– Yes (It’s the happiest news today) I’m so relieved (They’re relieved) (He’s holding the baby bird tight) How could you do that to us? We almost got him and he said ‘Trap!’ Relax, man You can’t go anywhere We’re holding him tight (What are these RC cars?) What’s that? What’s that? Wait, what’s going on? I don’t know What’s going on? MARK, check what you’re holding (What?) This is not the baby bird? Darn it (The rat YOUNGJAE fooled us again?) What’s going on? (This is the mother bird, not
the baby bird) Hello, I’m mother bird We found the mother bird,
not the baby bird (He fooled us) It’ll be a shame if we end like this (What’s this guy?) YOUNGJAE, come here (Never ending chase, Infinity War) (With the sound of an engine,) (RC cars are running with
a mysterious box) (AHGASE is in one of these boxes) (It’s a hit or miss) (Wear the couple sweater and
find the real AHGASE) This is it (This is the real last chance) (The two teams that fail to
find the baby bird,) (intense penalties will be given) (The last chase, start) Okay, then let’s find the real AHGASE (I really want to hit him) Here we go Are you ready? Yes Be careful (They run as soon as the game begins) Get this one (Teamwork and speed is the solution) (The chicken team run a lot today) I got it! (He got one of the boxes) (Yes, I got it) (And he opens) (Wrong) (He throws it) (The second box) (Wrong again) (YOUNGJAE is driving the cars) (The youngest members) (This one?) (Will they be lucky enough?) No (The second box) Not this one (They find the fastest, biggest RC car) (Oh? That car is…) (There must be AHGASE) (Run) This one! (The mysterious RC car is running) Hurry (It goes straight to a tree) (and) (it finally hits the tree) (No way) (Oh, boy) (Are we losing the chance like this?) (The ox team goes towards the car) (Is this right?) No Not this one (It’s not, haha) (The dog team moves fast) No (While grabbing every car) (he finds a green car) How fast is this? The maximum speed is around 100km (A monstrous RC car appears) (The dog team chases it
not knowing anything) (Will the baby bird be in this car?) (They’re about to crash into each other) (Oh, no) (An accident happens) (The monstrous RC car comes
toward the dog team) (This is my destiny) (He opens it) I got it! (Finally) (The dog team get the baby bird) (But) (as soon as they get the bird) (I got the signal) (Shall we send them?) (JB, MARK) (BAMBAM, YUGYEOM disappear) (Only the dog team is left) (Where did the 4 members disappear?) (Meanwhile, the left 3 members) (Enjoy your day off) What do we do, then? Let’s ride the kick scooter Or the roller coaster? (You’ll see) What are the penalty? What are the penalty? (You probably know if you
watched the trailer) Anyway, we survived Great work JACKSON, good job Good job Great work (A warm wrap-up) (Good job) (Meanwhile, where are the
disappeared 3 members?) (Anseong, Gyeonggi) (In front yard of a house
in a quiet town) (Shew) (They appear all of a sudden) (Ready, action) (Haha) (NG) Where are we? We survived! (Awkward acting) Where are we? (The trees turned red and yellow) (It feels familiar even though
they haven’t been here) (It’s quite common in here to
dry the jujube on the yard) (GOT7, welcome) What should we do? What are we going to do here? (While they’re looking around) (The door opens) (Someone familiar is coming out) Hello Hello (They say hello first) (Bow) I’m Han Tae-woong, a teenager farmer (Congratulations!
They finally met each other) It’s nice to meet you Nice to meet you All right (A 17 year-old farmer,
Han Tae-woong) I heard you’re here because
you lost the game Right (They’re the losers) (The way he talks sounds interesting) (How cute) As you saw on the way here,
this is what I have to do today This? This is what we have to do? Yes, organize the chilli field and (2. Bundle rice straw)
(3. Feed the cows) It sounds interesting The busiest season is gone It’s almost at the end of the harvest Oh, is it? But I still have a lot of things to do I have no time to rest Your working clothes are over there I prepared them for you Thank you We can choose what we like, right? Yes, choose what you like All right First of all, (They choose what they like) (What’s this?) There are boots Yes, otherwise you’ll ruin your shoes Thank you (BAM and MARK take the rest) Wait, these pants and this hat… – Thank you
– You’re welcome (It’s changing time) (Change yourself quickly and work) (Finally) (4 farmers are coming) (Can you feel the fashionable patterns?) Oh, boy I didn’t expect something like this (The younger members are coming, too) (Not bad) (They still look handsome) (Pretty city boys) (become 4 farmers) (We are the farmers) This is a sports car in this town (Wide back seat) (The latest open car) This is Ferrari in the town (They get in the most luxurious
car in the town) Hold this tight, otherwise you’ll fall (Ready to go with the boss?) (Roaring) (Rattling) (A cheerful starting sound of the car) This is interesting We’re moving Bye (We filmed this scene safely) (This place is with fresh wind
and clean nature) (A totally new world away from
the hectic daily life) (It’s rather a healing time,
not a penalty) (Feel the wind, city boys) Here we are (The first working place, chilli field) Wow That was fun (Will they be able to enjoy
this penalty?) (On the same day) (What are the winners going to do?) (This is a shopping center) Did the staff rent this place just for us? They did, wow – I’m impressed
– Mnet, we’re impressed Today’s our off day, isn’t it? Yes We won the game Right We won What’s wrong with you? I did my best, too Will you stay out of this? I did my best Seriously, I did my best What we discussed yesterday was that we hate when you laugh (It’s understandable) This is for indoor surfing – We did it once
– Yes – In Yangpyeong
– Yangyang – Yes, Yangyang
– That’s the day when JACKSON became alone – What was it?
– With BAMBAM He missed the train (Previously, on HARD CARRY 2
in Yangyang) Let’s do something intense – Something really intense
– All right ‘Going to Gangneung himself’ (JACKSON and BAMBAM were
about to fall behind) (The last game started so quickly) (Lost/win) (But JACKSON held BAMBAM tight) (Thanks to them the members
laughed so hard) (Eventually, BAM and JACKSON
fell behind together) Even back then, – JACKSON struggled
– Because of you Let’s say JACKSON is Jerry and YOUNGJAE is Tom Jerry is… I’m Tom Yes, he’s Tom Oh, right, you’re Tom and he’s Jerry Because JACKSON is always
teased by me He always teases me Is this the surfing place? It’s an outlet Probably this one Is it open? I guess so YOUNGJAE, go ahead (They get into the building) (YOUNGJAE gets in first) (While he’s getting in) (What’s wrong?) (They take revenge) (But they change their mind
less than 5 seconds) (I’ll give you a break) Wow (Where is this?) (It’s filled with various
surfing equipment) (An indoor surfing place where you can
enjoy surging safely) (#popular sport #indoor surfing) (#you can get the best
(or worst) photo in your life) (We’re here to learn how to surf) (Welcome) Hello Hello Are you open? (Focused) (What’s this?) Wow, they must be good Here are the awards they got – Did you win the first prize?
– Awesome (Today’s instructor, Kim Ji-min) – Have you surfed before?
– Yes, I have Last year in Yangyang On the seaside (GOT7 members) (were on the blue sea in Yangyang) (They learned the basics) (and started actual surfing) (Was it successful?) (JACKSON enjoyed it showing
slapstick comedy) I succeeded in standing on the board Once It’ll help Fill out this consent form It’s about injuries Did you check ‘yes’? Yes (Totally focused) – We’ll be right back
– I’ll see you later Are we really going to do this? (Indoor surfing with artificial waves) (It’s a thrilling sport
that makes us feel refreshed) (Feel the rhythm of the waves) (using advanced skills) (Can I do that?) (A professional surfer’s
amazing performance) (Cool) (They can’t take their eyes off him) (Will they be able to
enjoy surfing like them?) (They get into the place
with mixed feelings) (Checking the temperature) (Checking the floor) (It’s perfect to enjoy surfing) (The board is ready, too) (Let’s learn) Put your left foot in front and
spread your feet apart JACKSON, move a little to the rear You need to step on
edge of the board There you go – Leave the front blank all the time
– Got it All right (This is the ideal pose) (JINYOUNG can do anything) This is sloped, not flat I’ll hold the rope for you later You get into the pool and
stop in the middle Push your rear foot hard
as you go up Stand in the middle when you stop Keep your body relaxed, if you
want to learn faster Otherwise your body
will move all the time Your goal is to stand yourself
without the rope All right Shall we try? – Can we?
– JINYOUNG, you go first (Flush) (Startled) (JACKSON is startled) (Welcome to the indoor surfing place) (The first player, JINYOUNG) If you follow my instruction,
you can float Lower your left foot and put your
right foot at the end Keep your body relaxed Hold this Now Get in, wait – JINYOUNG
– Bye (JINYOUNG goes into the waves) As soon as I let the board go, do your best so that
the board won’t flip Put your feet side by side Now, it looks good Stand still, don’t change your pose Stay still (She slowly releases JINYOUNG) (Shaking) (These two are nervous) (Will he be able to keep his balance?) (Shaking) (Splash) (JINYOUNG, go) (He falls in 0.1 second) (Flipped) JINYOUNG JINYOUNG (JACKSON calls his name the most) (JINYOUNG drinking water.ASMR) (He arrives safely) (Am I…on the blue sea?) (Next player is YOUNGJAE,
who is afraid of water) (Well done) (Stroking his head) (The second player, YOUNGJAE) Keep your upper body relaxed (Even his back looks nervous) (Nervous) What am I doing? Bend your knees a little Bend your knees (Oh?) (He can stand on the waves) Wow! (Clapping) (YOUNGJAE did it) (He succeeded in standing himself
holding the rope) (It’s really difficult to do it
for a first attempt) Now (Stable) (Excited No, no, put your feet side by side (If you lower your guard) (you’ll flip like him) (Splash) (But it’s fun) (These two are excited, too) Wow, YOUNGJAE, you’re so great (He did it at the first try) (The third player, JACKSON) Relax Mom Mom Now, I’ll let your board go I’ll let your board go Hold on When you’re ready (Shaking) Hold on (I’m still scared) Don’t move your shoulders (His look changed) (I’ll trust you, teacher) It’s all right, get in (She takes off her feet) (Go) (Is it successful?) Relax, no (JACKSON, bye) (Splash) (Shewww…) (I’m leaving again) (JACKSON, I’ll miss you) (I’m disappearing like this) (But you’ll see, I’ll do it) No, bend your knees All right, good Relax (But to balance himself is not easy) (He fell and fell) (YOUNGJAE fell, too) (But they keep practicing) (What is JINYOUNG doing?) (But the waves are too strong) (Is he having fun?) (The waves are great now,
you go first) (YOUNGJAE tries again) (Oh? What’s going on?) Your legs (He can balance himself
without the rope!) Shoulders (He looks so stable) Great, well done (Unshakable) Great (YOUNGJAE, I’m so proud of you!) (He succeeded in balancing himself
without the rope) (JINYOUNG tries again) (He did it, too) (He’s surfing!) (Looks like JACKSON is
on the same board with him) (Sliding) Great (It looked natural) Well done (High-five) (JACKSON’s turn) Relax Relax Great (GOT7 members are upgraded) (Wow) (Impressed) (JACKSON is enjoying the waves) (Jump) (Pretentious) (The end) (Haha) (Sliding ceremony) (What are you doing here, kid?) (YOUNGJAE, where are you going?) YOUNGJAE, a forward roll (He does) (Splash) (JINYOUNG rocket) (JACKSON rocket) (This is fun!) (This is so fun) (They play together like children) (Meanwhile, the members
in the farm are…) (Organize the field- 1. Remove the
support sticks and 2. the plastic wrap) (The chilli field is wide) (It means they have a lot of
things to do) (And the boss, Tae-woong is ready) You two, remove the plastic wrap
with me And you two, put the pipes
into the cultivator All right Can I try a chilli pepper? You…can… But maybe it’s be better not to try Is it? Is it hot? Hot chill peppers and
not hot chilli peppers, 50:50 What are you doing? Work All right Get it started (We have a long way to go) (JB takes out a stick,) Give it to me (YUGYEOM moves it) (And BAM puts it into the cultivator) (Working hard) (Follow my instruction) I didn’t expect that I’d do this (But they work hard) (MARK works hard) (When someone takes a stick out) (YUGYEOM runs to get it) (I won’t miss anything) (Yup) (Water flowing) (BAM) (Water is coming out) (Flowing) What’s wrong with it? What happened? (BAM goes straight, anyway) What happened? (Walks confidently) This is a hard job It’s like playing a game (They work hard today) (The sticks are stacked) (Yup) (Jumps) (Haha) This is so funny, what is MARK
from LA doing here? (I’m MARK) MARK is so funny He’s from LA but now he’s
working in a farm (This is what LA swag is) This is a hard job (LA youngster, MARK is working hard) (The sticks are stacked) (The field becomes cleaner) (They help each other out) Thanks to you it doesn’t take long Thank you Without you,
it’d have taken a long time – I think we’re done here
– Right (Then they’re done with
the chilli field?) Before we take the chilli out, look at the ground We need to get rid of this plastic wrap And remove this till the end (JB working hard) Whoa (A cloud of dust rises) (A cloud of dust rises) (BAM removes the plastic wrap) (Oops) (No, it gets in my eyes) (My partner is doing great work) (They’re getting tired) (Staggering) (I can’t control my legs) (On this beautiful day) (why are we working so hard here?) (We should’ve got him…) (Regretting) Where is he? (The chase began happily) We need to do the mission Hurry, YOUNGJAE will give us a hint We’ll get him from the first round I’m tired (I run and run) (But what did I do wrong…) (He couldn’t save AHGASE from him) What do you friends say about you? They came here to help me and never came back (We’ll help you a lot today) (Time flew by) (They’re taking a rest for a while) (Yes, they are GOT7) (The boss is coming) Now you can remove the plastic wrap (Work, people) What if we just sweep up
all the chilli trees? No Just remove it and put it on the side Is that it? Yes, just remove the plastic wrap (Let me think) Let’s play rock, scissors, paper and
the loser removes the chilli trees and someone removes the plastic wrap The winner push the trees I’d like to win Rock, scissors, paper (The dice is cast) (Who will do ‘HARD CARRY’
the farming job?) (Let’s see) (JB, YUGYEOM won- remove
the chilli trees) (MARK and BAMBAM lost- remove
the plastic wrap) (Well done) Let’s hurry – Let’s do it
– Let’s hurry This is so easy That’s what I’m saying I’m so sorry for the losers Would you swap the job? No If you really feel sorry,
just swap the job with me No, I’m not sorry I’m really not sorry (MARK and BAM start removing
the plastic wrap) (Clouds of dust) (I don’t care…my job is to
remove this) (YUGYEOM keeps going) I should do this job more beautifully Hey, hey, hey (Yo, I’m MC YUGYEOM) (My farming swag) (Flex, chilli trees) (I’m A.K.A the best farmer) (This is what swag is) (Remove the plastic wrap, turn up) (Turn UP) (Swag that all rappers would kill for) Hip hop farmer (MC YUGYEOM’s farmer style) One is from Thailand and
one is from the USA Oh – But they speak Korean fluently
– Yes, they do – He’s from Thailand
– Oh, okay (This is who I am) (This is him) And that guy is from LA (This is who I am) (This is him) (But in here) (They’re just young workers) (who can speak Korean fluently) Amazing Korea (That was random) What are you doing here? Oh I was lost in Thailand And I found myself here How do you feel about
being in Korea? I was a trainee for 3 years Oh, did you practice
to become a singer? Yes, but now… – But what are you doing here?
– I’m pulling the chilli Are you retired? Are you? Yes – You were retired from a trainee life
– Yes I couldn’t do it anymore Where are you from? I’m from the USA – But how come are you here?
– Well I’m from LA, which is far away But you speak Korean fluently LA, LA (Haha) Say something else Not LA – Chilli
– Yes, chilli Look at the seeds (What are the ‘day off team’ doing?) I got something from the staff I think it’s a mission ‘Mission for the meal of
the disappeared members’ ‘They are working hard
in another world’ (Working hard) (They’re working hard in a farm) (There are still a lot of things to do) ‘They will get lunch’ ‘only when you complete the mission’ Are they working in a farm now? (Their lunch is at their hands) We can’t even eat lunch
without their help? Seriously…. (Happiness) (and sadness) (are mixed) (Will the workers be able to
get their lunch?) (Next week) (The mission started) Do your best Do your best (Let’s start) (the game) Lower your body Lower your hips Keep going (Will they be able to
complete the mission?) Please What are you doing? (Will they be able to get their lunch?) We’re gathered together (The precious night
when they’re gathered) When did we start HARD CARRY? When I was 20 Wow We did it very hard Right (Want to see
the last HARD CARRY?)

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    gyeom: say something else in korean
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