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Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Hide & Escape! Nerf Adventure with Dinosaurs for Kids & New Park Ranger!

– Man, this dino-ray is awesome. Probably needed something bigger to blast. Except for a tiny little T-Rex toy. T-Rex, I gotta blast him
with my sleepy dart blaster. (dinosaur roars)
(blaster buzzes) Woah! Oh no, I zapped him to California. Oh, I forgot, oh man! I was using this blaster,
not my sleepy dart blaster. – This will do really
nicely for a dinosaur park. Could be a perfect dinosaur park to bring the dinosaurs
over from T-Rex Ranch. Man, I can’t wait. (laughs) (yawns) Oh, man, I’m
tired though, it’s early. Oh wait a minute, it’s
not early, it’s late. That means Dino Dustin supposed to be here with the new park rangers. Hey Dino Dustin, you out here man? Where are you Dino Dustin? You need to meet the new
park rangers dude, okay? Come on, all right, come on Dino Dustin. (ball thuds)
(man grunts) Oh, wow, whoa, man. – Sorry I hit you with my soccer ball. – Oh, wow, yeah, you did hit
me with your soccer ball there. Oh, that’s okay though, it
was just a little soccer ball. Who are you anyway? – I’m Park Ranger Asher,
the new park ranger. – Park Ranger Asher? They didn’t tell me
any of the park rangers were already here today. Wait a minute, are you
really a park ranger? – Yes. – You are? Well, I don’t know. You look a little small
to be a park ranger. – I’m a dino-blasting expert. – Oh, you are? – And I’m good at soccer. – Oh, cool, that’s awesome. Okay, well, pleased to meet
you, Park Ranger Asher, I’m Park Ranger Aaron. I’m like the head park ranger around here. And that’s great that you
think you’re a park ranger but you know, not only you gotta be good at blasting dinosaurs,
you gotta be really good, be on the look out for the Dino Master. He’s this bad guy, he’s going around takin’
all of our dinosaurs and trying to make him
characters in his video game. – Really? – Yeah, really.
(dinosaur roars) Do you hear something? – Yeah. – Nah, I don’t think it’s anything though. You know, a train going by, probably. (dinosaur roars loudly) – I think that was a T-Rex. – Ordinarily I might agree with you, but I know they haven’t
sent the dinosaurs over yet. But you know what, because
you’re a new park ranger, I’ll go and I’ll check it out, okay? Why don’t you go ahead and
hide over there in the trees and take your soccer
ball, play soccer, okay? I’ll go see if I can find this T-Rex. I don’t think it is, don’t
worry about it, okay? I’m gonna go look for this dinosaur, okay? Watch and learn, this is
how it’s done, all right. (footsteps crunching)
(whimsical music) All right, see if I can
find your dinosaur, Asher. Ooh, hey, look this, bet that’s what they
used to tie horses up to. This place was an animal
park, it’s pretty cool. Okay, time to find a dinosaur. (laughs) (ball thumps) (dinosaur roars) – Boy, I think there’s a T-Rex. I can’t wait to see it! I’m so excited! (sighs) – All right, let’s go find Park
Ranger Asher’s dinosaur, ah? (laughs) Dinosaur. (laughs) That’s the thing about
junior park rangers, anytime they hear a roar, they
think, “Oh, it’s a dinosaur.” Not always, Park Ranger Asher. Even in a a dino-park,
sometimes a roar is just roar. Okay. Let’s see if we can find
your dinosaur though, for you, Park Ranger Asher. Okay. Hmm. Hmm, okay, this looks like
a pretty good clearing. I don’t think I’ve seen
a dinosaur out here. Tough luck, I’ll just have
to call and report that back. (dinosaur growls) Hey wait a minute. What’s that? (dinosaur snorts) Sounds like it was coming from– (dinosaur roaring) T-Rex!
(dinosaur roaring) I gotta get out of here! (energetic music) (T-Rex roaring) Oh, it’s still coming. Ooh, this rock, right here. (Aaron panting) Oh, there’s T-Rex right there. Oh, boy. (T-Rex roars) (scraping dirt) Good, found something to distract him. – I think Park Ranger Aaron and LB will really enjoy this dino park. Pretty excited. Speaking of Park Ranger Aaron, he should be around here somewhere. (footsteps crunch)
(dramatic music) These are definitely Park
Ranger Aaron’s prints. Hey, there’s base camp,
I’ll check over there. – Oh no, I better call
Dustin, (grunts), okay. (phone beeps) (phone rings) – Hey, it’s Park Ranger LB. What’s going on LB? – Hey Dino Dustin, I
accidentally sent over a T-Rex to Park B. – Whoa, a T-Rex is here? – Yeah T-Rex, so– – Oh, okay, I’ll take of it right away. – Okay, see ya, bye. (phone beeps)
(dramatic music) Okay, put that back in there. What should we do now? Let’s go to that park. – Come in Park Ranger Aaron.
(radio beeps) – Hey, that’s Park
Ranger Dino Dustin there. Yeah, go ahead Dino Dustin, what’s up?
(radio beeps) – There’s a T-Rex loose in the park.
(radio beeps) – Yeah, I know, it’s
right here, I’m trapped behind a rock.
(radio beeps) – I have to turn the paddock fences right now.
(radio beeps) – Okay, uh, I’ll figure out a
plan and I’ll get out of here. Go ahead and turn the
fences on in two minutes. Don’t worry about me. I’ll get away from T-Rex somehow.
(radio beeps) – Okay, over and out.
(radio beeps) Okay, uh,
(T-Rex growls) Ol’ T-Rex is almost done
with his little meal there. I gotta plan, man, come up with a plan. I know, I know. Come in Park Ranger Asher, are you there?
(radio beeps) – Yeah? This is Park Ranger Asher.
(radio beeps) – Hey, Park Ranger Asher, yeah, I’m trapped over here
under this big rock pile. And T-Rex is right here,
and I can’t get out. They’re going to turn on the
paddock fences in two minutes. I need your help.
(radio beeps) – (gasps) Okay, I’ll be there.
(radio beeps) – Okay, awesome, I’ll be waiting right here.
(radio beeps) – Yay! I’ve been waiting. (suspenseful music) – Oh look, I’ll hide back
here, hope he doesn’t see me. Oh, two minutes, gotta hurry. (footsteps thump)
(dramatic music) Hey, there’s Park Ranger Asher. (footsteps thumping) (suspenseful music) (dinosaur grunting)
– It’s a real T-Rex. That T-Rex is awesome! Boy, I need a plan to save Park Ranger Aaron. I know.
(dinosaur growling) It’s a steak. T-Rex love steak! – I think those are steaks,
they look pretty tasty, too. (dinosaur growling) (steak thumps) (steak thumps) He’s gonna lead T-Rex away. (steak thumps) (suspenseful music) (footsteps crunch) – Oh, it’s working, the T-Rex
is following the steaks. Take this, T-Rex!
(dinosaur roars) (blaster clicks) (darts firing) – Hey, there we go!
(dinosaur roaring) Its working, T-Rex is going. Awesome! (laughs) Bye T-Rex! (dart firing) (dramatic music) – So long sucker! – Time for me to get out of here. We’re almost out of time. Awesome, man! Wow! Park Ranger Asher, it worked! He’s gone, T-Rex is gone. (laughs) Wow, that’s so cool. Hi five Park Ranger Asher. Oh man, that was awesome. I can’t believe you put those
steaks out there like that, And then T-Rex went
walkin’ off with them– (alarm sounds) Uh oh. Did you hear the paddock alarms go on? That means the paddock
fences will be activated in 60 seconds. Quick we gotta get out of here! Grab your stuff. Come on! Let’s go, gotta get to the fence! (sighs) – They have about one minute! (sighs) I hope they make it. (alarm sounds) (alarm sounds) – Whoa, we gotta hurry! (panting) Look its the paddock fence,
it’s right down there. – Yes!
(panting) We’re almost there! – All right you guys you got 10 seconds, you have to get out of there!
(radio beeps) – 10 seconds? – We gotta go – Lets hurry, Run! (quick footsteps thudding) (dinosaur roars) Look its T-Rex! It’s coming back after us, quick! Hurry, we need to get to
the fence, there it is! He’s almost here, quick! Get across the fence, quick,
before the lasers go up! (dinosaur growls)
(alarm sounds) (fence powers up) – Come in Park Rangers
the paddock fences are on! I hope you guys made it out.
(radio beeps) (lazers buzzing) – Ow! Well look Park Ranger Asher,
we made it through the fence and the lasers just came on. – Wait, I don’t see anything. – Well that’s cause they’re invisible. But when T-Rex comes up to
it, he’s gonna get a zap! Okay, here comes T-Rex right now! [Both] Whoa aa! (electric zapping) – (laughing) T-Rex gotta big zap! He’s going back home now. Okay.
– (sighs) We’re safe. – We are safe, high five, dude good job. Hey, Park Rangers, if
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