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Giant Super Slide! Inflatable Slide Backyard Pool Party Playground!

– Hey guys. Welcome back to another video. And you might notice that there’s something different. We are filming it in a blog type, and Luke is being really creepy today. (upbeat music) But I’ll tell you something, it’s gonna be a really awesome day today. Let’s show you what we’re doing. We have a super amazing shot of the grass. Look at that. No, we have a bouncy house. Where did this come from? Well, Ellie and Jared came over, and we thought it would be really fun to get a bouncy house. So, it’s just super fun. But, if you want to see what happens when you get
inside a bouncy house, I’m gonna pass it over to Luke. – I’m gonna show you guys the inside of the bouncy house. Okay. Let’s go. (grunts) Okay. Hi. – One, two, three. I’m gonna do a front flip. – [Luke] Okay, go. – Front flip. – [Luke] Whoa. Gage, you do a trick. – Okay. I don’t know what to do. I’m just gonna. – [Kyle] Cartwheel. – Cartwheel, oh, okay. (Luke laughs) – Ow. That was a sucky cartwheel. – [Kyle] Cartwheel time. – This bouncy house is amazing, you guys. Look, they even have a… – [Kyle] Basketball hoop. – A basketball hoop. So you can get your own ball and then play basketball in this giant bouncy house. (Kyle screams) Ah, that was an epic fail. – That was pretty awesome. (mumbles) (laughs) – Obviously, you guys are dying to see the giant bouncy slide, so we’ll show you guys that right now. This is the amazing bouncy slide. Inflatable slide. But fist we have to open the pool. Luke, open the pool. (laughs) Now, what’s awesome about this is it’s an automatic cover. He controls it with the
controls over there. Hi, Luke. And he controls it so it covers the pool, but you don’t have to pull it. Like I’m pretty sure
some of the pool covers have to do that. There’s also our little
R2D2 down in the pool. Hi, R2. That’s the little drone
that gets in the pool and cleans it. And Luke is the one that gets it dirty. Plug in the slide, Kyle. – [Kyle] Did it work? – [Luke] There it is. ♫ Hallelujah, hallelujah ♫ Hallelujah, hallelujah – I’m gonna give Kyle the honor of being the first one
to go down the slide. – I’m going down the slide. It’s like a straight shot drop down, like Gage said. It’s really, really down there. So you need to spray it with the hose. Okay. Don’t spray me down, Luke. – [Luke] Okay. – One, two, three. (water gurgles) – It’s so slippery climbing up here. – [Kyle] I know. Look behind you Luke. – [Luke] Hi. – Hi. (laughs) – I slipped. It’s so hard to get up here. It’s so slippery. But we’re gonna go down
this straight drop. It’s really steep out there. (water gurgles) (screams) I’m getting where I want this. – [Group] Bye. (water splashes) – Me and Luke did the same thing. – Bye.

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