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Giant rope swing

(screaming) yeah Hey George haha (laughing) haha we’re swinging what do you want me to say about it huh? we’re live right now what you gonna do about it huh? um very first person to ever do it is that true no. whatever. (music) oh my gosh, okay here we go first one to ever do the rope swing, what? yeah (screaming) (music and screaming) dude that was awesome haha nate’s in a boat oh oh, are you okay, he got it yeah, ok ok i think so to (screaming and music) hahaha i’m gonna go into cold water you gonna do it? i’m gonna do it woo it’s cold weee wooo hey bailey, what! I’ll come get you if you sink. You’ll come rescue me? maybe woahh yeah bailey i’m coming bailey yes, i was still recording yeah, wahh i gotcha (laughing) yeah hahah okay go it’s cold trav real cold nice good job mater lights woa woah you’re getting wrapped in the, woah go back on the thing ahh what’s happening you’re in the rope oh my god, what do we do? hahaha you’re so tangled right now. you’re getting out of it. okay let go now i’m free. back flip ohhh hahahaha amazing oh my god

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