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GIANT PLAYGROUND SURPRISE EGG HUNT Kitty In My Pocket Hidden Surprise Toys Opening

Hi guys, it’s me Emily>>and Evelyn>>from Two Sisters Toy Style. And today we’re going
to be hunting for hidden toys. Yay. So we have eggs and toys hidden all
over this playground, and inside the eggs
are some toys, and we hope the toys
inside the eggs are fun. So let’s start. Oh and by the way,
I already found one. Oh, I found a pink one. I found a pink one.>>Got one.>>Got one on the stairs.>>Found one.>>I found a big one. A very big one. Got one.>>Found one.>>Weee. Oh by the way I found an egg. I found a blue egg. Weee.>>Oh, here’s a [inaudible].>>I here’s a pink egg. My favorite color. Yay.>>Weee. Wooo.>>So we found eleven eggs, and some of them
are so so so so big, and hopefully, they have
some cool toys in them. So let’s go open them. We are ready to open our eggs, and thank you
for the awesome people at Just Play for sending us
the awesome toys in these eggs. So first we’re gonna start
with the little one. First, we’re gonna open
the yellow one.>>Kitty in My Pocket.
>>Kitty in My Pocket.>>I love Kitty in My Pocket. They’re so cute. Oh, this ones so cute!>>[inaudible].>>Oh, that ones so cute. Okay, let’s open the pink ones.>>Kitty in My Pocket again.>>Oh, [inaudible]. I get this one.>>It’s so cute.>>[inaudible]. Okay, last ones,
which is the blue eggs.>>I got Kitty in My Pocket.>>I got Punkin. I know this one’s name
because I once I had it, and this is easily Punkin. This is actually
the one I wanted. It’s so cute. Now we’re gonna open
this little bit bigger eggs. Evelyn has the yellow
and I have the pink. They’re Kitty Carriers
and it’s series 2. See. Do you need help with that?>>Yeah.>>Okay.>>Uh, series 2.
>>These are series 2.>>It’s so amazing. We never had series 2. This have tentacles in them. I can see it from [inaudible]. [inaudible] are not [inaudible].>>Oh, look at this. Look at the one I got.>>Wow.>>This is Lexie. Do these have two? They have two. This is Patches. Let me get that one.>>I almost cut mine.>>Save the world.>>Uhh. Okay the other one. You always wanted that one
from series one, but [inaudible].>>Uhh.>>Uh, so cute. I want that.>>This is Sabrina. This is Leo.>>Okay, now we have these ones. Okay, I got one now. If you need help,
I will help you.>>Yeah, I need help.>>This is a little bit [inaudible].>>Yay. Series 2, series 2, series 2>>Yeah, these are also series 2.>>Thank you.>>Okay, let’s see
who’s in here.>>Aw>>Oh, my finger. Oh god. Make a hole and I
got yellow kitty. Oh, a white kitty. This is so cute.>>That’s really cute.>>This is Stretcher.>>I got Dylan.>>Okay, and then I also got this one,
which looks like Lexie. Her name is Violet. She’s so cute.>>You got the one in the bag. That’s the one I wanted.>>This is Smokey. Adorable.>>Now we’re gonna open
the pink biggest egg.>>Wow, it’s the
Kitty In My Pocket clutch set, and look at the back,
it’s so cute. This set comes with four kitties
and the clutch. Let’s open it. Look at these four cute kitties
that just came of this new pack. They’re so cute. Meow meow.>>Meow meow. So here’s the cute pink and gold
clutch and it has some velcro that you can open it, and then right here
has two pockets. I’m going to put Punkin in.>>Wow, look how cute
they are inside the clutch. We love all our new
cute adorable kitties. Thank you again Just Play for
sending us these cute kitties. My favorite is Punkin.>>My favorite is Punkin. So please comment down
below which one is your favorite and thanks for watching. See you next time. Please subscribe and>>Bye!

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