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There’s a spider! There’s a BIG spider! Aaaahh! Run! (Welcome to Kin Tin’s Toys) What’s up you guys? Today we’re at the bear place You guys, today we’re going to have an adventure! Let’s go, It has some monsters! There’s monsters?! Oh no, we better go! Go, Go! Oh no! There’s lava! Lava!? Aaahh! (Monster sounds) Oh my goodness, what is that?! It’s a SPIDER! Aahhh! Oh no there’s a spider! We better run! Aaahh SPIDER! Oh my goodness Oh my goodness Kinley, There’s a Bear! (Boar roar) Aaahh, a BEAR. Let’s run! Let’s run over here There’s a bear…It’s just a nice bear.. Sh’es a mean BEAR! Run! The bear was dropping honey on me! Stay still! Stay! Down… Down! Down! Down! Whew! Oh my goodness… There’s a bear… He’s dripping honey on us! He’s dripping honey on us! Go! Come on! Go go go! Aaahh, lava! Aahhh there’s a SPIDER! Spider! A spider! It’s gonna get you! Oh no! (Giggling) She’s gonna get us! Aahh! (Baby giggling) Guys come on! Let’s go up! I’m gonna go up Come on this side Mama Alright Ready? I’ll meet you up there Yahoo! SPIDERS are on here! Come on! Let’s go on an adventure! There’s a spider! There’s a BIG spider! Aaahh! Run! Lava right there! Get on! There’s lava, hop on! Hold on tight Aaah! Lava right there! Oh no… Oh no!… AAAHHH! (Baby giggling) (Baby giggling) Thanks for watching! Bye! Bye guys!

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