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Giant Backyard Waterpark The Pool Is Lava CHALLENGE!

– What is up everybody? And welcome back to Gage1up and today we are going to
be doing something super fun at Bryan and Missy Lanning’s house or Daily Bumps’ house. Which is gonna be awesome. You ready for this Luke? – Yeah! – Let’s do this. So if you guys didn’t know, on the Carl & Jinger Family
channel we actually found an abandoned safe in our back lot which was absolutely insane. And the crazy thing is, Daily Bumps actually found one too so we came over here and
we’re gonna help explore that. But not on this channel,
you’re gonna have to go see the Carl & Jinger Family
channel and also Jingerrific to go see what happens with those safes but right now me and Luke are in the back and we are going to have some
fun in this awesome pool. We are going to be doing
The Pool Is Lava Challenge. Look at this awesome pool. Isn’t this gonna be awesome? – Yeah! – [Gage] But it’s not The
Pool Is Lava Challenge without floaties! – Whoa! What is this? A giant blue whale? – [Gage] Yeah, it’s like a
giant blue whale floatie. That’s awesome!
– [Luke] Wow, that’s crazy! Smash that like button if you
like the giant blue whale. – [Gage Whale Voice] Ya
guys this is gonna be an awesome challenge. We’re gonna do The Pool Is Lava Challenge. Are you ready Luke?
(Luke laughs) – Yeah! – [Gage] Yeah let’s do this Mr. Whale. (fart sound) – [Luke] Whoa!
– Yeah! Okay Luke, pass me all the floaties. – [Luke] Okay here’s a watermelon floatie. Oh gosh, it flipped over!
– [Gage] Oh no! – [Luke] Grab it!
– [Gage] Flip it over! – [Luke] There you go! We also have a pink flamingo. – [Gage] Ooh. They keep flipping over Gage.
– [Gage] No! Whoa, this is awesome! – [Luke] Yeah, it’s not a
pool party without pineapple. – Ooh pineapple, I
gotta pineapple floatie. – [Luke] Gage, which
floatie do you wanna use? – I think I actually
wanna use the watermelon. – [Luke] Ooh awesome! – Because it’s big and it’s really wide and I think I’m gonna be able to jump off of it really really well. Are we ready Luke? – [Luke] Yeah! – Let’s go. – [Luke] Gage is going first! Are you ready? – Yeah! – [Luke] Three! Two! One! – Go! (laughing) – Why did I start? I think I need to pick a smaller floatie. – [Luke] Yeah and retry dude. – Yeah. Okay guys, the watermelon
actually did not work so we’re gonna do something different. We’re going to be doing the flamingo. We’re gonna try that out
and see if that works. And I’m gonna see if I
can get across the pool. – Guys, this time Gage
is going on the flamingo. This is gonna be really awesome so smash that like button
to give him good luck. Let’s do this! Three! Two! One! Go! – [Gage] Whoa! Oh no! Wait hold on. – [Luke] Gage, Gage, you’re– – I’m surviving! – [Luke] Gage, I think that
you’re not very good at this so I’m gonna give it a shot. Okay guys Gage didn’t do so well so I’m gonna give it a shot. Which floatie do you think I should use? – I think you should use Willy – Yeah I’ll go– – You should use Willy the whale. – Yeah, let’s do the Willy
the giant blue whale. – [Gage] Okay Luke, you
gotta get Willy up the slide. – Okay, let’s do this. – [Gage] You think you can fit up there? You got this. Willy’s gonna need to
lose some weight isn’t he. – I know right. Guys, I don’t know. Comment down below if
you think this will fit. From the looks of it, it doesn’t
look like it’s gonna fit. So…
(waterfall crashing) – [Gage] Wait. Wait, what are you doing? – [Luke] It’s not gonna fit Gage. – [Gage] Oh no, wait, hold on! (background noise drowns out other sounds) Three! Two! One! (Luke cheering) – [Gage] Oh no, you missed! – Oh no, he died. – [Gage] Oh you missed Willy. He’s so big but you still missed. Luke look who it is. It’s Luna, hi Luna. Gonna jump in the pool? Jump in the pool Luna. Look at it; look at him. – They’re just little sea
otters swimming in the pool. – [Gage] They’re like little
seals, that’s awesome. Oh, Luna’s in the pool now too. (Luke laughing) Luna, look. Go get it. Yeah. Okay guys, me and Luke
weren’t even actually able to make it off the slide
without falling off and failing The Pool Is Lava Challenge. So, I’m gonna run in and
grab some more people like Kyle, my dad,
Bryan, and I’m gonna see how far they can make it. Oh there’s Kyle. – Hey! – [Gage] Are you ready to do
The Pool Is Lava Challenge? – Oh yeah! – [Gage] Okay Kyle,
come pick out a floatie that you wanna use to go
down the slide at the start. – Okay, I’m gonna do, this one! – [Gage] You’re gonna do that one? – Yeah! – [Gage] Okay get set
up and get ready to go. – Okay. – [Gage] How far do you think
you’re gonna make it Kyle? – I think I’m gonna make
it a little over halfway. – [Gage] You’re gonna make
it a little over halfway? – [Kyle] Yeah! – [Gage] Okay comment
down in the comments below #Kyle if you think Kyle’s
gonna make it the farthest. Alright Kyle are you ready to go? – Yeah! – [Gage] Go in three! Two! One! Go! – Yes! – [Gage] I think Kyle got farthest – I’m going! – [Gage] Get on that pineapple floatie. Get on that! (Kyle grunts) (Luke laughs) – Gonna make it! (laughter) I’m almost there. I definitely made it over halfway. (laughter) Ow! – [Gage] You’re almost there. – I can make it. – [Gage] You’re almost there. Ready, gotta touch the side. You made it Kyle. (cheering) You make it! – Yes! – [Gage] Kyle’s the first one to make it all the way across the pool. – Yes, I made it! – [Gage] Alright now it’s
time that my dad’s gonna go And he picked the lounge chair. How far do you think you’re
gonna make it across the pool? – With the lounge chair,
at least a good three feet. – [Gage] Yeah! – Everything else on that is just gonna be icing on the cake. Alright we’re ready? Let’s do this. I think my secret trick
is that I’m actually going to be putting the lounge
chair with the backrest facing forward so that it
goes down the slide super fast and keeps me from falling off. Oh my gosh, this is really high up here and it’s really sketchy. Are we ready? Let’s do this! Here we go! – [Gage] Three! Two! One! Go! – Oh, wait, Superman style looks like. Here we go. (yelling) – [Gage] You immediately flipped over. (laughing) An immediate fail. – It just totally flipped. That didn’t work at all. That was no good, you guys
did way better than me. (playful music) (duck quack) – [Gage] Alright now we
have Bryan Lanning out here and we’re also doing something new. We have, a beam across the pool. – I think this is gonna be the best way to get across the pool honestly. The pool floaties and the
lava, they just don’t mix. – [Gage] So this is gonna be really fun. We’re gonna have a ton
of people come back here and try it, but Bryan, you’re up first. – Okay, this looks sketch dude. – [Gage] It’s super wobbly. – Alright I’m about to make
my way across the beam. Let’s see if we can do it you guys. Hit that thumbs up, I know what you like. I’m getting nervous. Oh man, alright taking the first step. – [Gage] Be careful
Bryan, the pool is lava. – Okay, no pressure. – [Gage] The pool is lava. The pool is lava. – Don’t fall in the
lava Bryan, it’s awful. – I’m basically using a GoPro
as balance at this point. Oh wow, the whole thing is rocking. – [Gage] You can do it Bryan. (yelling) – I face planted into the lava. Carl when you hold it out like this in your other hand it actually
does help you balance. – Okay, I’ll go with this angle then. – [Bryan] You gotta go
quick through the middle. Don’t stall like I did. – [Gage] Alright dad, how far do you think you’re gonna make it? – How far do I think I’m gonna make it? I’m gonna make it all the way across. Ready? Here we go! – [Bryan] You can do it! – I don’t wanna fall in
cuz it’s lava in there. – [Gage] Skill, nothing but skill. – [Bryan] Don’t stall in the center. – What? – [Bryan] Don’t stall in
the center, keep going. – [Gage] Just go! – [Bryan] Keep going! – [Gage] Keep going, you’re gonna make it. (cheering) – Look at this, I’m gonna go back. (yelling) I got overconfident, oh man. – [Gage] Dude that was awesome. Okay guys I think it’s my
turn to walk across the beam but I don’t know guys,
this is really sketchy. – Here, give me that
camera, I’ll trade you. You take this one, I think
you need to do this next. Don’t you think Gage needs to go? Yeah this is his video, he totally needs to walk across the beam. You ready? – Yeah! – [Carl] Okay here he goes, oh man. – [Luke] Three! Two! One! – [Carl] Go! – It’s a little bit wobbly – [Luke] Is he gonna make it? (cheering) – I made it across. – [Carl] You totally made it across Gage. That was awesome, only you gotta go back. (yelling) – I made it halfway. – [Carl] That was pretty good Gage. That was a good try. – Yeah that was awesome. Thank you guys so much
for watching Gage1up. Make sure to check out
Carl and Jinger and Luke where we’re gonna build
a box for a water slide and a box for a hot tub and
that’s gonna be awesome. And shout out to Daily
Bumps for letting us use their awesome waterpark
slip-n-slide stuff and click any of these
videos on the screen if you liked this one, I picked
these ones out just for you. And we’ll see you guys next time. Bye!
– [Luke] Bye!

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