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Gaming zone overview @ ESWC 2015 (ENG SUBS)

We arrived at the venue, my dear friends. Basically it’s a rather small venue. Well it depends on how you look at it. It could be big or it could be small but it should be interesting. Flamie and Seized already arrived. The guys are ready of course. We even have Russian-speaking supporters here. It’s rather dark here. That’s why my camera may not be able to handle this darkness. But I will try to shoot the best scenes for you… Like this one. Oops! What’s there, Vanya? Flipsid3 lost 16-10. To Cloud9? Yes. Well, Cloud9 is a rather strong team. The American champions, they placed 2nd in ESL ESEA, so everything’s fine. By the way here comes the Russian-speaking community. This is team captain Andrey Blad3, team Flipsid3 captain. And this is S1mple. Hello. Hi. They are upset of course, because they just lost. It’s just natural. It’s rather noisy here. There is reason to use in-ear headphones, the headphones that are put inside ear. You can see the light dimming away, but I hope you will be able to see something. I think this is one of the organizers, guys are talking about which playing venue should they take. I think it’s the Flipsid3’s one. They’ll go there. This is all falsehood. Everything here is a lie, a fake. Where would the guys sit? Oh, here it is. Here is a small so called scene, the venue of the event, where the guys would play. In fact the monitors here are ASUS, but they are 120 Hz. Yes, they are 120 Hz, because yesterday in gaming zone monitors were 75 or even 60 Hz. In this regard the monitors are good. It’s Devilwalk, Luminosity team player. In general the venue is good, the tables are good, they are about 1m, maybe more. The guys are greeting each other. Here they are. Here is kind of friendly atmosphere, but inside they are very serious. They are thinking only about bad things, how they would put in, put out. Just as usual, but on camera, on public they all talk to each other and are happy. In fact for the World Championship the scale isn’t that great to be honest. Their emphasis is probably more on stream picture, on… Opps, look who’s there. Yegor Markelov, Hiko, Hiko… S1mple again and by the way it’s Johnta, the coach of the team. Hello. Hello. It’s Bondik. The emphasis is on picture, on streams, so you should see some quality there. Yegor, hello. Hi, ceh9. We will be live again soon.

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