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‘Game of Zones’ Season 6 Trailer

You think the playoffs are a gift you get every year? You think the gods of this game have a soft spot for those pretty hazel eyes? It’s here and it’s gone, boy One minute, you’re in the dance But the next, you’re on the Timberwolves And you’re stuck praying for pingpong balls For the rest of your forgotten career

Reader Comments

  1. Why does it have to be on the APP? Why the hell does every single thing in the world try to force feed you their worthless apps so you have million of annoying intrusive apps on the phone…

  2. Download the BleacherReport app. An episode is up there now

    Edit: just watched the premiere and it was AWSOME. Jimmy Butler was like Ban from the seven deadly sins or like any other psychotic anime character you know

  3. If you want the new Game of Zones episode, here's the link:

  4. Downloaded the app, watched the episode, deleted the app.

    Who needs another worthless app just to watch one 10 minute video per week only during nba playoffs.

  5. +Bleacher Report Aye Yo! It done been April 11th already. It’s April 12th now. What’s the hold up? When is S6E1 dropping?!?!

  6. New episode

  7. I wanna see an episode where Charles Barkley says something like this is a guards league now and big men are useless then they show Ayton, Bagley, and Jaren Jackson Jr. standing under a sign that says next and in a coming attractions poster they show something called "Penny and the wise men" in reference to Penny Hardaway coaching James Wiseman the excellent center prospect to enter next years draft…they would also have to work Trae Young and Luka in there….it would be awesome.

  8. You guys need to put Chinese subtitles on here. there is a huge base in china im sure you know would love to see this as well. contact me if you need help with this. 🙂

  9. Lol I just realized that these are the exact same words Kevin Love said to Steph in the very first episode. This is just awesome.

  10. I just realized they used the first lines from their very first GoZ episode back in 2014

  11. First 5 episodes seem to be contained in the trailer. Well, the fifth episode only two very brief segments from the Mavericks half. So basically they made 4.5 episodes before the playoffs started…

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