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Game of Zones – S3:E2 ‘Cavs and Cav Nots’

Where we flies a dogs were folks [happy]? Boy, the Glory he lives inside of Terry porter’s head Well four bar Friday, what do we have here? We are the Timberwolves. Put your guard down boy. What’s your name? I’m Wiggins. This here’s Kat. We’re both number one picks and squires of the year. Is that so? And what about the skinny one?
I do cool dunks. Is that is?
Well who are you I’m Dame Lillard. The fellow here with the ball, that’s CJ. Who do you play for? The brotherhood with one banner. Well, we’re on our way to get a banner of our own. Are you now? Sir Garnett said anything is possible. So you gonna help us out or leave us be. I’m gonna be honest with you, I couldn’t tell you how to get in a championship, but I can show you how to make it to the second round. Sir, it’s urgent.
What is it? Warriors. Warriors have broken into the gates. Beasley’s been posterized, Patrick Beverly’s ankles are broken and clutch.
What happened to clutch? His… his head’s been ripped off. Oh God.
And the worst part is they did this with only one splash brother. Damn it, I cannot be the only one on offense. We need to upgrade our roster. I don’t know if.. if that’s the problem, my lord. They left this note.
Let me see that. “Your defense is weak” signed A. F. Who could that be sir? I [use] an I think that’s actually I know it is a donnell file Oh the bastard is out of retirement Are we at [Golden] [State] yet? Almost! But well then where the hell are we? Just passing through Phoenix. It’s a shortcut. Phoenix? Yes the [suns] They’ve been eliminated for years to think how far. They’d Fallen I Heard they used to have an offense so fast they would score in seven seconds every time They were the best at everything except defense. except defense. What was that? Brick men. They’re going [to] try and jump in the boat? Did any of them touch you? No, I think they went 0 for five. Yeah, they did they definitely missed all…shiiiiiiiiiiit Ohhhhhhh…

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  1. The TrailBlazers actually made it to the 3rd round aka The Western Finals this year, but lost to Golden state.

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