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Game of Zones – S2:E3 ‘Breaking the Wheel’

Spurs Spurs Cavs heat Clippers They’re all just spokes on a wheel This one’s on [top] then that one’s on top and on and on it spins We are not going to stop the wheel We’re going to break the wheel Wait, what are we talking about? hey, hey you You must be the new guy right? Jason Thompson, pleasure Me name’s draymond of Saginaw let me introduce you to some of the guys. We got here, Mo HouseBuckets would as a Baboso to Brazilian Blur we’re going to be championship again and a big guy over there That’s bogut till Mountain high Kangaroo Vegemite [Savin] on the Barbie I Ain’t you newest Arm Coach Walton first lesson never drinks from me cook? Bars over there made that mistake and they’ll never drink again Why don’t [we] get jason a real drink Brandon get him what he needs get what you need? warriors our new season [is] upon us and Winter is coming. We we get winter in the bay area no, it’s actually quite nice a lot of last year We won 67 games We win a thousand games or Darwin against [weight] that would only be one game a year those men down there They’re hungry. They’re hungry for our rings But we’ve got to be hungrier than them We’ve got [to] be crazier. I iso stick stance Warriors We will hold this war We will hold this title but we will hold my dick hello guys [that] David Lee can let me out I brought you pull a

Reader Comments

  1. Warriors greatest two years of all time title and single season record. Amazing nobody will ever break that record.

  2. We will win 1000 games for a 1000 years wait that’s 1 game a year 😂😂😂😂 had me rolling

  3. Warriors were eerily similar to Dany's Army…looked invincible two years ago…only to get broken down and lose its championship to the North aka Raptors/Starks.

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