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Game of Zones – Game of Zones, Episode 4 (Game of Thrones, NBA Edition)

Derrick Rose I’ve been watching you for a long [time] You’re the three-eyed bird. No, that’s larry What is this place? Where are we north? Carolina where the hornets of the forest we were here long before the bobcats [I]? seek your wisdom So that I may be a great ball like you once where I can teach you how to fly like an Eagle You must trust your teammates Learn from your failures and whatever you do Don’t try baseball thank you. I’m so grateful. [I] kneel before you no no no no no not the knees Are you lonely? Just bored were you bored a lot too in the NBA no, I was a starter. Are you ashamed of me father? When you were drafted hopes for you [were] high, but you start quickly plummeted Everyone advised me not to make the trade and let you live out your short career in New Orleans. I Told them all to go to hell Because you did not belong cross the world with the bloody pelicans. You [are] the former first-team all-Acc McDonald’s all-American Naismith Prep player of the year and You are my son Does this mean I get to start next year? Let’s not get crazy and Kyle Lowry Cos Brutus six with all his [bitter] was and so he choked and so he choked [then] lord of Tehran Destroy Rubbish No more yeah, play em play the tale of the big three [-] happy [sorry] about John inches When the cow [six] [won] in 2008 it was all about all Kevin and read three great men for Gavin [to] [play] and a bunch of other [role] players all Kevin Racing with me now one more time Enough I’m sick of it that team was nothing without me. I was off in legend in Boston yeah me A Legend but I like that song you should shut you and hold your ginger head So I could piss in any gutter and score more points than five of you I Wouldn’t stand a chance None of us would I wouldn’t go that far Who the hell was that? It’s no wonder they kicked you out of dallas. There’s a special place for lonely trash talkers like yourself And like this guy and where the hell, do you suppose that is? It’s the black Mamba Los Angeles

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  1. “I can teach you how to ‘fly like an eagle’” 😂😂😂 man I loved that song in space jam . Great reference

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