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Game of Zones – Game of Zones, Episode 3 (Game of Thrones, NBA Edition)

I Look up there. That’s a big bird. Yeah, what do you think that is I don’t know maybe it’s a Lady’s a crow babies ah seven hours wait a minute smell that this muscle except Millsap [team] basketball You stand before wardell Stefan curry of house Golden state second of his name fresh prince baby-Faced Assassin sinker of threes and brother of Splashes Don’t be afraid my friend the king says you may approach and speak as Zona De Defensa [Terra] Want the the City Pika [their] sword an he is a denver nugget He says he prayed [for] your victory against the pelicans. [I] thank him [for] his prayers O Prinstone officer Back to rare Possessors war lay up it was your crossover. He says it broke his ankles There’s another [table] this one suits me fine don’t worry, not interested [I] Just want the season to be over you swore a solemn vow remember you supposed to help me win a championship [I] didn’t intend to get hurt chemistry Matters Kevin stop trying to find a way to fit out and just fit in Be a part of something special [just] [my] thoughts They call [you] big man [you] lost friend forgive me for staring I Don’t see many Clippers where I am from You know I don’t see many rocket men in the city of angels. [we] don’t like the smog Come with me my beard now. Why are you wasting a center like this on a bush face choker? Do you know why the whole world hates a clipper you think you’re complaining? And you’re acting tough makes you worth two billion gold But you’re just a whiny little baby who’s far too slow on the flop

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  1. 2:50 now. Bleacher report predicted they would be together and that ppl thought they wouldn’t be able to share the ball. Lol

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