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Game of Zones – Game of Zones – 2018 NBA All-Star Special: Kyrie’s Farewell

Dear LeBron I’m sorry this had to happen this way That I didn’t tell you sooner Claiming the O’Brien Throne with you was one of the proudest moments of my life And I will be forever grateful for the lessons you’ve taught me But I can no longer fight in your shadow Sure, we had our differences But the real problem is that we’re very much the same Many men succumb to the allure of rings and superteams only to obscure a deeper desire to be The Man While this chapter comes to a close a new door is opened beyond which lies the knowledge of my true potential I may find that I was mistaken That I needed you all along Or maybe I’ll discover that I am more powerful than I ever dreamed And so I’ve set sail for the edge of the world But if I find that this world is indeed round then maybe one day my journey will lead me back to you In my stead awaits another You may recall his words from last year Well, his wish has been granted There will be… A new… King in the East King James is late to his own meeting Doesn’t bode well for us getting out of this slump Hopefully he’s finalizing a trade for Kevin Am I right? Freakin’ Kevin What is that? That’s odd Some sort of pregnant raven Oh no… WOJ BOMB!! OH SH-

Reader Comments

  1. "maybe one day my journey will lead me back to you"
    If Kyire signs with the Lakers, this video would age well.

  2. I’m here after the kyrie to the Lakers rumors the part that kills me is when kyrie says if the world is round maybe one day he’ll find himself back with Lebron 😂

  3. The new king has been crown, Sir Leonard. King of the North and now EAST aswell. Still on his quest to take full control of the whole entire realm after becoming free of his old master

  4. “if I find that the world is indeed round”: (Kyrie realized it was round) “My journey may lead me back to you.” (he might sign with the lakers). IF KYRIE signs with the fricking lakers bruh

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