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Game Master Rescues Me in Battle Royale at Mall! (Does Daniel have a Twin?)

– [Daniel] Left, left! – [Rebecca] You can’t trust
anyone here right now. – [Daniel] It’s the Redhood. – [Rebecca] These look
like little riddles. – [Daniel] Oh, Quadrant, go, hide. – [Rebecca] His gonna do a battle royale with the Quadrant. – Hey Zamfam, right now, we are parked in front of the mall that we think is round three for the quadrant recruit training for E2. And you guys said that
the game master was going to be showing up today,
and doing a battle royale. – Do you think there’s actually
gonna be a battle royale? – I don’t- – Maybe the battle royale is part of their spy ninja training? – And I haven’t seen
the game master since, we helped him escape the
headquarters and then, did the face reveal but it
turned out it was you, Daniel. So smash the thumbs up button
right now if you’re excited to see the game master do a battle royale. – I can’t believe it’s
gonna be in the mall. – This is crazy, okay, let’s get inside. – Okay. – It doesn’t look anyone’s here. – [Daniel] Camera, duck, duck, duck, duck. Since this is Quadrant training ground that could be a Quadrant camera. – That’s a quadrant camera? – [Daniel] Let’s crawl. – Alright, stay down. – [Daniel] Yeah, stay down and crawl. – [Matt] Yeah, yeah, crawling. – [Daniel] Okay, go, go ,go. – The doors open, the doors open. – [Daniel] Okay, doors open. – So if that’s a quadrant
camera, there might be more. – [Daniel] There might
be more inside, yeah. Let me take a look, hold on one sec. – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah. – There’s a camera? – [Daniel] I spotted one, I spotted one. – Okay. – [Daniel] You need to run
inside by that coke machine. – Hide behind there? – [Daniel] Hide behind
the coke machine, yeah. – Okay, alright Matt, you ready? – Yeah. – Three, two, one, go. – [Daniel] Left, left, left. Okay. – [Rebecca] Where is it? – [Daniel] I spot one ahead. – One there, okay. – [Daniel] Yeah, I spot one ahead. – We can’t juts stay here. – [Daniel] I know, you know what? Maybe there’s a, something… – [Matt] It’s something out there. – [Daniel] Oh yeah! Okay, Matt, I’m gonna give you the camera. – Okay – [Daniel] I’m gonna try to hack in there and see if I can see the footage. – Okay. – And then you can tell us what to do. – [Daniel] And I’ll tell you when to go. Okay, hacking in. Transmitting to my phone. – [Daniel] Okay, they’re
moving, they’re like scanning back and forth. I’m gonna send this to my phone right now so we can all go together
and it looks like there’s a white picket fence. If we make it past that white picket fence we should be safe. – [Matt] Okay you got it? – Yeah I got it on my phone. – Ready for this? – [Daniel] Go, go, go, go. – Okay, we made it. – [Matt] What do we do now? – [Daniel] Curve around,
curve around the side, curve around the side. So now we can avoid that second camera. – Okay. – Zamfam, smash the thumbs up button so we can get all the way out to that white picket fence. – [Daniel] Okay ready? Okay out of sight, go go go. Okay, coming back, go, go, go. Move, move, move. We gotta get past that white picket fence guys, go. – White picket fence. – [Daniel] Yeah. – It looks like the only
store open is Starbuck, people are there now. We need to get to the white picket fence. Do you think that
they’re Quadra remembers? – [Daniel] Yeah nobody’s wearing masks. So maybe anybody could
be a quadrant member? – Any of these people at Starbucks could be Quadra. – You can’t trust anyone here right now. – [Daniel] Go, go, go. – [Matt] Go, go, go, go, go… – [Daniel] Okay we’re safe now. – Zamfam, do you remember this mall? We’ve been here before. We filmed the video remember? – This is the Oaks. Daniel you were here too. – [Daniel] I was. – The Gamemaster sent us here to Fun Box which was upstairs, that’s where he gave us clues, and then
we searched this mall. – Yeah. – [Daniel] Do we have to go back? – I don’t know we should check to see if Fun Box has any clues. Maybe the Gamemaster’s there. Escalator is off. – It’s not even working, kind of empty. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Maybe it’s not even open yet. I think Fun Box is right up here. – Zamfam, do you remember
the Fun Box video? The Gamemaster told the
Zamfam he’s gonna be showing up today for a battle royale. It would make sense to
be here because he’s been here before. – Are you sure this is it? – This was it. Look, there’s just black curtain. – [Daniel] Whoa, where did it all go? – [Rebecca] I have no idea. – It’s like they’re having a secret meeting in there
or something like that. – [Daniel] Maybe, you’re right. – Whoa, look inside Daniel. Zamfam can you see inside the crack? It looks empty. – [Matt] What? – It doesn’t look like Fun Box at all. – [Daniel] Whoa, do you guys see that? – The doors are locked. Do you think the gate masters inside? Well this doesn’t make sense, the Quadrant had around three here for a reason, there must be some type of clue. – Do you remember last time we were here we went down to Starbucks there was a clue at Starbucks. – [Daniel] Oh yeah on
the bottom of the cup? – Yeah it seems like the only place that’s open right now. – Yeah, maybe there’s a clue there. Zamfam, if you have any ideas where the clues might be in this mall, let us know right now. – [Daniel] You got to be careful because anybody in here that’s not wearing a mask could still be Quadrant right? – That’s true. – There’s a lot of suspicious people. – They could all be spy ninjas here. – Did you say spy ninjas? – Yeah. – [Daniel] Spy ninjas? Okay. – I guess we should probably be a little bit more stealthy. – [Daniel] Yeah. – More like a spy ninja. – Let us know if you see anyone suspicious right now. Look, the escalator it’s working now. – [Daniel] Oh that’s really strange. Guys! It’s the Red Hood, it’s the Red Hood. – [Rebecca] What’s she doing here? – [Daniel] I don’t know. – She has like a briefcase. She just dropped it off at Starbucks. She’s walking away. Yeah what if that’s part
of the Quadra training? We got here before the
rest of the Quadra members. She must be setting up the clues for that. – [Daniel] She shut down the Tesla. – [Rebecca] Yeah. – Do we get down there then right now? – [Daniel] Get down there right now. – So we need to somehow get the briefcase but it’s behind the Starbucks table. – Matt, Matt, Quadrant member. I need to hide. – Look, it looks like the Quadra member’s placing an order at Starbucks, Matt. – [Daniel] Matt we need to
find out what they’re saying. – I have a listening device. – [Daniel] Oh great. – Okay let me see if I can listen in with a spy gadget. – [Daniel] Okay. – [Rebecca] Okay. – [Matt] He ordered a hot
chocolate with a napkin. – [Daniel] A napkin? – Does that sound-? That sounds a little weird. – [Daniel] Yeah. – He did the sign, he did the sign. – [Daniel] He did the sign? Let me see. – They did the sign that means someone at the Starbucks works for the Quadrant. That’s why Starbucks is open right now. They’re getting the order right now. There’s something on the napkin. We need to figure out
what’s on the napkin. Maybe that’s a code. – [Daniel] Do you think
we need to order that? Or just find the napkin? – I think one of us
needs to go up and order a hot chocolate with a napkin and see what happens. That might be the clues for this mall, for round three. You guys, let us know who
you think should go up to Starbucks. Matt, I think we need to
rock, paper, scissors. – [Daniel] Guys I’m filming so. – Yeah Daniel can’t do it. All right, Rock, Paper, Scissors, shoot. Rock, Paper, Scissors, shoot. Rock, Paper, Scissors, shoot. – Looks like you’re going. Hold on, we should probably put our hoodies on, cover
up as much as possible. – [Daniel] I don’t have
a hood but I have my beanie though. – So if we’re in training right now, they don’t necessarily know who are the real Quadrant. So I might be able to trick them as long as I do the sign, right? – [Daniel] Right, you’re right. – Okay so I’m gonna go
order a hot chocolate with a napkin. Hi, can I have a hot
chocolate with a napkin? Okay, thank you. Daniel did it work? – [Daniel] Yeah. Did you see that? – Now we just have to see if the napkin actually has clues on it and then we can solve it. Zamfam, smash that thumbs up button if you think that we’re gonna get clues on the napkin and you think we did the right thing. While I was ordering did you guys see anything strange happening in the mall at all? We need you guys to keep an eye out, so if you see anyone, let us know. Thank you. – [Daniel] Take it back, take
it back to Matt, let’s go. – [Rebecca] Matt, look. – Did you guys get it? – [Rebecca] Yeah. It is, it is a clue on the napkin. – [Daniel] Whoa. – [Rebecca] Okay so we
need to solve these, these look like little riddles. This have something to do with the mall. These riddles, right? – Maybe the briefcase. – [Daniel] Oh right. – Oh yeah maybe there’s a five digit code because look, there’s one, two, three, four, five. So the first one says: ‘JUST A HOP AWAY’ then BUILD STUFF then like-. – [Matt] Is that a peach? – [Rebecca] I don’t know. – [Daniel] Fruit? – [Rebecca] Maybe some type of fruit. – [Daniel] Okay. – [Rebecca] And then there’s
a sign and two dashes. – [Matt] It looks like
a, like a sideways eight. – [Daniel] Yeah, maybe it’s just some sort of secret symbol. – [Rebecca] Yeah and then COOL AS ICE. – That’s a lot of information. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Yeah I think we need to just start at the top so it doesn’t get too overwhelming. So, so JUST A HOP AWAY. Do you guys have any ideas, at a mall, what would be JUST A HOP AWAY? Is there a store or something? – [Daniel] Frogs hop. – Frogs do hop. – Oh yeah. – [Daniel] Bunnies? – Bunnies and-. – Easter bunny! – [Daniel] Easter Oh! – Easter is right around the corner. – Wait, there, I think there’s an Easter thing that way. So why don’t we go over there? Maybe we’ll find the first number? – [Daniel] That’s a good start, let’s go. – [Matt] Look at this! The teacup, with the flowers. It’s an egg there is an egg in there. – [Rebecca] Matt, bunny
photos, JCPenney court. – [Daniel] Oh we’re not near JCPenney. – [Rebecca] It’s over that way. – [Daniel] Oh down there? Okay. – [Rebecca] I don’t think this is it. – [Daniel] Okay let’s keep going. – How do we know it’s a five digit code? – I’m not sure, but there were five clues and then a briefcase. The last time we saw a briefcase there was a code on it right? – Maybe the code opens up the briefcase. So you think we’re looking
for maybe a number. – I think it’s a number. – [Daniel] A number, okay. – I mean we’re hoping, we have no-. – [Matt] There’s a number right there. – [Rebecca] Look, ‘1’,
‘Hop Here for a Selfie’. Hop, JUST A HOP AWAY. – [Matt] We’re in the right spot. – [Rebecca] That was a clue. – Do you think this is the number? Or do you think we have to
find like a clue inside? – [Daniel] I don’t know. Look there, look there’s a ‘2’ there. – [Rebecca] And then there’s a ‘3’. Those are signs, I feel like the quadrant would hide the clues it wouldn’t be in plain sight. – [Daniel] Yeah make it a little bit more of a challenge. – You guys were in the dollhouse. Wasn’t there Easter eggs? – [Daniel] Oh, there are big eggs. – Don’t choose the wrong one though right? – [Rebecca] Yeah Daniel remember when we open the wrong one? – [Daniel] Right yeah that was not good. – [Matt] What did you get in that one? – [Daniel] Nothing? – [Rebecca] Nothings in it. – [Daniel] Nothing. – [Matt] Okay, there’s only one left. – [Rebecca & Matt] Three, two, one. – [Daniel] Oh. – [Rebecca] That’s it. I think we just found the
first one let us know. – [Matt] You now what? We’re gonna take this one with us, okay? – [Daniel] Okay. – [Rebecca] Put that back,
put it back so they don’t know – [Daniel] So we have a ‘9’. – Comment “JUST A HOP AWAY IS 9” so we can keep track of all of these clues. – The next one says ‘BUILD STUFF’. What stuff? – [Daniel] What can you
build, like Legos maybe, or? – That could be something. – You build Legos. Do you guys know any stores that would be for the clue ‘BUILD STUFF’? That’s so general. – [Daniel] Stuffing? – Did you say stuffing? – [Daniel] Yeah I said stuffing like. – The only place I’ve ever seen like we could like build something with stuffing might be like a Build-a-Bear. – Let’s check the directory. This is the directory it’s all digital. – [Daniel] Oh cool! – Search first store, let’s see. – [Daniel] Wait! Apple! – [Rebecca] There’s an Apple store. Do you think this is
supposed to be an apple? – [Daniel] Maybe. – [Matt] Just like a bite out of that one. – [Rebecca] That’s true, oh no. – [Daniel] Search. – Search, whoa this is so cool. – Like an iPhone X. – [Daniel] Yeah giant iPhone X. – But in real life. – Space. – [Matt] Build-a-Bear, right there, back it’s right there. It has Build-a-Bear and Apple right next to each other. – [Daniel] Whoa. – That’s perfect, okay. – [Matt] Okay looks like
it’s on the second floor we’re on the first,
okay so, need to go up. We’re right here we need to go up to the second level. Oh, whoa, and then we
need to go down here. – [Rebecca] So it’s perfect, the clues are next door to each other. Oh, look! – [Daniel] Oh, oh, oh, Quandrant, go, hide, hide, hide. – [Rebecca] Stay down. They’re looking at the clues. – [Matt] Where they going? – [Rebecca] Where are they going? We gotta go up, we gotta go up. – [Daniel] Let’s go up, let’s go up. – That was so close! – [Daniel] Yeah. – Looks like there’s
multiple quadrant members here so they must be competing to join the Quadrant for E2. – Comment down below if you think that we’re actually going the right way. Do you think build-a-bear
is the right way? Okay, Build-a-Bear, we’re here. – Oh, Matt, Matt, Matt, look. – Oh it’s a Quadrant member. – [Daniel] Quadrant? – [Rebecca] They’re looking
around but they’re not inside the store they’re on the outside. – Yeah they’re just looking
at the Build-a Bears in the window. – So do you think the
clue is in the window instead of inside the store this time? – [Matt] What is he pointing at? – [Rebecca] They’re running off, they must have found the clue. so the Quadrant member was here. – [Daniel] Uh-huh. – Wherever the clue was
I think you can see it from outside instead of going in. – These are all bears. Oh wait it’s like a pony, like My Little Pony. – [Rebecca] That’s a unicorn Matt. – Oh, Easter Bunny. – Oh Easter Bunny? Wait the last clue was
themed around Easter. Easter Bunny right? – [Daniel] Yeah. – That’s a bear bunny. – That’s a bear in a bunny. – Disguise. – That’s a bunny onesie. A bear in a bunny onsie. – It’s almost like a mask. – Okay and that’s the like a little costume t-shirt bunny. That’s actually a bear. – [Daniel] There’s Easter Bunny there. – [Rebecca] Okay. – [Daniel] There’s
another Easter Bunny here. – [Rebecca] Alright. Zamfam let us know if you see any clues with these I think it might be a bunny. That one has a bow. – [Matt] [Inaudible] Right here. – [Daniel] Right here
and then they pointed? You said they pointed. – Oh, Zamfam did you see that? ‘3’. – [Daniel] Let me look,
yeah that looks like a three you’re right. – [Rebecca] Zamfam can you comment build stuff and then the number three. So we can remember all of these numbers that we’re finding? So, so, the next clue remember we think it might be the Apple Store. – [Daniel] Oh right. – [Matt] Or a peach – Or a peach, I don’t
think there’s a peach store at the mall. – [Daniel] But we did see
an Apple store on the map. – Yeah we saw it. – Okay let’s look around
for the Apple Store then. – Yeah I though the Apple store was supposed to be across from us. But I don’t see it. So maybe it’s, maybe it’s that way? I think I remember seeing it near Fun Box. – [Daniel] Oh right, okay. – Yeah? Okay so let’s go. – The Apple store right here. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Yeah but you guys can’t just film in the Apple store, they won’t let us. – I have an iPhone X. – [Daniel] Oh, you can film with that. – Nobody’s gonna suspect that. – [Daniel] Yeah you’ll blend right in. – Yeah and then Daniel, you and I, we can we can film from the outside. So we can still see you. – [Daniel] Yeah we’ll keep an eye on you. – Let us know if you find any clues in there okay? – Okay but don’t give me away though okay? You guys have to hide. Here we go. – [Daniel] Good luck. – [Matt] Open Note [Inaudible],
‘Jake’s Treehouse’. – Looks like he’s looking on different iPads right now. – [Matt] Jake’s Treehouse,
it’s at the tree-house. – I’m trying to see what number but I don’t know. – I think I found the number number ‘7’. I’m gonna erase this. Guys, guys, I think I got it, it’s seven. – [David & Rebecca] Seven! – It’s written on one of the iPads. It’s like a new feature we can draw on it. – [Daniel] Oh! – I erased it though, okay? – [Daniel] Oh good. – So it’s Apple and seven make sure to write that right in the comments. What? – [Daniel] It’s your device. They shut this down though, it’s working, it’s coming back on. – [Matt] You mean it’s
because we’re like so close to their quarters? Maybe I don’t know but I thought they hacked it because they knew we had it. I’m getting a message. – [Rebecca] So it’s from
the Quadrant? The network? – It is. It’s saying Quadrant recruits, drop everything and come to the parking structure ASAP. – That doesn’t make sense because we’re supposed to be solving clues and we’ve only found three. What if the other Quadrant members already found it? Maybe they already picked a winner. – Maybe but it doesn’t make sense. They’re saying drop
everything that means that maybe they haven’t even finished the challenge yet. – I think we need to go, we need to get there fast, drop everything means hurry. – [Matt] Like we need to drop everything? – We need to go figure
out what’s going on. – Let’s get to that parking structure. – What if this is the battle royale? – [Matt] Guys, stairs over
here, stairs over here. – Look! Security pole. – [Danie] Oh, security, okay come on. We need to go up, up. – [Rebecca] Another level. Daniel, Matt, it’s the Gamemaster. – [Daniel] What? – [Gamemaster] Stop, hide, now. – [Rebecca] Hide? – [Daniel] Hide, hide, hide, hide… – [Rebecca] Hide, hide. – [Matt] Why are we hiding? – I don’t know. Why does the Gamemaster want us to hide? – [Daniel] I don’t know. – Zamfam he has the
briefcase that we saw at Starbucks. – [Daniel] What? – If you guys have any
idea how the Gamemaster got that briefcase. It makes no sense. Oh the Quadrant, the Quadrant! This is the battle royale
that the Gamemaster was talking about. – He’s gonna take them on without us? – [Daniel] He came out of hiding for this? – [Rebecca] Yeah, he’s gonna
do a battle royale with the Quadrant. Did you see that? – [Daniel] No way! – [Rebecca] They’re all
running away, there’s only one Quadrant member left. That looked like you Daniel. – [Daniel] No. – Yeah, no way. – He looked exactly like you. He didn’t have your hat on but. – [Daniel] That didn’t make any sense. – Zamfam did you see that? That looked like you Daniel. – [Daniel] I don’t know. – The Gamemaster left the briefcase. – [Rebecca] Okay, let’s grab it. – [Daniel] Okay. – [Rebecca] Run Matt, look
it’s a six-digit code. – Let me have a look at this. – Okay let me see. – Whoa. – [Daniel] Whoa what’s that? – It’s like a flash drive and then-. – [Daniel] What does it say? – This looks just like the one at-. – Matt hold on, I’m having a hard time reading the code. – Oh okay. – [Daniel] Wait what does it say though? – Hold on yeah yeah, oh. – [Daniel] You could read out loud. – Yeah it says: ‘Take this
back to the safe house.’ – [Daniel & Matt] Oh. – [Daniel] Okay. – Yeah, here I’m gonna grab this really quick Daniel. – [Daniel] Okay. – Can you help Matt with the code? – [Daniel] Yeah, maybe
I’ll take a look at it. – Okay Zamfam, I’m not saying anything right now, I want you to see this. Look what it says. So now that you’ve seen this I want you to comment below what you think it means and I want you to check out the video that is right here. Make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so we can figure out what is going on, and how we can stop E2.

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