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GAME MASTER HACKED FORTNITE SEASON 6! 😱Real Life Fortnite Nerf Challenge

eh Oh what’s going on Papa Jeff Eva’s
father Jake here and we are back with a brand new video and today guys I am
finally back in my room because I’m free I was able to escape from the clutches
of the game master he had me locked up for the last few episodes and guys I
wanted to personally thank every single last one of you you guys were amazing at
solving his mysteries helping me with his clues and most importantly all of
you guys who joined that notification squad bots soon that fell button so you
never missed a video and help me out there cuz guys it was lonely I was I was
kind of scared when I was in that box before I was able to Ryu and I have a
Logan that guys that was a really weird week although it wasn’t all that bad he
did did he feed you bacon he only gave me bacon to eat he gave you bacon he
gave me a lot of candy I mean I guess that makes sense the game master likes
canyonville why don’t you give me bacon unfortunately though if you were
watching our last episode you will know that the only reason we are back and the
only reason we were able to get him out of our house was because I did make a
deal with him so Jake had to make a deal with the game master where every
challenge he completes the game master will give another clue as to who he is
and guys one of the final challenges was we had to agree to make a video for the
game master guys I don’t know who he is or why he would want that but it seems
like the game master wants us to make videos about him it seems like the fact
that he forced Logan to edit and upload videos of me escaping his trap and the
fact he wants us to produce an entire video just for him means that he wants
himself on you to be he somehow thrives off the fact that people are talking
about him and he wants us to make a fortnight video just for him which means
he wants to be the main character front and center but guys I think we need to
do this so we can get another clue as of right now we know that he’s a youtuber
and we know that he has the letter A in his name but doing this will be one more
step in solving industry I don’t like being forced to make videos but I think
it’s the only way we can do this well I guess we got to start this four night
video I think we should grab our camera and start with the intro skit let’s do
this go for Papa Jake no no no you don’t said
I gave up that life Papa Jake gave up fortnight all right look Papa Jake’s
retired from porn and now okay I’ve already saved you guys once before and I
was taking my Easy’s for a drive in my car you call me like this you make it
worth my while what we’re talking and get some likes on this video how many we
talk about okay all right you know what you want fine I’ll do it I’ll do it
because you know what the Papa Jake fam is the strongest family and if Fortnight
fails then a lot of people are gonna be bored after school cuz you know there’s
nothing else to do so yes I will save for tonight but I’ll need a team I need
to put together the best team to do it and I know just who I need but he’s also
retired oh hey Jake what’s up hey hey Logan yeah look I know you’re on your
retirement and all but it’s got a call from for night looks
like they’re having another issue Nene’s back in the game guy was telling me
about some sort of cube or something says it’s gonna end for all of four
night and they need us to stop it okay you know I’ve retired look they’re
offering us a pretty good amount of likes we can work on this together one
last game Logan we can say for now sure why not are you sure I mean I you you could just
say no and I could go back to them and say Logan said no let me go have to do
it honestly cake pretty bored right now can you come fuck okay well I guess
we’re doing it look I’ll text you the address meet me there looks like we’re
going back in the for night Papa Jake and Logan thank you for joining me and
listen up on your debriefing we have word from the game master that you both
are needed to solve one a for tonight’s biggest issues the issue I’m speaking of
is the cube now this cube has been known as the single handedly biggest threat to
fortnight The Game Master in His infinite wisdom has devised the plan to
stop it the game master being as awesome and cool as he is has come up with an
idea because he is true for smart now the queue has gone into loot lake and
now looks like this looks like a swimming pool that’s been uncapped your
objective has devised by the game master is to obtain a crystal this crystal can
be located in the safe with that the game master will be able to save the day
and stop fortnight from ending I’ve chosen both you papa Jake and Logan as
you are our number 1 fortnight and real-life players we need you to go back
into the game and solve this once and for all the game master is counting on
both of you now I’ll let my assistants meal have a few words with you yes Thank
You general as you know my name is SMIL and I am the professor behind all of the
new fortnight updates let me just say it is an honor to see both you pop Jake and
Logan you are some of the best fortnight players in the world anyway I digress
going back into 40 nights you will notice there are some updates and I am
here to arrange for you to join back into the game I’ve prepared some items
for you to help you on your journeys this is a grappling hook use it like so
point and fire it will latch onto any object and bring you towards it this is
for you Logan you I thank you and for you Papa J this is a new heat vision AR
it uses thermal vision to detect targets simply like so aim at your target and
fire a little intense for me but for you papa Jake it should be just fine now
these are your items I will be giving you the rest you will have to find on
your own good luck to both of you and hope you impress the game master I heard
he’s watching anyway off you go now be sure to get the crystal and hurry back
up see you boys in the other side ha hey looks like we’re back in fortnight Hogan
where’d you land Logan yeah hi you ready to do this think so alright
guys so our mission is simple we need to get this jewel that’s inside of a safe
and bring it back it’s it’s the only way we’re gonna stop this cube okay I guess
we got to start mining and gather resources there’s other players that are
gonna be fighting us for this jewel okay guys let’s start mining and gather all
the resources we can I think that’s enough what look found a
shotgun a blue pump perfect oh gee check it out
dual pistols that’s best you told can you tell Logan in the comments down
below the dual pistols suck Logan you’re not gonna use those for anything come on
gather wood Lisa’s better than nothing Jake the dual pistols are actually
pretty sweet right the dual pistols are pretty good I take that back guys okay
look let’s see what you can find on this guy and head upstairs he’s got a long
way to go before we find this gem wait seriously nothing cheap shot whoever
that was no more nice guy I’m going on with the duel pump hey when you mess pop
Jake that’s what you get what you get when you mess up up watch it all right
Logan enough dancing we’ve got a mission come on let’s through this guy had oh
nice it’s got a mini it definitely need this we’re getting really close to this
gem once we secure it we bring it back to the general and then he could deal
with the cube cubes on our issue today hopefully we don’t even have to see this
thing it’s kind of creeps me out all right come on let’s go
Viji why aren’t you moving book and book and stay right there
who we got ourselves a sniper guys I can’t locate him them he’s taking shots
at us I can’t reach him with this I can’t even pinpoint where he is deep
the scientists just gave you a thermal AR fuck you right hold on
perfect alright I’ll use this to locator and take out the sniper alright now
we’re going into thermal vision super confinement sniper gotta see them on my thermal vision
doesn’t look like you notice me take this guy out Oh God him hi come on let’s see what he
had on guys I think we just found the cube whoa Jake it’s really big yeah it
is wait Logan the general said not to touch
him but you’re not gonna near it look at her even think about it a lot of
trouble yes is how you’re stopping this this is the single handedly most deadly
thing before tonight this will eliminate everyone and no one be overplayed for
right again but I mean Jake technically it hasn’t done anything wrong
he’s just been moving around that’s the thing Logan that’s what it wants you to
think it’s a cube it’s ominous it’s waiting for the perfect chance I
wouldn’t go near it just just one touch okay it looks look
so purple and so awesome just one touch okay I’m not dad I feel really good I
feel like it gave me something like some kind of power what do you mean some sort
of power this okay what was that what what the tomato
come from cuz I know what’s wrong with Logan but something happened we touched
like you but I’m definitely not touching the cube now guys put a half shake
tomatoes at guys do not put a hashtag tomato no one’s worshipping Tomatoes
okay we’re out of a mission and we need to complete it come on
looks like this guy in an LMG let’s pick it up and keep moving check it out car
sells an LMG he’s right there Logan I need you to build some cover
already on a jig nice Park get behind the cover we got to take this guy out
before and get to the gem Hey look good TV sky LMG you surprise me and I’ll get
behind him and take him up with the shot all right I’m gonna suppress him alright guys nothing more chance it’s
gonna have to be building times sneak up behind him and take him out all right only got one shot left gotta
make this count the same is right over there
perfect Gus Lopez located the jewel all we need to do is grab it and head back
to the battle bus one that’s it it’s right over here
perfect all right we just gotta open it and grab the tool all right it’s gonna
take some time give me some cover inside this lies the
key to opening up the purple cube soon enough
this video amuses me you have done what I asked for
minion return Papa Jake I will give you another instead of telling you I’ve left
in the dress go to the address but you want your next answer

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