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Gaga Ball / That YouTub3 Family

(upbeat big band music) – Hi, guys. Welcome back
to That YouTub3 Family. And today, we’re playing GaGa Ball. – Woo! (drum and whistle) – You guys wanna see this game played. We found this at our park. We’re playing it.
– Yeah! – Okay, so GaGa Ball is
played in an octagon area. What happens is you have one ball. Every player starts off
by touching the wall. The player serves the ball. It has to bounce two times. Each time it bounce you say “Ga, Ga”. On the second bounce, the ball is live. As soon as it goes live, you can go and move around anywhere you want to. Your goal is to get the other players out by aiming the ball at their feet. It has to go at the knee and below. If it touches below
their knee, they are out. So, no kicking the ball. So, you can slap, you can
roll, whatever you want. Just return the ball. You can only hit it once,
unless you bounce it against a wall or another player, then you can touch it again. You guys understand? – Yep, and no catching the ball either. – No holding the ball. So, if it touches you, you’re out. Let’s play.
– Woo. (drum and whistle) – Ga, Ga. (laughing and exclaiming) – Thank you, Audrey. – Ow, I got dirt under the nail. (Jordan screaming) – Yeah, it touched you. – Aw, Jordan’s out. (sad trumpets) – Ready? Ga, Ga. – Go, guys, go, you got this. – I got myself out. – Oh, you got yourself out, Jake? (car brakes screeching) – [Dad] He hit it twice in a row without it hittin’ the wall. – Oh. – [Jake] Okay, am I out? – Yep.
– Okay. – Okay, it’s down to three. – [Dad] Okay, it’s down to three players. What’s your strategy? – I don’t have one. Just dodge, dodge and weave. – [Dad] Team Small Stuff’s gonna dodge. – [Ty] Dodge and weave. – [Dad] What’s mom gonna do? – I’m gonna be like a
cheetah, runnin’ all around this arena bouncing that ball like crazy. (dad laughing) – [Dad] What’s Audge gonna do? – I’ve got the quick
leprechaun feet, ho, ho. – [Dad] Well, then, alright. Here we go, you ready? (Mom growls) – [Dad] Let’s go!
– Ga, Ga. – Don’t whack, oh. – Oh.
– You lost it. – Ty’s out. He kicked it out of bounds. (rubber band sound effect) – [Jake] Cheetah versus Leprechaun. – Ga, Ga.
– Ooh la la. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Dad] Ooh. – Oh, ha, ha, leprechaun moves. Oh, man. – [Dad] Yeah, you got
some fancy moves there. – Let’s go. (everyone yelling) – [Dad] Ah, yeah, you knocked it out. It’s time for the
leprechaun to do a dance. – The leprechaun won. – [Dad] She’s doin’ a little jiggy. (crowd cheering and clapping) – [Mom] New game. – Ga, Ga, ooh la la. – No, you gotta do it to the center. – [Ty] Ga, Ga. (upbeat instrumental music) (everyone yelling) – [Mom] Sneak attack on Jordie. (sad trumpets) – Ga, Ga. – [Mom] Oh, sneak attack on Jake. (car brakes screeching) – Here we go, Ga, Ga. – [Jake] Don’t let dad have it. – [Mom] Oh, Audrey’s foot. – You didn’t get me. – [Mom] I thought your
foot knocked it, no? – No, that was my hand. – Oh, ho. – [Mom] Oh, it’s so close. She’s doin’ a leprechaun dance. Fancy footwork. – [Jake] I’m rejoining. – Oh, oh, I got your foot. (rubber band sound effect) – [Mom] Wait, a leprechaun that dances, and a dad that dances, oh, no. Showdown dance, let’s go. – Here we go, ready? Ga, Ga. – Aw, this is an intense one.
– [Ty] Intense one. – Oh, it touched your foot. – Oh, leprechaun has another victory. She’s victorious. – Ready, yes. (Jordan laughing) – That hurt my leg. (crowd cheering and clapping) – No one can beat the GaGa Master. I just found my new hidden talent. – My goal for this round is to
not get out first (laughing). – [Dad] What’s your goal? – Mmm, I don’t know, just
dodge and weave again. – [Dad] Dodge and weave? – Better than what happened last time. – Well, since Ty’s worked
really well for him last time, I think I’ll be like a
leprechaun and dance. Ha, la, la, la, la, la, la, la. – [Audrey] No, that’s mine. – Jake, what’s your? – [Dad] What’s Jake gonna do? – Just hide, I’m gonna hide. – [Mom] He’s hiding (laughing). – [Dad] You’re gonna hide? You’re gonna hide inside
this open octagon? – [Mom] Defense. – [Jordan] He’s gonna go like this. – [Dad] Alright, he
can’t get on the sides. – [Jordan] Yeah, hide his feet. – I’ll just go like this. – [Mom] No, you can’t, you’ll be out. – [Dad] Okay, ready? – He can be going like this. – Ready?
– Okay, pitch the ball. – Ga, Ga. (Jordan screaming) – [Dad] Whoa. – Mom’s out, my goal. – I was trying to spike
it really hard at Jordan, so that she would like, wouldn’t
be able to get it in time. – [Dad] And she threw it
up in this tree (laughing). – I foiled it. (tapping sound) – I’m gonna tap in.
– [Mom] Okay. – Alright, here we go. – Ga, Ga. – Oh, (kids yelling) I hit too high, I’m out. (rewind sound effect) – [Mom] My favorite. – Ga, Ga. – [Mom] Ah, ha. (Jordan laughing) – [Jordan] Here’s some.
– No. (Jordan screaming) – [Mom] Jordan took down the leprechaun. – Yeah. (ominous electronica music) – [Dad] I don’t see ya
dancin’ now, now do ya laddie? – That’s how you do it, yeah. Okay, let’s go, let’s go (clapping). – Ga, Ga. (kids laughing and breathing hard) (upbeat instrumental music) – Got you. – You touched me. – [Mom] Jordan’s out. (sad trumpets) The person hiding
against the wood chipper. Alright, let’s see which destroys. – Ga, Ga. – [Mom] Woo, fancy move there. Hello, hello. (everyone yelling) – [Dad] You did it. – [Mom] Good job, Jake. You’re the champion. The Hider won, who would’ve thought? The Hider. (crowd cheering and clapping) – Alright, this round is just boys only, and then it’ll be just girls only. – [Mom] Ohhhhh, can dad
take down the Hider? – The dancing dad. – And then, it’ll be the winner
of the boys and the girls. – The dancing dad.
– Ready? Set, Ga, Ga. – [Mom] Oh, no. (dad laughing) – [Mom] Uh, oh. Fancy footwork, whoop. Ohhhhhh. (upbeat instrumental music) – Did I get ’em both? – [Audrey] Yeah. – [Mom] Did you get both of ’em? – No, it got him first. Ty was out, Ty’s out. – I got Ty first so, – [Jordan] It got Ty first and then it ricocheted off of his knee. – Is the ball dead after
you get one person? – [Jordan] Yeah, no, I
think it got ’em both. – [Audrey] Did it? I think it did. – [Mom] It hit Ty first. – I think after you hit one
person, you start over again. So, Ty’s out. It’s me and to Jake. But that was pretty cool I got two in one. – [Mom] Okay, let’s see. – Ready, go, Ga, Ga. – Oh, oh, oh, are you kidding me? (Jake clapping) (rewind sound effect) – I said girl team power. – Gina.
– Gina. – [Dad] Okay, so we got the cheetah. – Ho, ho. – [Dad] Against the leprechaun. – Woo. – Versus, Peace because
we’re all on a team here. – [Dad] Peace? (mom growling) – [Dad] Alright, here we go. Team Peace, Leprechaun, and Cheetah. – Ga, Ga.
– Oh la la. (Jordan yelling and laughing) – No one’s goin’ after the ball. (Jordan laughing) – [Dad] Oh, Audrey’s jumpin’. Oh, almost got Mom on a sneaky move. Oh, so lucky. – Got you. – She rolled it over my foot. – [Dad] Cheetah got out. We’ll have to slo-mo that one. (upbeat instrumental music) – I don’t know if you could see it. She rolled, as she was hittin’ it, it rolled right over my foot. – [Dad] Yeah, we’ll have
to try to slo-mo that one. That was pretty sneaky. Alright, you ready, Cheetah and Peace? Three, two, one, go. – I’m not Cheetah. – [Dad] Oh, I’m sorry. Are you ready, Leprechaun and Peace? – Yeah.
– [Dad] Go. – Ga, Ga.
Oh la la. (Jordan laughing) – Audrey, if you didn’t hit that ball, Jordan would have been out. – Wait, can I, – [Dad] Yeah, if it hits the
wall, you can hit it again. – Get it. – Ga, yeah. Ga, yeah. (upbeat instrumental music) Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Dad] Alright. – [Mom] So, now we’re going to do Leprechaun versus the Hider. Okay. – Ga, Ga. (girls screaming) – [Dad] First hit. – [Mom] Whoa, what? (dad laughing) – He’s taking over my moves too. – [Dad] And he took your move. – [Mom] Aw, man, Jake is
the ultimate champion. Okay, everybody against Jake. – Every day I’m tripling. – [Mom] Let’s all go against Jake. – Everybody, I say that
we all crowd together on this side against Jake, come here. – [Mom] Yes, yes, yes. – Everyone on this side. – Alright here, okay,
what are we gonna do? Here’s our huddle. Over here.
– Come here, here – Pssst, come one over here. – Okay, strategy.
– Okay, here’s our strategy. Everybody go after Jake.
– Hey. – ‘kay, ‘kay, everyone after Jake, break! Okay, let’s do Jake’s strategy. – Here we go. – [Mom] Wait, wait, wait. What’s your strategy? – Get everyone and hide. – [Mom] And hide (laughing). Well, hiding seems to work. – Ready, set, go, Ga, Ga. Remember, it’s Jake. We’re gonna go after Jake. (everyone yelling and cheering) – [Mom] They gotcha. (car brakes screeching) Random dancing. – I feel like we’re four again. We’re like,
– I got him out. – [Mom] That’s awesome. – Name this move. I don’t know what it is, but
it’s gonna be the next floss. – It’s just this. – Alright, awesome. – This is the next viral move. – Alright, that was super fun. You guys have been askin’ us
to play this for a long time. I just didn’t know where to play it so we’re so glad that we found this today ’cause that was an awesome game. – That was so much fun. – I’m gonna go home, and I’m gonna watch YouTube videos on how to do this and come back, and I’ll be the master. – [Mom] He’s gonna be the pro. – Alright, you guys, thank
you guys so much for watching. Make sure that you like,
subscribe, and share. – And hit the bell. – And make today an adventure. We’ll see you all next time. – Bye. (upbeat instrumental music) – No one body, nobody (laughing). – [Mom] It says on the rules
though at any time it touches below the knee, you’re out. At any time,
– Maybe I did it. – [Mom] So, if it accidentally,
it was just rollin’ around by itself and nobody
touched it for five minutes, and you touched it, you’re out. – Alright, well, we let Jake on that one. – [Mom] Okay. (upbeat instrumental music)

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