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Fun SPRING School Lunch Ideas 🐰 NEW LUNCH BOXES!

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  1. I'M FROM GREECE and I tasted the yogurt 5 days ago because I don't like yogurt but I didn't like it too😩😩😵😜😛!

  2. I love Velveeta's shells and cheese
    Mostly because I can't eat powder Mac and Cheese and I can only eat the cheese sauce
    But any shells with cheese sauce is perfect

  3. roses are red
    violets are blue
    I hit that like maybe you did too
    and family fudge is the best family crew!

    (I tried to make a poem I think it sucks) ps. I know dis is unoriginal

  4. I’ve always dreamt that when I’m older and of I have kids I will make them these creative lunches because all I’ve ever had for lunch for the 10 years I’ve been is school is a bottle of water and a piece of fruit
    I love these ideas❤️

  5. when she dipped her apples in lemon And water from keep them from going brown made me remember them days I would squeeze lime or lemon juice on my Apple slices and eat like 2 apples 🤣

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