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Fun Outdoor Playground in the Park for Kids | Playing on Slides, Swings, Pirate Ship and Zip Line!

Look at that! That was awesome. That was like superman! Lol, ya! Good job. Did you see that? I turned around! Brooklynn I need to go right there. I need to go right there Hav! Can you go on that one? Because that’s what I did. No, you have to go on these too. Alright, do it. Awesome job! Good job! Good job, that was cool! Hey dad, after we’re done can I do something on this? It’s something really cool. Of course. Look up Hav, look up. I had to pull myself up! Are you kidding me? Ya. That’s super cool. Good job. That’s neat! Hi there! Hi! There you go, look at all of that sand. Um, I’m covering up it. Look how much sand you’re digging up, that’s awesome. This makes it go up or down. Up or down. I’m going how high Brooklynn is going! Dad! Good job. Look, look. Look look. Good job. I win! Dada look, I’m the champion. Dad, I’m the champion! Good job! Now you have to keep going. Scoot that way, backwards real quick. No I’m going backwards. Guys! What? Whoa. I’m gonna climb this! Okay here we go. It’s kind of high. It’s a huge lighthouse. It’s kind of high. I made it! You made it? Nice.. Is it fun up here? Ya! We made it. It’s SUPER high. This is a view out of the window. Were you in a lighthouse? Ya! That’s pretty cool. I’ll come out here and see if I can get a video of you guys. Where are you guys at? Huh? In a lighthouse? Pretty cool buddy. I win! I win! That’s a big boat. It’s like a pirate ship huh? Do you need a push? Ya. Good job. Alright Hav, let’s see what you got! Surfing down the waves! Oh ya! Surfing. Lol. I want to try! I want to go on there again. Race you up there. Dad watch this. Okay. It’s not really fun. It’s not really fun! I want to go down with you. I’m a seal! I’m a surfer! Hav you be the shark! No you’re not allowed on the slide! You’re the shark with the dolphins and whales. Ahh, don’t eat me!

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