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Fun Family Game Night With A Twist (Dare Edition)! / That YouTub3 Family | The Adventurers

– A-la-kazam, magical! Whoa, it worked! – It worked, I’m the winner! (whimsical music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – (in unison) The YouTube family! – And we are The Adventurers. – And today guys, it’s family game night. We are going to be playing
Shut the Box by WE Games. (family cheers) – Yeah, we’re wanna thank WE
Games for sending us this game. – You guys, this game is really fun and it’s gonna get really intense. So buckle your seat
belts, grab some popcorn and take a seat. – Keep your arms and legs
inside of the vehicle at all times. – That’s right because
we’re twisting this game up. Not only are we playing this, but we’re also adding dares with it. So if you go out first,
you have to do a dare. If you go out second,
you have to do a dare. Anyway, we’re gonna find out who the ultimate winner is of this game. Alrighty, explain how we play this game. – This game is so fun
because it is so easy. And so, what you do is, you have two dice. You roll it and whatever the number is, so for example, this number is six. So you flip up the number
or you flip up the tile that corresponds with the number. Or you can do a
combination, like you can do three, two and one or a
five and one or a six. – Basically, you just need
numbers that add to this number. So like, if you got a six,
you could put up a six or whatever else adds to make six. – [Mom] Alrighty, who wants to go first? – I will.
– Me. – [Mom] Alrighty, rock,
paper, scissors boys! – (in unison) Rock,
paper, scissors, shoot. – I got it first. – [Mom] Aw, okay, Jake got it, and then we’ll around the clock. First person out takes
my spot and does a dare. – Uh-oh. – I got a low number. – [Mom] This gives me an advantage because I don’t have
to survive all rounds. – Six, seven, eight! – So my strategy is, I’m gonna get rid of all my high numbers first, because you lose if you
have the most points. – I think that’s everybody’s
strategy, just saying. (Dad laughs) – [Jake] Seriously though. – [Ty] Nevermind. – [Dad] Six, okay Jake. – I have the lowest one out of everybody. – [Dad] Twelve. – [Ty] What, no? – [Dad] Now you can do the highest though. – [Mom] Get rid of that ten, man. – He’s contemplating it,
hey, he gets to choose. – [Mom] He can do what he
wants. He can do nine, whatever. He just has to have a total of 12. – [Dad] Okay, he got rid
of his 10 and his two. – [Mom] Oh, good job. – Hee ya, oh! – [Mom] And Jordan
threw it out of the box. It’s supposed to be in the box. – Think outside of the box. – [Jake] You got three. – [Jordan] No, I’m redoing that (laughs). – [Jake] You got six. – He-yah, he-yah! – [Mom] Any chance you tied? – [Ty] No. No, I just got a nine. – I’m so nervous for the dares. – Okay, I got a 12, so I’m
gonna pull my 10 and 2 up. – Oh, man. I’m losing! – So nine. – I don’t wanna do the dare!
– Please, please! – Oh, nine.
– I gotta count on my fingers so I’m not good at math.
– That’s nine! – Nine! – This helps teach math skills. – [Mom] It does, it’s an educational game! – [Jake and Dad] Five. – [Mom] It’s a great game for
anybody that can start to add. Even if they couldn’t
add, cause they could use a parent’s help or learn. – Or you can use your fingers like I do. I’m in high school and I
still count on my fingers, so. – Same! – [Mom] Or if you had to you
could put little tokens out so that little kids could do it.
– Not ashamed of it Okay. – [All] Six – [Dad] Okay, so now
Jordan doesn’t have a six, so she has to use a combination
of any one of these. – Awwww, I wanna get rid of these two! – Alright, go on Ty. – [All] Seven. – Dad! How are you getting
– So I got 11 So I’m gonna do the nine. – And the three?
– Really? – I can’t do the nine. – So you have to do
the seven and the four. – [Jordan] Eight, nine, ten, 11. – And four (laughs). – [Mom] Really, saving your ten, huh? – No, my ten’s already up. – [Mom] Oh, it is up, oh, that’s right. I was thinkin’. – Mom, really? (laughs)
– Really? (laughs) – Okay, so it’s gettin’ to the point now where if you can’t do it,
you’re out of the game. – And you have to add
up all of your points – I have to get a three, seven, and eight. What’s the chances of me getting that? – [Jordan] Six, why? – [Dad] No, it’s five,
Jordan, four plus one. – Five! Why? – Oh you’re lucky, you can do that. – [Dad] That’s all you
have to do, three and two. – I didn’t want to use
those numbers, though. – Six, nine. – [Dad] Ten. – There’s no re-rolls?
– I mean ten. – [Mom] Oh ten, that’s perfect, Ty. – Seven
– Seven! – [Mom] Uh oh!
– [Jake] Hey, you could do it! – No he can’t.
– No I can’t, I’m out. – [Mom] He doesn’t have the numbers. He can not make seven
with any of those numbers left on his board so. – [David] And I have 18 points. – [Mom] So he has to total all these and that’s the points and
you do not want high points. – You want the lowest points possible. – I have a bad feeling I’m doing the dare. – Ahhh, eight.
– You got eight. – Wait. That is eight.
– Yeah, it is eight. – Please let me get a ten. Jake.
– Oh, sorry! You got a nine. (sound effect of audience groaning) – Oh, Jordan’s out! (Jake laughs) – It’s between me and Ty!
– Well, so far I’m the biggest loser, so. – She got 21. – Five. Nine.
– Okay. – So, six.
– No, I’m gonna do the dare! That’s the first one! Oh, no! – Jake’s out.
– Jake’s out. – [Mom] Now it’s a tie? – I lost! It doesn’t even matter if
you lose right now, I lost! – Tyler won!
– Two! – [Mom] Ty is doing so good. Can he clear it? – No.
– Nope, he’s out. – Ty good job, five points.
– I have five. – Do I have to take a dare? – [Mom] Nope, just Jordan
has to take a dare. – 33, subscribe to my channel! – Ohhh, this dare is crazy. – [Mom] What is her dare? – Jordan your dare is, you have to sniff the shoe or sock of the
person to your right. (Jake laughs) – No, you’re to my left, Jake (laughs). – Three times. – [Jordan] No, once! – It really says that?
– It doesn’t, it does not say. – Yes it does, it says that. – [Mom] You’ve worn those
socks to school all day. Let her sniff away! – Ty plays on the playground and he gets kinda crazy and sweaty. Yah that’s true, Jake is the worst. – [Mom] Jake’s is probably worse. – And it’s gross! – [Dad] Three good sniffs, hurry. Go, one, two, three. – Ew, that was more like 10. Good thing my nose is stuffed (laughs)! – Alrighty, guys, Jordan lost that round. That was funny, her dare. I hope I don’t get it! I’m now in the game. We’re going to go onto round two. – [Jordan] Ty just barely
got out of round two. – He also got left with
a lot of high numbers. He kept rolling all the low
numbers at the beginning. He had snake eyes and
could not put any tiles up. Alrighty, my turn. – [Jordan] Mom’s turn. – [Mom] Nine. [Jake] Ty’s up! – [Jordan] Nine, Jake’s turn. – I have a feeling Ty’s
gonna do the dare though. – Three, you’ve gotta be kidding me! I’m out next. – Yeah, but look at his numbers,
his numbers are so high. – [Jordan] Yeah, Ty has
really high numbers so… – Yeah, but look at all of these low numbers and not one high. – My turn.
– Let’s see! – Seven. – [Jordan] Notice that
they’re all wearing gray – this is really weird.
– You have to do five and two. – [Jordan] They’re wearing gray. Ty and I are wearing like maroon. – Well, I did have a green sweatshirt – Oh, ho, Jake’s out!
– Oh, are you seriously out? – Yes, I got a four. – He rolled a four so
he’s got higher numbers. – You guys gotta total ’em up, cause Jake might lose this one. – What! I don’t even know how to add this! – You got 33.
– Mom! – I think I lost.
– What does he have? – 10, 19, 21, 22… – [Jordan] I think I
now know where I got my – bad math genes from!
– So, wait it’s your turn – [Jordan] She didn’t even hear! – Yes, I heard! – So, wait, I don’t have to take a dare? – Yes, ummm, seven and one. – Oh, my goodness. – Four. – You better not get that four again. – Uh oh!
– Seven, oh! – Oh, Dad’s out.
– David’s out. – Okay, and I’m out.
– Katie is the winner! – But I think you won anyway. – Wait, six, seven, eight, nine. I can still do that. [Jordan Gasps] – My gosh, if I roll a three – You know you need a one
– Nope, I got a five. So I am left with three points. Alrighty, Ty is our person
that gets to do a dare. – Woooo! – [Jordan] Ty’s excited!
– Let’s see what your dare is. – [Jordan] He’s ready. I hope it does not involve me. – [Dad] Okay, this is called sweaty hands. – Oh, no.
– Oh, my gosh. – You have to hold hands with the person to the left.
– Ew, he just licked them! Are you serious? (kids laugh) He just licked it.
– He just licked his hands! Mom, that’s more like
a punishment for you! – [Dad] For the next round you have to hold hands with the
person to your left. – Well, let’s hold hands
for this entire game. – Okay, I’ll be the camera person. – He’s trying to take my job? Are you kidding me, what? I’m the camera lady. – Okay, so this is round three. Me and Ty, you don’t getta play. (Jordan laughs) – [Jordan] Disappointment, he’s like arrg? – You can hold my hand. Oh, this will be lots of fun. And I’m right handed, so this is not good. You’re making me roll with my wrong hand. Okay, I’m starting, here we go. – [Jordan] Let’s see. – You got a four.
– You’re giving me bad luck! – Next time you’re gonna have a ten. – Oh, that’d be a good one. – [Jordan] That’s a bold
statement, let’s see! – Oh, got a five.
– Ten or higher. – Ha, ha, I got higher than Mom. – I got a seven. – We’ll do lightning round here. – Ten. – [Jordan] (gasps) Ty was right, what?! – Say a nine next, okay?
– Nah, two. – I got a nine.
– That’s six plus two, eight. – A two, are you for real? – I got an eight, I’m bad
with my math right now. – We need to have our kids
play this game a hundred times. – Five – Tyler was wrong, it wasn’t a two. – [Jordan] This game’s going
by a little bit faster. – Next one’s gonna be a seven. – I’m holding this sweaty hand. – [Jordan] Sweaty, germy hand
that Ty literally licked! – I feel like I lost. – [Jordan] Yeah. – Nine
– Nine – Oh, you have a high number.
– His hand’s getting sweaty. – Ewww!
– My fingers are itchy. – Nope, we have to.
– Wait, what?! – Ugh, it feels so ewww. – Five. – I mean, I like holding your hand, but. – I think I have my high numbers. – I know, I only have low. If I get an eight again I’m doomed. – Okay I’ll do
– Eight and one. – I hate using my one, but. – Okay, I’m gonna clarify Mom’s gonna win. – No
– Mom’s gonna win? – I don’t think so, I still
have a couple high numbers. – Yeah, but you’re still gonna win. – Seven, you can use your four and three. – Seven.
– You are lucky. – I am so doomed. – [Jordan] Guys, their
numbers are dwindling. – Four, three, one.
– Oh. – Guys, I have my high numbers! – [Jordan] Yeah, Jake has
the high numbers left, so it’s not lookin’ too good for him. Look at what you’re doing. – [Mom] Oh, Jake’s out! Jake got out! – Dad, you gotta lose this next round. – You got 21.
– 21, I have less than that. – Eight, oh, so close. – No! He just beat me! – [Jordan] Looks like you’re gonna be having to do the dare, oooo! Let’s see who the winner is, though. – So, I’m at 12.
– Did David win? Let’s see how many points David gets. – Nine, I won! (family cheers and groans) I won, yeah! – Jake gets the dare. – Okay, here it is. Oh, this one’s a good one. (laughing) Alright, you have to pretend to do your best magician trick and perform a disappearing trick
to the person on your left. (Jordan gasps) – That’s Katie, what, oh that’s me! I’m out! – [Jordan] I thought it was Katie too! Looking through the camera it
looks like it would be Katie. – [Katie] What do you mean,
he has to make you disappear? – He has to make me disappear, ready? So let’s do this. – [Jordan] Alright, are you ready for the magician act? Let’s see this. Jake is actually a good magician. He has some skills actually, so. But he’s never practiced
a disappearing act, so we’re gonna see what happens. Ready Jake? – Yep. A-la-kazam, magical! Whoa, it worked! – Guys, it worked, I’m the winner! I’m the only one left in the game! I don’t even have to battle
David, I’m the last one! – [Jordan Wait, where
did David go? Jake, Jake! – Where did you make him disappear to? – Don’t know. A-la-kazam, bring back-o! – Whoa! – Where were you?
– I don’t know where I was at. That was crazy! – That was crazy.
– So who won? – I did, you disappeared,
you forfeited the game. – Awww.
– I am the winner. – Good job. – Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share and… – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure. We’ll see you next time! – [All] Bye! (fanfare music)

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