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Full Body Workout at Home : Waist Area Exercises for Home Workout

Okay, so now I’m going to show you a few exercises
that you can do that are just specifically for the waist area. So, you’re going to come
down, foot is on the knee, you’re going to place your hands behind your head and you’re
going to exhale and then just bring your elbows to your knee. It’s pretty simple, but it’s
a good way to kind of seg way into the more difficult exercises that I’m going to do here.
So, what you want to be careful of here is I get a lot of this. You want to keep your
chin lifted and your body open. So you’re just kind of going towards the knee, but you
don’t necessarily have to hit it every single time. Now to make it a little tougher, take
that leg off the floor, same thing and lift, inhale, exhale and again, the slower you do
these, the better off you are. If you speed it up, you’re going to get half as much out
of it. And for your last exercise here when you’re nice and warmed up in your waist, I
want you to hold that elbow to the knee. Keep it right there, extend that opposite leg,
point the toes, that leg comes up and down. Right about 6 inches from the floor, all the
way up, all the way down keeping that elbow as close to the knee as you can. If you can’t
touch the knee, that’s okay. All you want to do is make sure it’s up there and that
your chin is still lifted and you should feel that in your waist. I would do about 10 reps
for the first one, 10 of the second one, 10 of the third. So that makes 30 on one side
and then do the same thing on the other side.

Reader Comments

  1. u tried this for how long?? just doing this exercise can give you smaller waistline?? if it works, im gonna try this everyday.

  2. yes i tried this to, and my waist is much more visible and smaller to my hips it really does work and i didnt even do it for too long or try to do it properly or daily just whenever i remembered!

  3. omg! it helps?! really?! cool…but ouch! The first part is ok, but then the keeping the legs off the ground and up n down is painful! She's making it look way more easier than it is! lol Its what we do occasionally in my karate class for the abs…and hell, if u can't get used to it, you die. lol Still gonna try n do it everyday once i get my lipo-femme! ^o^

  4. I've started doing it this week (: So anyway, I just wanna know how long does it usually takes? And am I supposed to do it everyday?

  5. is this the exercise to have a beautiful waist? waist is small..i hate it..i want to have a nice and beautiful me pls!

  6. This is one of my favorite ab exercises, thanks for sharing some proper technique.

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  7. I'd like to see the neck pain get addressed. That last move strains your neck, and I'm wondering if those of us complaining of neck discomfort are moving incorrectly

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  9. @TheWistfulthinker – it's important not to pull on the head while performing. You can easily strain your neck doing this. Like we mentioned in our last post – check us out at The AbStand, it works while you stand which puts less stress on the neck.

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