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Full Body Workout at Home : One Legged Squat for Home Workout

Alright, so now I’m going to teach you some
exercises, some more exercises you can do on just one leg. First one is going to be
a one legged squat. Now, I find it much easier to do this if you have something to sit on.
So I’m using a stool right here, I’m going to show you from both angles. Again, you don’t
want to go too low. So keeping one leg up which is again is going to incorporate the
abdominals. You’re very gently and slowly going to come down and then come right back
up again. So you don’t want to, what I have a lot of clients do is they plop down and
come up. You want to come down very gently, very slowly and come up the same way. If you
notice I keep my hands up here, because that kinds of incorporates my abdominals a little
bit more because again, what people tend to do is they tend to use their leg and their
hands to push off their legs to come up. So that’s what I don’t want you to do. I want
you to keep your hands up and you’re really using your quadriceps and your glutes. Now,
second you want you work from the hamstrings and a little bit on the lower back and this
is a really great exercise to do with no weights because then there’s no problem hurting your

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