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FS19 CRATER LAKE Map Tour farming simulator 19 ps4

hello and welcome to crater lake map for
farming simulator 19 i’m ukgamer808 and i’ll be taking you on this first
look map tour of crater lake which was made by catalyser gaming it was also
made Rogue River Oasis Springs and Wilhemina forest so this is a forestry
map but we do have farming available on it so let’s go over and look at the map
overview and you can see there’s the crater lake right in the middle and then
we’ve got all our farm area well not farm area our south points down this way
and then we’ve got the road which runs right the way around the edge with which
we’ve got these little areas where we can start clearing trees and go right
the way around to the other side now we currently own a zoo mate that’s what you
currently own you so you do own the roads so if you want to do a bit snow
plowing you can do and this is all the area you own at the moment which
includes biogas which is only forty four thousand five hundred and two they the
rest of the land is pretty cheap anyways hundred and seventy eight days and for
that one and then we work into these other forestry errors in there hundred
twenty one hundred twenty-eight hundred and eighteen so you know not too much
money at all you can’t buy them the lake but it seems like you can buy pretty
much everything else now this area here is just water at the moment but you can
I’ve added a few extra bits so modification is allowed we can’t do it
there’s no issues with it overall you know some of us to two hundred and
sixteen 267,000 so not huge amounts of money but a hell of a lot of wood now go
to the sell points and we have a barn biogas we surpris a biogas is average is
360 on the silage and then 180 on the manure and sand slurry and then we’ve
got the central grain elevator which prices aren’t too bad for that we’ve got
soybeans at the moment 1379 then I’ve added a th green volts
salinization as well so you can place one of those or as many as you want on
here and then we have the sawmill which is doing the wood chips at 115 and the
spinner II so we do have places to sell but not loads places so let’s start off
we’re at the farm ace which lets get them up on there so you can see we’re
down at the bottom just there and you come up this little track and we come to
this farm ace which we’ve seen these before
these are great farmers but we’re not tired so we sleeping in there and then
head all the way back down the track and see we are up a little bit of a higher
elevation where the farm ace is situated and we come down this track down to the
animal dealer which is just here so click on that there there’s a few other
areas over that would go round this way though and get those on the return back you can see all these areas plenty of
trees in the middle but there’s a lot you can clear right and this is all
pretty pretty flat this area so we come into the biogas plant which we’ve got
two large soy lobe bunkers just over there and then the drop-off it looks
like we’ve got our load into this one as I haven’t checked it let me know if
you’ve if you can drop on the floor because I haven’t tried that night and
then our slurry Dodger state point is just there and we also have a lime
station just over here the same thing again you can clear out
all these trees and it quite a big open area and then we head up this way and we have
the central grain elevator which our drop-off for that is into there and then
the road carries on round and you see there’s a loads loads you can do a hell
of a lot with this area you can see it’s all pretty flat as soon as these trees
are taking out there’s a do a lot because there is no actual farmyard as
such on this map we’ve just got the house and then I see a lot so we had our
way down that way and there’s the animal dealer just on the right and then we
head down to the barn at drop-off point which is this building just here and
then we had on round to the spinner area so all these sell points quite condensed
they’re all in the one location so the spinner II drop off just there and just
so you get your bearings that’s where the work get out the trees as the animal
dealer there and that’s the little lane just over there over where the farmer
says so we head on down this way now and this takes us down towards the shop area
and this map is not flat at all it does on the way round it does rise up in
elevation so we come down to the sawmill and we got a large gantry train here it
has to drop off for your wood chips and then we come right into the back and
we’ve got a couple of different Chevron markers for dropping off for your would
start off in game with the man which that’s a nice bit of kit although you
don’t want to take it off-road it doesn’t like it off-road and then we got
the sample as well so there they are in the garage at the moment the slot came
on that was 441 I’ve added a few others but you you get the Sampo the man
the lizard pick up a chainsaw or did I buy that I can’t remember actually I’ve
added that and then the farm ace that’s all you get with that so if we delete
all the slots right we have two hundred and fifteen out of the twelve hundred
and ninety nine slots came which is a very very low can’t beat that we can do
a lot of modification on this map so you can’t just start making money we own
enough land where you can start chopping all these trees down around here anyway
so we have got the gantry train just here which this is all working no issues
with it I just wish that would swivel the opposite way but they never do so
that’s the drop off for your selling at would and then we come over and we have
our fuel station which is just our there and you see it’s quite a big open area
where I put the grain edge so low the selling station over there and then
we’ve got our shop which is a small little shop here and the workshop
trigger is running about Park in that area
jump out there’s a trigger for it just there and there’s a boy point and the cash
poignant but quite a big area I just wish that wasn’t in the middle there it
would be nicer if that was tucked away I suppose you I’ve got that area there
and you can expand on all this now going over this way we have the Little Bay
Area onion see I’ve been ain’t messin around where you can add you can reclaim
this bit of land if you want to I haven’t found any issues really just
with the other water area on the left-hand side you couldn’t really do a
lot with but most of the terrain everywhere else you can do stuff with
even with trees there it stills let you use the landscaper which most maps that
doesn’t happen let’s close that door wrong way there go so yeah we’ve got
this little lot everywhere here with our little crane quite a big crane and our
beach area but looking out over that way you can
see we’ve got quite a few higher bits of land it’s not flat at all whatsoever
right so we drive on rained now which you go up this way and I just put a
little map on and then we can head into the woodland and that there is a hell of
a lot of trees but a lot of money I love a lot of money to be made and I’ve got
the border markers as well with the red and the yellow and then we head down
this way where this one comes back on itself you can see the Train we’re going
up a little bit in elevation and then down again to a nice flat area nice
starting point that one especially where you are there you can clear out
everything quite close to the sawmill but we have got sawmill place balls
anyway so you don’t need to be anyway I have the fur now I do like getting
getting the rigs back to the sawmill especially if you’ve got a large load
all right so back out onto the main road and we’ll head up head up this way and some of these rows
there they’re awesome nice bit of terrain up and down on it going down the
hill again pretty cool no it’s knowing the clock just got nine o’clock in the
morning and the lighting on his mouth no issues whatsoever pretty cool see we got
LMC LMC and FC Griffin ready to go there now I’ll tell you what let’s scroll over
to crater lake itself which I have got a man there and it would be the last one
wouldn’t it and there you see we’re in the middle
now there is the crater itself which huge amount of trees now all of this you
can change the lander is I was surprised you could do it with trees that most of
the time it wouldn’t know it if you’ve got trees and see I did a little bit
over it I just been messing around and got this
man in here the newer truck this is awesome there’s got any no issues
whatsoever so that is the crater there let’s go back all right and the road gets a bit tight
rain here you see how how bright it is where with all these trees some of these
maps they’re really dark but not on this one pretty cool
top job why those doors keep opening up I’ve sold one of the logs and we were
getting 6300 so not too bad on prices pretty good money we are on normal
settings at the moment so it probably go up too if you put it on easy Polly p20
are under a tree and see there’s quite a few areas or dotted around there’s those
boundary markers another nice area but overall looks fantastic I’m gonna do
one of these logging Maps because what I’d like to do is come in start clearing
area and doing some didn’t some farming the only downside is you’re not gonna be
able to use workers because there is no fields already currently set up on it no
missions or anything because there is no fields can’t put missions on the fields
what don’t exist let’s see how bright it is is 20 to 10 now and awesome up well
I’m gonna give this a go with the plow in I think with the new man and put it
on seasons there’ll be a whole different game I cannot earn that again if I tried yeah when I saw these it is like well
what the hell are they but it is for the boundary markers for the different plots
of laminate right well that’s a lot thought Crater Lake to map well crazy
late mapped all it is a nice little map I haven’t had any problems with any
modification on it it hasn’t been any issues whatsoever I’ve said you can put
the grain through the trees is pretty cool
can’t beat up I hope you’ve enjoyed crater lake map tour and if you did always
appreciate you smash that like button for me and if you are new to the channel
or why not go and check out one of my hundreds of other farming simulator
videos I’ve got a few more videos and then catch up on today so keep your eye
out for them they’ll be out later on things are watching and I will see you
next time

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