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I wear make-up a lot when I am playing, for shows but I don’t wear make-up everyday. There is something really soft and poetic about the show this morning. Yeah, it was beautiful. Lucia’s make-up was soft and gentle as well. Yeah and it was subtle. I try to do like they did this morning. It’s so easy with the pencil. Yeah it’s really smooth. I think I’m going to try kind of like the same shade for lipstick. So now I’m going to use the same pencil but darker. I never dare to do this kind of things, you know. Just blend. It’s like pink and brown. Yeah. It makes a “clair-obscur”. You really look similar to what Lucia did this morning. While you blend for hours, I’m going to do my lips. Then she adds this. Perfect, beautiful. Just a little bit of light.

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  1. Does anyone have information about the Chanel brushes going out of stock and disappearing from the website ? Are they discontinued ?

  2. Hello saudações 🇧🇷 Bom dia! uma super abençoada semana 🙏 para você e familiares 🌹
    Obrigada por mais um ótimo vídeo 👍🔔

  3. awful collection almost everyone is passing on it. ANd when she has a new collection it's the old collection…she puts out the same colors over and over and from years back. Get someone who has some imagination.

  4. I like the softness for Spring but not the under eye application. It looks as though the liner has drooped and muddies the look too much. In the show the models looked as though they needed their under eye area "cleaned up". I wonder if a more vibrant lip would be better

  5. Hello,
    It looks like the eye shadow pencil is kind of hard… don't know for sure, just my appreciation.

  6. I swear it makes me so mad when she doesn't go "Ok my turn. Same but different". Uhg like girl just give us what we want!

  7. Not my favorite look on Vittoria. The wide band of mauve under the eye just made the girls look tired. Almost like a dark circle. I did like the way Caroline and the model did their own version. Much more wearable.

  8. I like the retro vibe of the makeup done with a modern twist. No heavy eyelashes or mega watt highlighter. A very sensual look underneath the bottom lashes. 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤

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