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Free PS4/PS3/Vita PlayStation Plus Games For January 2019 Out Now

It’s a new year, and that means a new lineup
of free games to start things off right. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber and
wanna know what’s available, I’ve got you covered. Here’s the January lineup. First up on PS4 is Steep, a sports game that’ll
be just perfect for winter. Steep drops you onto a mountain range and
gives you the freedom to take on skiing, snowboarding, wingsuit, and paragliding challenges. You can pull off sweet tricks and discover
hidden spots all across the Alps. Second, PS4 is getting Portal Knights–and
I won’t blame you if you did a double-take thinking this was Minecraft footage. Portal Knights is all about crafting and building
in a giant sandbox world, but it’s also an RPG, letting you level up and fight monsters. The first free PS3 game is actually two in
one: Zone of the Enders HD Collection includes both mainline ZOE games: Zone of the Enders
and The 2nd Runner. You can check out both mech games from the
mind of Hideo Kojima, a name you probably know from the Metal Gear series. PS3 owners can keep the action going
with Amplitude. This rhythm game also puts you in a spaceship,
but you’ll have to hop across different tracks and shoot gems in time with the music. You’ll probably hear a few familiar tunes
as you fly and shoot–and you can also blast away on PS4 thanks to cross-buy. Speaking of blasting, the Vita’s first free
game, Super Mutant Alien Assault, is part platformer, part shooter. Each level is just one screen, but you’ll
have to leap around a random combination of evil aliens and tricky platforms to clear
them all. Finally, the Vita is also getting Fallen Legion:
Flames of Rebellion. Your goal is take back your land from an evil
empire, and that involves fighting through big RPG battles and mastering the game’s
combo system. Thanks to cross-buy, you can master it on
PS4 as well. And those are your free PS Plus games for
January; they’re available right now, but only until February 4th. Remember that you can always check out gameplay
clips and reviews for these titles on GameSpot, and be sure to stick with us as we report
on the new PS Plus games every month.

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