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Fraud Gold Medalist Astrologer Sadhu Exposed in India – चीटर ज्योतिष बाबा

Listen my story a true experience with babaji here he is an astrologer. I want to check his reality so i called him Ask him I want to go to overseas country if you know me me well I am. I have left India before many years and don’t need any visas. I asked Babaji- I would like to fgo to foreign help me to get visa, baba said No problem, Where are you, I said in Amedabad Baba asked me to come over I asked if he can help me on phone to fix my problem. He agreed and Ask me to send me my pic photo of my palm. and He looked and told i have many problem with shany Asked me to pay 5000 because he have to do Havan at CHANOD I agreed to send him money and he said i have problem with parent – there are many people who blame for the parents for everything it is big club – BLAME MY PARENTS CLUB What a statement. when you are an adult you are responsible for your success no one else everyone is responsible for their own success, Keep a tunnel vision break friendship with all negative peoples. Now let’s continue with our stories I told him I have no money get me job and I can pay I asked him for free solution. so he gave me a MANTRA to write in book nonstop Now it was time for me to come back to canada to I called him and said your Mantra worked I got the Visa. I told him how great he is he wanted to take my number and put in his advertisement. I told him I am going to oversea dont have number, then I came to canada and called bavaji from here He asked me If I can help his son get the visa. I said Great bavaji you are the god you don’t need help . asl your son to write the same mantra in the Book I have done exactly the same mantra as you asked and it worked. you must ask your son to do the same thing It was so comic..couldn’t say a word…lol.. After 2 month I called again to see his son got the visa – he was annoyed and said that i am not helpful I gave him confidence and said that his Mantra worked 100 % his son mst write 2-3 books of mantra and he will get the visa babaji finally realised I am making a joke of him ..I was thinking ot make this video for long long time Sorry for not making videos I had two major surgery and can’t hear properly in my ears. I am not making this video for money this is for social awareness. don’t believe in this babas they are cheater. Lets promise to keep our mother , sister and family are against this fraud gurus. believe in god and no one else Only pray god no living person can be god be kind and helpful to other I have a job for you you should show this video to 5 person and educate them please please help me to make better India Don’t let anyone exploit you awareness is very important in india I need help from you to get rid of this blind faith and women exploitation from india Let’s make a decision to bann all this baba and share video on facebook and whats ap to spread awareness Unfortunately many educated people fall for this baba and they take advantage of innocent people Thank you for taking time and watching this video almost in all indian toilet this Baba advertisement is there unfortunately this illiterate people making a fool of intelligent people I am not making this video to brag or boast i wan t help everyone by being alert against this cheater babas they are very smart use god photo in the advertisement and promise you to help with job and depression .. Not only in india there are many people in foreign also believe in this baba lol I am know a women was calling baba to help her husband to stop alcohol. baba him helo was alcoholic. you all have to promise me to help our mother sister to be safe against this cheater baba – Thank you

Reader Comments

  1. Astrologers? Frauds are giving themselves this name. They charge you money and give you some crap.
    There is nothing like Astrology. It is all fake!
    Beware of cheats. These thugs can't do anything meaningful, productive in life. They just know how to fool and make money.
    I have been a victim myself so I would like to warn others who can fall prey.
    Please trust God, not Godmen

  2. Fake babas ko nanga kiya Aapne bhyya..fir apne desh vasiyon unke changul me fass jaate hai ,isliye ye baba logo ka mast business chalta hai, logo ko ullu bana ke unlimited paisa kamate hai uska koyi

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