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Found Mini Jake Paul in Super Rare Tesla Hot Wheels Car!!

– Oh, wait, hold on, Grace, I see someone. – What?
– Wait Who is that? I see someone.
– Who’s that? Oh, hey, Sharers, what’s goin’
on? Welcome back to the vlog. Welcome back to another super awesome day. We’re out here in LA, and today’s the day we are
going to the Hot Wheels event. So, Grace. Oh, good morning, what’s goin’ on?
– Hey, Steve, I’m ready to go! – All right, you ready? – Yeah.
– All right, let’s hop in. I think the Uber’s here, let’s
check the security cameras. Uh-huh, Uber is right there,
(dings) so let’s hop in the car,
and let’s get goin’. – Okay, let’s go!
– All right, we’re off to the Hot Wheels event. – Oh yeah!
(mumbling) Hot Wheels, here we come! Let’s go, Grace, come on. – Oh, yeah! – So, Sharers, if you follow
me or Grace on Instagram, you know that we’re going to be at the Westfield Century City Mall in LA. This is Hot Wheels’ brand new product. It’s called Hot Wheels ID, and they have a complete booth set up, with real-life Hot Wheels cars. They’re actual, like,
real cars you can ride in. They’re so cool, I know
that’s gonna be there, as well as some new products, some new Hot Wheels cars to play with, and a bunch of cool stuff. So I’m excited, Grace. – Yeah, I’m super excited
– Let’s get goin’. Sharers, if you haven’t
already, follow us on Instagram ’cause we post the coolest stuff. (whirling) – All right, and we are here, Sharers, we are at the mall.
Grace come on, let’s go! – Let’s do it!
– All right, we gotta get to Hot Wheels,
it’s right up these stairs, and there should be a big, big, big event. Yeah, let’s go this way, Grace, come on. Oh, wait, Sharers, it’s
right up here, check it out. You can see part of the Hot
Wheels thing right there. You see, Grace?
– Ooh, yeah, I see the bright orange! – Ooh, this looks so cool! All right, this set is
really, really, really big. We gotta find the entrance,
I think it’s up here, so this way. Oh, they even have real
life Hot Wheels cars, right here, this is what
I’m talking about, Sharers. This is the starting entrance to the Hot Wheels Scavenger Hunt. But in order for us to get in, first we have to go to the Apple Store to pick up a super exclusive product. So the reason we had to
go inside this Apple Store is because they’re selling an exclusive Hot Wheels ID product that we need to get in order
to get entry into the event. And inside, we can grab
a bunch of track pieces, as well as new Hot Wheels cars, and a bunch of stuff. So let’s go in the Apple Store,
and let’s find the product. It’s over here on the back
table. Grace, you see it? – Oh, yeah, I see it over there. – Okay, go this way. This is what I’m talking
about, Sharers, check it out, they have the Hot Wheels
ID at the Apple Store. Look at this. They have this (mumbles) They have the whole Loop course here. – Hey, Sharers, before we
get into the scavenger hunt, we need to pick our own cars. – So we got a couple
– Which one are you gonna pick to choose from, we have
have the Motosaurus. – We have the Aston Martin. – The howlin’ heat of Viper GTS, the Shark Hammer 2.0 – Ooh! – Let’s see, if I had
to pick one of these, I’m probably gonna pick… Ooh, Sharers, comment down below
which one you like the best out of all these. I’m gonna pick the Sharkhammer 2.0, this is gonna be my car for the day. – I think this one, the dinosaur.
(dramatic bang) – Ohh. The Motosaurus. Let’s grab these two Hot Wheels cars, we should be good to go. – Yeah, let’s get back
to the scavenger hunt! – Let’s go to the scavenger
hunt, this way, come on. Oh, yeah! – Oh, yeah!
– Check this thing out. Look how good it looks. And it’s got the chip on the bottom, so that means we can
scan it in to the app. – Oh, check this one out, the Motorsaurus! Look at that! That is awesome, Grace. All right, I’m gonna
open the app real quick. – Kay.
– So I can scan it in. Check this out, Sharers, all you gotta do, is press the scanny thing, and then you hold your car up to the back, and the car scans in just like that. Got my Shark Hammer all
scanned in, ready to go! – Okay, lemme scan in my car! (beeps)
Go like that, right there. Ooh, there it is, all scanned in. – Sweet. Okay, Sharers, now we’re gonna go to the Tesla Store, because they have a top
secret Tesla Hot Wheels car that’s about to come out. So if we go this way, we’ll go to the Tesla dealer real quick, you gotta check this out. I think it’s a new Tesla Roadster. – And it’s the life-size one. – Is it?
– Yes, it’s the life-size of the Hot Wheels one.
– Oh, sweet, let’s go, quick! To the Tesla Store! So, right behind us is the Tesla dealer, and inside, one of these Teslas is going to made into a
real-life Hot Wheels car. But the question is, which Tesla model? Will it be the one Vy Qwaint drives, Or will it be like the Model S, or even maybe the Tesla Roadster. – Yeah
– That is the question. Let’s go inside, and let’s figure out which one’s being made into a Hot Wheels. Let’s go, Grace.
– Let’s go! – So this one is the Model 3. Oh, wait, hold on,
(dings) It looks like they’re building
one right behind here. Check this one out.
(dramatic bang) That looks like the
one that they’re making into the Hot Wheels. Oh yeah. Check it out, it’s the frame of the Tesla. Grace, this could be it. – Yeah, I think this might be it! – Look at this. This is like the suspension right here. Whoa. All right. This looks like they’re actually making it into a Hot Wheels. It looks like the base
of the Hot Wheels car. This could be it. – Yeah.
– Let’s find out what model this one is. Sharers, comment down
below if you can tell what model Tesla this would be. I’m thinking this is probably the Model X. ‘Cause it looks like the same height. And because these things
are so high off the ground. Which Tesla do you think it is? – I don’t know, it kinda looks like it it
might be like a monster truck, ’cause it’s so high. – Actually, let’s go check out the Model X and see if it compares. I think it is. Let’s hop in this Model
X, let’s check it out. Ooh. Look at this, Grace,
white interior. Come in. Look at this.
– Oh, this is so cool. – This is the same Tesla
that Chad and Vy have. Look at this, and you can see
the doors are right above us. – [Grace] Yeah. – That is definitely the
coolest part about this car. We could definitely rock this. – Yeah, it’s like a spaceship. – Oh, wait a second. Look at this Tesla over here,
look at that one down there. (dramatic bang)
– [Grace] Oh. Look at that one.
– That red one. It’s on top of an orange
track, that might be the Hot Wheels car.
– Ooh it’s on top of a Hot Wheels track,
that must be it, Stephen. – Let’s check this one out. Sharers, this could be
the new Tesla Hot Wheels. Check it out, the P100D Model S. Oh, and sure enough. Check it out. – Oh yeah.
– “Think you can handle ludicrous speed? Now you can prove it.” Oh, yeah.
– And look! That’s what it’ll look
like as a Hot Wheels. – Oh yeah. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. So, Sharers, this is a
very exclusive model. Let’s go check this out. Let’s give a little tour of
the Tesla Model S, P100D, that’s going to be made
into a Hot Wheels car. First off, there’s obviously no engine, it’s all-electric car. So this is just trunk in
the front, right here. You got a nice little Tesla bag in here. And then inside is where
the power really is. So the handle pops out, check it out, we open it up and whoa! – Whoa!
This is what I’m talking about. Look at this. White interior. Oh, yeah. Check this thing out, Sharers. This is going to be the new
Hot Wheels car from Tesla. Whoa. Look at this thing. Grace, hop in on the other side! (sci-fi whooshing) – Oh, yeah, I like this. – This is what I’m talking about, P100D. Look at this, like, giant iPad
touchscreen on this thing. But the question is, Sharers, is this Tesla cool enough to subscribe to my YouTube channel? Let’s see, YouTube
– Ooh. dot com, slash Stephen Sharer. All right, it’s loading. Let’s see. Oh, yeah, check it out, this
Tesla is even subscribed to me on YouTube. So, Sharers, if
you haven’t already subscribed, make sure to hit that subscribe button and join the best family
on YouTube, the Sharer Fam. – That’s right, Sharers,
hit that subscribe button! – And now that we know what the Hot Wheels Tesla car looks like, let’s head in to the Hot
Wheels Obstacle Course, so we can put our cars
to the test. Oh, wait, hold on Grace, I see someone.
(adventure string music) – What?
– Wait. Who is that?
(dramatic strings) – Who’s that?
– I see someone! Quick, Sharers, come on,
we don’t wanna lose ’em! There they are, there they are! – There they are!
– Oh, yeah, check it out, it’s Tydus’ family.
– Hey! What’s up, guys?
– (laughing) What’s up? – Oh, yeah, what’s going on?
– Nice to see you! – Good to see you! How are ya?
– What’s up? – What’s goin’ on? – How are you?
– Good. Sharers, look who surprised us, Tydus and his whole family!
– Hi! – Oh, yeah.
– Say hi, (murmurs) – You guys ready ready to have some fun at the Hot Wheels event today? Yeah? – I see you have a Hot Wheels car, I have one too!
– Oh. – We can race together!
– So, Sharers, we all now have Hot Wheels cars. – What kind of car is this? Oh, Sharers, check out
Tydus’, look at that. It looks so cool! Oh, yeah,
– Yeah! that’s what I’m talking about. We’re gonna have so
much fun today, Sharers, make sure to smash the Like button, this is gonna be so epic! And, Sharers, now Tydus and I are gonna go up on the Hot Wheels stage right now,
(dramatic bang) and we’re going to race each other to see who can get the
fastest Hot Wheels car to go around two loop de loops, and the Drag Strip, straight. That is going to be the question, so comment right now, #Stephen if you think I’m gonna win, or comment #Tydus if you
think he’s gonna win. Are you snacking right now? Tydus is snacking! Look at all that, he’s got
so much candy in his mouth! Oh yeah! You ready to do this?
(clapping) All right. Pick a Hot Wheels car. Ooh, (gasps) that looks so cool. And, push your car through now! (whooshing)
(clinks) Woo!
(dings) Oh, yeah! 150 miles an hour, that’s what I’m talking about! So, Sharers, Tydus just went, he got 150 miles an hour
(engine revving) for his first run. He’s gonna go for a second time, let’s see how fast he can go this time. And, push it through!
(whooshing) Now!
(clicking) Here we go. Oh!
(dings) 109 miles an hour! All right, not bad. All right, so Tydus got 150
miles an hour as his top speed. Right now, Tydus is in the lead. The question is, can I beat him? Can my Hot Wheels car go by faster? Or will I be slower? That is the question. I’m up next. Let’s try it out. This is my Hot Wheels car. Will this be faster than 150
miles an hour? Let’s find out. Here we go, launching in three, two, one, and go.
(dings) (mumbles)
136. All right, that was fast, but not fast enough. Tydus got 150. But I got one more try. Let’s do this. (whooshing) And, launching in three, two, one
(beeping) Nope. Oh, no.
(loser game music) I wiped out, Sharers. Tydus beat me, he got a faster top speed! – That’s why, Sharers, I’m the winner!
(winner music) – He is the winner! (screams) Check this out, right
at the entrance, is this awesome Hot Wheels car.
(dramatic bang) Real-life-size Hot Wheels car. It’s Star Wars edition. It’s abandoned right now,
’cause no one’s in it, but look how cool that is. That means there’s even more
life-size Hot Wheels inside. And that’s the entrance right there, so we’re about to go in.
(dramatic bang) We got our cars, so we can enter now. Grace, you ready?
– Oh, I’m so ready! – Okay, let’s go in this
way, come on, Sharers. – And the entrance is even
like a loop de loop piece, look how cool that is! – All right, let’s go inside, come on! Oh, yeah! – Whoa. – This is what I’m talking about. Check it out, they got
the Twin Mill right here, a real life-size Hot Wheel car. Look how epic this thing is. It’s actually real, you can
actually ride inside of it. If you come over here, I’ll
show you where you’d sit. These are the two engines right here, that’s why they call it a Twin Mill, ’cause it’s got two engines, AKA a twin. And then right here, you can actually sit inside this thing, and the way this thing
works, is I’ve seen it, this part actually lifts up like this, and you climb in, like this way, and you sit in here. Look how small it is. Check this out. You can barely see in.
– Whoa! – But if you look closely, you
can actually fit inside here. Your head goes about right here, and the steering wheel’s right
there, so it’s super small, and it’s super tight fit, but hey. It’s a Hot Wheels car, it’s
not made to be practical, it’s just made to look
really, really cool. Ooh, wait, Sharers, I think I see another real
life-size Hot Wheels over there! – Oh, yeah, there is one
over here, come this way. Oh, this one’s might be even cooler, it’s more of an off-road one. Check this one out,
it’s like a dune buggy. It’s kind of like my
brother, Carter Sharer’s. Look at this thing, it looks so cool! – [Grace] Whoa! – Oh, it looks like it’s called… It’s a 2012 Rip Rod. Look at this thing, that’s the Hot Wheels
version of it right there. And then the real-life version is this. Look at this thing. Whoa.
– This is so cool! It has the flame, too! – It’s got a real engine and everything. This actually works. Look at this, come check out the engine. – [Grace] Whoa. – Look at that.
– Look at that! – [Stephen] Looks
amazing. And then in here, this is where you sit. Look at how tight that seat is. – It looks like a race car.
– It’s like a race car seat. You’re really strapped in with that thing. But I bet you, this thing
is really good off-roading. – Yeah. – I mean, Sharers, this car is so epic, I got to sit inside this
thing. See how you even get in. I have no idea, there’s
no door, anything, so. Don’t try this at home,
but I’m gonna jump in. Here we go: three, two, one.
(whips) – Whoa! Whoa!
(clashing piano keys) – Oh, boy.
– Bring it in. Woo. I’m in, and this is how you go in. Oh my goodness, check this out, it’s a super tight squeeze.
– Do you even fit? – Whoa.
– Whoa. – I’m in, Sharers! – Whoa, that’s so cool!
– I’m in this Hot Wheels car! – Imagine driving this thing. – Whoa!
– Whoa! – You can barely see out. This is awesome! Take a look at this,
this is me inside here. It’s such a tight squeeze. (gasps) Look at this. You get like the starter switch, ignition, fuel.
(beeping) Steering wheel, there’s a wire for the steering wheel? That’s weird. – Wait, are there pedals?
How do you drive it? – [Stephen] Yeah,
there’s pedals down here. There’s a gas pedal there,
(engine roaring) break pedal,
(tires squeaking) clutch pedal there.
(engine revving) Well, there’s a lot of
stuff going on here. Then there’s like a lever thing here, wires here, I don’t know what
those go to. Oh, look at this! Alarm, something, something, fire? – Whoa.
– Whoa. – Don’t press that. – Yeah, I don’t know what that does. This is so cool! Sharers, comment down below if this is your favorite Hot Wheels car. I could not imagine
driving this on the road, it would be absolutely crazy. (whipping) All right, let’s go see what
other Hot Wheels cars are here. Oh, yeah! The question is, whose car is faster? Mine, or Grace’s?
– Or mine! So comment right now, #Stephen.
– Or #Grace. – And let’s find out whose car is faster. Let’s go to the starting
line down here, Grace. We’ll put our cars on
the starter, right here. – Okay, I’ll go on the right side. – Here we go, we’re gonna pump it. – Kay.
– Pump it nice ‘n big. – Kay. – And on the count of three, we’re gonna push our cars through, you ready?
– Oh, yeah! – In three,
– Two! – One! – Go! (screams)
(dings) (rattling)
(slow-motion screaming) Oh, yeah! First place on that one. – Wait, wait, hold up, we’re
gonna do best out of three. So let’s do another round,
take it back to the top. – Kay, to make this fair,
Grace, switch sides, that way we each get to use the track. Here we go, ready? – Yep. – Pumping!
– Pump! – And launching in… – Three, two, one, go!
(pumping) (dings) (rattling)
(slow-motion screaming) – I still won that, Sharers. Oh, yeah! That’s right, I might have
lost against Tydus today, but I won against my sister, Grace. And today was totally
epic, so let’s head back to the vacation house rental, and see what we have in
store for tomorrow’s vlog. So if you haven’t already, hit that subscribe button.
(clicking) And, until tomorrow, you know
what to do! Stay awesome, – and share the love, peace. Woo!

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