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FORTNITE BATTLE ROYAL IN REAL LIFE 21 SAVAGE PEOPLE WHO PLAY FUNNEST GAME EVER *Getting sucked into the game* Let’s get some bricks for building! Brandon, the Storms coming run! *Storm Noises* Intro Hey guys welcome back to SYD G fortnite battle royal in real life VIDEOS You may HAVE SEEN MY OTHER VIDEOS That’s right and we heard your comments and we know you want a Fortnite in real life video! So this is it! We’ve got Alana. She’s gonna play some Battle Royale Dylan’s playing Battle Royale right now. What are you in a tree? Yeah? Check out his skin look at his skin, it’s sick Which skin is that? Watch this ready? *Reanimation* That is so cool! Jaggers playing some Battle Royale but Roblox Fortnite Look it, imma shoot – He has a rocket launcher, boom! Nice! So what we did is we made some of the inventory on Fortnite! That’s right we have This small shield potion. We have the large shield potion right here Chug jug, here. Slurp juice And we have Bandages! That’s right bandages, and we heard if you try these If you drink these you can get sucked into the game If someone’s playing Fortnite nearby and you drink these you go in the game Do you think It’s really true? We’re gonna try it out, right guys? Imma try the shield potion! Everyone ready? Dylan, are you ready? Mhmm Yeah! Let’s drink ours. Okay let’s go Ok here goes! *Sucked into the game* Oh my gosh! We’re in the game! Dylan, Jagger look around! We’re in the game lobby! This is insane guys! We’re really in the game! I can’t believe this! We’re actually in a game! Ooh! Someone just clicked ready! Oh boy! Someone just clicked ready! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it- I’m disappearing-oh my gosh I’m dissolving- Oh! Here we go! Alright guys the bus is coming! There’s the bus let’s go get on it! Alright, yeah! Let’s get on the bus guys! Run! Brandon, run! Hurry, daddy hurry! Guys, wait for me I’m coming! Oh God! I don’t want to miss the bus! Oh my God, Dad! Your gonna miss the bus! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH My gosh you guys, I can’t believe I made it that was so close Wow, we’re so high up! We’re in a flying school bus! Jagger, where should we jump? Alana, where do you want to bail at? We’ve gotta get to some place good where we can get some gear and some power ups! (Mario?) Jagger let’s get ready to jump! 1, 2, 3, JUMP! *Bus Horn* Geronimo!! Ahhhhhhhhh Alana go go go go go Let’s go for the playground! Alright, I’ll follow you let’s go! Ahhhhhhhhh This is so fun! Let’s land in that clearing! Yes gear towards the tree! Sweet roll The kids went to the clearing! Let’s go behind that house to the playground! All right here we go follow me Woah! What a landing I saw mom and dad land behind that house over there! True! Let’s search the area and get some loot! K Let’s get some bricks for building! My turn to hit it! Guys you just broke down my wall! I’m calling the police! Alana! Let’s get some gear come on, baby Oh my god what are we supposed to do? We gotta search the area get ammunition, guns, slurp juice, bandages and we gotta get out of sort before it comes in What is that? It’s my pick use it to chop down wood bust through walls get brick. You’ve got one. It’s in your back! What? Oh my God! This is great! What else do they have back there? I’ts a shield potion, Get it! You get that and I’ll get the pistol! Jagger let’s get some cover in the house! Look the storm is coming from the back of the house! Let’s hurry up and get in there and get me a blaster! Come on! Let’s go check this play house for gear We need to get everything that we can before the storm closes in and I saw the boys land over there Ok let’s go come on! Oh my God I found something! Brandon, What is this? That’s a pump-action blaster, that’s awesome keep it. All I found is this little guy. Hope the boys don’t have anything better We could be a big trouble. Let’s get down from here the storms coming we got to get out of here Alright let’s get into the house, let’s see if there is any gear in there then let’s head into the safe zone! Oh, man, I’ve got something. The doors shut I dunno if anyone’s been here yet, just be careful. I’ll cover you with this-cover you with this. Jagger the storm is going to force people to come from the back to the front. Kay Let’s get in there and get some loot, Yeah and we’re gonna ambush whoever comes in the back of the house look, there’s another blaster! Looks like nobody’s been here *gasps* Chug jug! I’m getting that! Oh man! This is gonna come in handy! Aww, these are heavy! I heard people from the back of the house! Let’s go on the porch and set up our ambush! Dylan, you get on that side, And I’ll get on that side I’ll shut the door so nobody thinks we’re here yet Brandon, the Storms coming, run! *Storm Noises* Let’s get out of the storm. Come on, Alana Come on. FIRE!! *Gunshots* *More Gunshots* *Moaning* *Pain* THEY GOT ME They got me, Alana! Build walls around us quick! Alright I’m building I’m building! I’m down to one health I gotta get the chug juice! *More intense pain* *Bottoms up* This is taking forever! Guys we need your help what you happen next try I should I slam the chug jug and fight our way out of this? Should the boys come out on top and try to get us? Should Alana and I build straight up and try to get the high ground on them? Let us know what do you want to see in the next Fortnite video! Thanks for watching this video took almost 100 hours to edit so if you liked it Please subscribe to your notifications on give us a big thumbs up so we can make more just for you.

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