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Forged Wood Carving Knife from a Car Spring

today I’m going to make a wood carving knife
I’ve sketched out my design and before I get started I’ll take a few minutes to make a
template this will help if I ever make another it’ll also help when I come to forge the blade
as I can use it as a guide I decided to make it out of aluminium just
so it lasts a bit longer for the blade I could go the easy route and
use some 1075 flat stock that I have but I want to improve my forging skills so I’m going
to forge it out of an old car spring in the end
I actually forged three of them I learned from
each one and they also got better with each one and I played a bit safe with the last
one and left a bit more meat on it so that’s the one I’m going to use I’ve just thrown this jig together to grind
the bevels I didn’t show that as there’s nothing really to it but it literally took
just five minutes to make it’s ready to harden and to harden it I’m
holding it around 830°C for around about ten minutes and then quenching it in vegetable
oil now it’s hardened the next task is to temper
it and put a bit of strength back into the blade and to temper it I’ll put it in the
oven at 210·C for around about an hour while I grind the bevels I’ll try and explain
what type of bevels are needed on a carving knife I’m grinding a 25° zero grind bevel
and if you look at this example here and if you look at the bevels they meet at the tip
to form the cutting edge unlike this one here that has a secondary bevel that makes it a
stronger edge but not ideal for wood carving and the reason for that if you lay over a
knife with a secondary bevel the edge of the blade lifts away from the surface of the wood
with a zero grind you can lay it flat you can take fine shavings with plenty of control now the blade is just about done I’ll start
making the handle using my handle making jig that I made in my last video I’m making an oval shaped handle with a
heavy taper first I’m taking off the two sides and then with a 54° guide I take off
the corners by holding it against the sides I just cut I then flip the template around
to the more tapered side then cut off the top and bottom of the handle making use of the centre marks on the ends
I’ll mount ti onto the lathe and then I’ll turn a tenon ready for a ferrule it would be a bit difficult to hold this straight
to drill with a drillpress but it isn’t too difficult to do with a handheld drill
by readjusting until it spins evenly and drill from each end my broach is a bit too wide but I plan to
close the gap up by using a tapered ferrule I’m not sure how well this’ll work but
I’m going to give it a go the taper does close it up but not quite enough
so I’ll glue a couple of small pieces in now I’ll do a dry fit just to make sure
this is going to work before I put it together I’ll anneal the
end of the tang so I’ll be able to peen the end over to hold the handle on later on I’m filing the ferrule by hand because I
know it’ll get too hot on the belt grinder but I’m surprised how it is even with a
file I’m a bit worried the epoxy may melt and the ferrule might come loose so I’ll
finish the end of the handle by making a washer that will go over the end of the tang I’ll
peen the end of the tang over and that will hold the whole thing together and there’s
no way the ferrule can come off because I made the through hole a bit too
big I’m adding some 5 minute epoxy to bed the tang in place it seems absolutely fine
without but it doesn’t hurt and will only take a couple of minutes I’m starting to get there but it’s slow
going the steel is very tough it’s not as annealed as well as I’d hoped I’m hitting
from the centre to avoid the edges splitting and that’s working so far so fingers crossed
it works out I got there in the end there’s a couple
of dings where I missed in the washer but hopefully I can sand those out well that works like a dream I’m very happy
with it hopefully you enjoyed the video if you did please like and subscribe thanks for
watching and I’ll see you on then next one

Reader Comments

  1. Greetings from finland !Great job again Pask ! that looks a lot like finnish woodcarving knife ! we call it "Puukko" if u break the word "PUU" means wood… Carpenters, fishers ,hunters , lumberjacks, and woodcarving artist all use this type of knife in finland…. some have little bit longer or wider blade and the body goes thru the handle everytime… nothing FULLTANG SHIT here… Knifemakers in finland burns with the knifebody to be exact to the handle while in final heating prosess… and they put little piece leather between copper and wood…. wood expands and shrinks even with this direction just a little bit…….I Love ur channel Pask.. these videos make my day sometimes 😀

  2. Great job. Thanks for sharing. Now I know why I did not throw away those old car springs! Now I only need to gain "some" skills to makes such knives.
    Won't be easy!

  3. Great knife, i love that you leave the mistakes in. We all make them, just have to overcome them in our projects!

  4. man o man I'm sooooooo jealous of that sweet new grinder. Oh and great work as always. I always really learn a lot from my friend.

  5. At 0:52 when you sped it up, I thought for a second that you got hurt and scared the shit out of me lol

  6. ohje, bei videozeit 14:03 wird kurz dein gesicht eingeblendet da dachte ich dir ist der bart beim schleifen gewachsen so lange schleifst daran. gute ausdauer. aber so muss das sein. gut geworden. tolle arbeit. weiter so. deine videos und projekte sind genial.

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  8. Thanks just what i was looking for, and a fellow aussie as well. win-win. Nice grinding/shapener apparatus, how long did that take to build if its not a ride question?

  9. pushrods from a mini or similar overhead valve engine are PERFECT for forging into carvers or mini chisels, they stay sharp for a loooong time

  10. Nothing better than a sharp knife/chisel, the sounds of it cutting wood is glorious 😊
    Great build Neil, well done 🏆👍🏼

  11. I was going to suggest using a penny for the end washer if you do another one since they are copper, then I remembered you probably dont have worthless change coins like that in Australia!

  12. Did anyone else get a little freaked out by that sound around the 12:22 mark? "Was that an ambulance? A dirt bike? Or some feral bush animal sneaking up on Pask?!?"😂

  13. Как всегда 👍🏻!!! Посмотри , может понравиться

  14. Great Video as always… Really like your work dude keep it up… Thanks for sharing
    By the way, your all videos are inspirational to me…

  15. Brilliant knife. You make it look so accessible. 2019 is the year I give knife making a go and this world be the prefect start. Thanks for the excellent videos.

  16. love watching your videos, even if I am not particularly interested in what you are making sometimes. cheers

  17. First of your videos I’ve ever seen. Interesting video on many levels – I was particularly fascinated with your band-saw jig, so I’m going to hunt for your video on how to make that…

  18. Really liked this one, Neil, nice carving knife. I also liked the vice you have for holding the knife as you did the ferrule work.

  19. Forging advice:

    Don't put your thumb on the handle, it will lead to repetitive stress injury (tennis elbow). Wrap all the way around the handle.

    Life the hammer from your shoulder, not the biceps, it involves more and larger muscle groups and you'll get tired slower and get a lot more power.

    Great project!

  20. i once peened a spring like that into 2 inch wide blade, didnt even think id be able to spread it that thin and wide

  21. Another awesome video. Keep up the good work! What kind of file is the big one that you used in this video? The one with the holes in it?

  22. Always enjoy your videos. You hI couldn't help it to notice the belt sander, never seen something quite like it, similar but not the same! Looks more versatile than most is that something you came up with or is it store bought?

  23. Oh man, this is awesome work. But I'd be rather not to sharpen woodtools on diamond sharpener. Tnx for your video and greetings from Ukraine. +subscriber 😉

  24. Is your video showing how you made that filing Jig device I would love to make one and that looks super awesome

  25. 😍What a knife. I also want to do this, but i don't have this blacksmith oven. Your chanel is so inspiring, i can't stop to watch❤👍

  26. Это называется- как себя замучить! Масса ненужных действий. Понятно, что на камеру !)))

  27. И чего этим ножом в лесу делать? Буратине хрен обрезать? ))

  28. This design is täljkniv in Sweden , many Swedish brands make these knives also Mora.

    Very common since slöjd era.

  29. I love the whole look of the knife, but especially the blade. Is the dark almost pitted look from using a car spring or does that happen during the hammering and flattening of the blade? Thanks, Neil for another interesting project to try.

  30. Nice, I have been wanting to make one of those for quite a while, this might just be the boot up my A$$ that gets me back into the workshop.
    I need to finish something, I have been out of the workshop for too long and have far too many unfinished bigger projects….depression is a nasty foe!

  31. Have you looked into hot filing? It's supposed to remove material like crazy, to cut down on grinder time. That, and forging to start the bevel. Apparently forging the bevel's a bit tricky, though. Gorgeous tool! The ferrule being shaped to the handle like that is really cool, never seen that before.

  32. I made one almost like that to keep in my carving kit, but it's so useful it stays on the work bench instead. Great video.

  33. The knife looks lively and it seems to carve very well! Easy to see how the scandi/full flat grind gives great control for carving.
    The how-to video is so well made (like your other videos)!
    The method of making a tapered ferrule looks very time-consuming, mostly the amount of filing that was necessary at the end – and even then in my opinion the ferrule remained too thick (at least visually looks like that). I wonder if it would be to use make some kind of die or a cone to swage a cylindrical ferrule (just a length of tubing) into a tapered shape? Perhaps using a tool similar to what jewelers use to resize rings.

  34. I know this is an older video, but I watched it again just because I needed a Pask fix. 😉

    It occurred to me that you could have used an old American penny to make the copper washer for the butt end!

  35. “I made this jig so I can build this rocket into space using the band saw.”
    – Pask 2023

    This is how great I think he is.

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