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Florida governor under pressure to shut down state’s beaches

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  1. Fox News – please get that New York Governor off the air – he is a cry baby – he gets on my nerves complaining about everything- just do your job – he blames everyone for something- cry 😭 Baby – 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  2. I hate these fearmongering corporate media jagoffs so much. I hope they all get coronavirus and drop dead Leave us alone down here in Florida and fook off.

  3. The Coronavirus is a con job on the American people. The true story is there has been a nuclear warhead stolen and no one knows where it is .🚀🚀💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  4. Simple: cut these dumb asses cash off parents & put them to work helping the sick & homeless instead of themselves to another brewski…

  5. Age doesnt matter idiots. Look at what the virus does. It doesnt even matyer if the cell is old or young. Literally nothing to do with it. These people ahould be fuxing caned for being oit of their houses.

  6. 🤣 way to go kids, notice how the media started off saying it appears to be mostly harmful to the elderly or people with conditions, then all of the sudden spring breakers would’nt leave so now they’re saying younger people

  7. "My wife's a nurse"….does she have superpowers that makes her immune? No stupid. She works in a petri dish of disease and more susceptible to contamination than those of us who choose to practice safety from people like you.

  8. Why would anyone have to shut down the beaches to get these idiots to go the hell home. Common sense people, you shouldn’t need the government to tell you not to go on spring break. I hope most of you don’t make it through this.

  9. Oh boy, it's hard to believe those people. I do not think those people do not realize the present Italy situation that will be their next door.

  10. so let me get this straight..i dont have paid sick days at my job in boca..i have a 5 year old with asthma in my workplace is not shutdown so if i catch corona virus trying to pay my bills then ill miss work for at least a week and get no help from the government or my job..not to mention if i pass it on to the young one..all because the system is too greedy to shut the businesses down for a week or so

  11. These people are so dumb for getting sun and excersise during a crisis like this. Everyone knows that is not good for your health.

  12. Florida: Shut down the beaches!

    New York: Waive all admission fees at state parks!

    Justin Trudeau: I wonder if I can get both thumbs up my bum

  13. So your wife's a nurse. The rest of the nurses around the country are getting prepared for the possibility of the spread in their community, working tirelessly at drive thru testing sites and his is lounging on the beach.

  14. My wife is Nurse. Remember this : the Virus doesn’t not care if you are rich, poor, Dr, or Nurse , if you don’t protect then you get it, and affect your family. My wife is Nurse !!!!! This is dumbest comment I’ve heard yet!!!!

  15. This Is America Pulling Together!!!

    Plus>Reference to The American People All being treated the same in moving around in the US ans Abroad!! >> Our President prefers not to put us all under the gun, IE impose martial law, to regulate our travel, etc! That's why its all still voluntary in hopes we the American people can figure out the right things to do using common since and courtesy towards one another to get through this, state and local leadership and we the american people better work together and get this done, or we all will wake up under the gun, just to save humanity from it self!! I choose we the people use our brains and fix all This!!☺🙂☺🙂☺🙂☺🙂☺🙂☺

  16. All of them need to be herded into a coliseum, the gates locked, a few bottles of water. Since their so immune to the virus, they’ll be ok. The hunger games part 4. Then take away all of their government guaranteed loans. Call in all loans already issued. Since their so smart they know better. Your wife’s a nurse, who should have her license taken away from her and fired. You’re an idiot my friend.

  17. This is a free country, I don’t condoning what they are doing but they are not doing anything that is against the law, cdc recommend no social gathering but that’s it, it’s just recommendation… aslong they are not intentionally spreading virus to public ? Americans are free to do whatever they want… when I see a group of people that always talks about first amendment and second amendment rights, talk sh*t about left being socialist but yet condemn these young people it just makes me sick, so I guess freedom is only convenient when it benefits yourself….

  18. So let me get this right
    You have a bunch of eager young people wanting to soak up the sun and party at the beach.
    Who’s renting the hotels?
    Who’s serving the booze?
    Who’s selling all the merchandise?

    Uh, you can look at the young crowd if you want to, but we know who’s benefiting from the enthusiasm of the situation.

  19. God bless the day when we have our first homosexual President. Go well Matt Gaetz, the men of America are right behind you. GAETZ 2024.

  20. People Do Have Free well We the people will not have fear about that virus ' Almighty GOD is in control of earth.

  21. Never forget majority of teenagers vote Bernie Sanders(BS). I don't wanna demonize his base but these are really stupid children.

  22. In my opinion if u people do not care to avoid a crowd they should keep them all together till its all over PARY ON FUTURE VIRUS CASES 😂 OH yeah put those greedy people that voted on spring break to continue along with them 😠

  23. Florida governor hope you have a proud man you know how many people you just killed with his virus not shutting s*** down you need to shut down jobs businesses curve put a curfew if you do not see me respond to this and then two months thank you Governor you just killed me thank you thank you for letting his virus spread out through Florida you killed probably thouspeople…. what a good man everybody voted for

  24. Florida: hurricanes 🌪

    Me: yay we off school 😂😂😂🤣

    Florida: I’ll give u more


    Me: dis my home baby u gonna need a wrecking ball to get me outta here

  25. So you are complaining about people not taking it seriously yet your on the beach with no protection yourselves. makes perfect since to me.

  26. Well I guess they wouldn't mind if they are the last to get resources they need. Since they are so careless that is.

  27. “No one believes he is an idiot until the consequences of his actions prove it. Then hindsight rubs it in.” Richelle E. Goodrich, It's Natural Selection, the stupid are suppose to die off. This is another reason to avoid stupid people and stop saving Stupid. When these idiots get sick or drive across a flooded road or decided to "ride out the hurricane", let them die, don't send good people to risk their life saving them or waste medicine and treatment on the stupid. They are suppose to die off, let them go, they made the decision to be stupid idiots

  28. Millennials are not longer in college. Blame the next generation cause we are struggling working from home, not in spring break.

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