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– [Mum] The floor is lava.
(exciting music) Four, three, two, one. The floor is lava. Four, three, two, one. – We’ve got the exact same point. Whoever wins this round,
wins the entire thing. Shh.
(goofy music) Time for the signature surprise of all these floor is lava videos. Mum, the floor is lava! Four, three, two, one.
(drums beating) Every time baby! – I’m still on the wood! – [Morgan] What? Yo, that does not count. – ‘Course it counts! Hello, guys– (phone dings) Oh, that’s very bad timin’. – Ha ha! – Now today’s video is gonna
be crazy for a lot of reasons. Firstly, we’re gonna be
playin’ The Floor is Lava. – [Mum] The floor is lava! – Second, we’re gonna be
goin’ to an abandoned, possibly haunted tunnel. Yo, guys, this is awesome! And third, there is a
chance that there’s gonna be an iPhone 7 give away,
right here, in this video. Guys, you’re gonna wanna
watch the full video, it’s gonna be a really, really good one. We’re gonna be makin’ it a
hell of a lot more competitive. Basically, throughout this video, we’re both gonna get 20 chances to do The Floor Is Lava on the other person. And every time you say
it and the other person fails to get to land, you get a point. And then obviously once we’ve both used our 20 The Floor Is Lava’s, whoever has the most points will win. Now the forfeit for me
if I lose this challenge, I have to go to Apple, buy a fully working brand new iPhone 7 and give
it away to one of you guys. And if Mum loses, she’s
gonna buy one lucky person some cleanin’ products. – Bucket, mop, everything
you need to keep clean. – So I think it’s pretty clear
that throughout this video, you guys are gonna be rootin’ for Mum. Because if Mum beats me, which,
can I say she’s failed to do in the first two videos,
then one of you guys gets an iPhone 7, brand new. – I think they’d prefer
some cleaning products. – Are you sure about that? – Now guys, I’m just gonna
give you a little warning. Prepare yourself. Unless you’re already subscribed, everything but the subscribe
button is now lava! Five, four three, two one!
(intense music) There you go!
(chill music) If you hit it in time, then you survived. And guys, one more, prepare yourself. Everything but the like button
is lava, guys, ya, what! Four three, two one!
(drums beating) There we go! If you managed to hit them both in time, leave a comment down below,
tell me that you did. – [Mum] Morgen, the floor is lava. Four three, two one! No, that’s your first failure. – How have you just got me there? That’s your first point. – [Mum] ‘Cause you weren’t expectin’ it. – That’s your first play done. You’re one nil up. – [Mum] I’m using tactics. – I tell you, I am not
losing this challenge. – [Mum] One to me! – [Morgen] Mum, the floor is lava! Four three, no, two, one!
(drums beating) You– – Yeah, Yeah!
– Oh my god. You lucky! Why is there a– – ‘Cause you put the chair
here earlier for your camera. – Guys, I’m just gonna
say this one more time, watch this full video
because at this point, it’s lookin’ like I’m gonna be
buyin’ an iPhone at the end. You may have got away with that one, But the floor is lava! Four three, two–
(drums beating) Oh, no! Oh my god, oh my god, yo. This is not going well for me. Guys, it’s not been a good start for me. Yikes. (beeping) Bruno! The floor is lava. Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) Yo, he just doesn’t care. Full on savage guy right here. (beeping) Okay so, Mum is out right
now, she’s just on a run. I just thought I’d have quick sit down and a little chat with you guys. Because you guys know me, I always like to keep
it real with you guys. ‘Cause seriously, without
you guys, I’d be nothing. You guys really mean everything to me. But seriously, I’ve just
been like lookin’ at some of my YouTube
stats and already today, I’ve already gained five
thousand subscribers today and it just made me think,
like, that is so crazy! And I really, really love
it when new people subscribe and join the family, it’s
literally the best feeling. Seeing it grow and grow and grow! Now I just wanted to
number one, say thank you to all the new subscribers, thank you to everyone for their support. And also, if you’re new, feel free to hit that subscribe button, because we’re gettin’ so close. But guys, mum better watch
her back when she gets back, because I’m feelin’ it. Soon as she gets back, hittin’
her with a floor is lava. I need to score a point The floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) It’s over! Yes, baby! Yo, she’s just got back from her run, I knew she’d be paranoid,
I knew she’d be sweaty. Caught her off guard. – [Mum] Morgen! The floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) (grunts) – Yes, baby! There you go, mum. – [Mum] That’s not fair, puttin’ things around the house like that. – I tell you mom, you caught me off-guard when I was out there, it
ain’t happenin’ again. Game on. – [Mum] Game on. – Game on loser!
– Game on! – Game on, woman! Game on, sweaty face! – [Mum] Just ’cause I’ve been runnin’ (beeping) (cheerful music) (intense music) (beeping) Walk and go fetch Bruno in for me, love. Morgen, you’ve got to look after him because the floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) (grunts) You did that one before. – Oh, yeah. Wait, what?
– You’re not allowed to do another one! You did that before. And you dropped Bruno,
you’re meant to save Bruno. You just looked after yourself
and dropped poor Bruno. Look, he’s in the lava. So you’ve failed. – So have I just failed again? – Yeah! Definitely failed again. Bruno, he left ya, I
wouldn’t have left ya. I’d have kept hold of you. – Two, one to you. It’s about midday time right now, guys. We’re just heading out
to the abandoned tunnel. A few people have said this is haunted. It’s in Chesterfield, it’s supposed to be like underground tunnel. All completely abandoned. We’re gonna go explore it. You excited, Mum, it’s
like two videos in one! Floor is Lava and abandoned tunnel! But yeah, we’re gonna go right now, guys. Let’s do it. Mum, the floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) No, that was not in time! That was not in time! That was not in time!
– That was in time! – [Morgen] Let’s genuinely
let Bruno decide. – Yeah. – [Morgen] We put him down on the floor and it’s whoever he comes to. – [Mum] What’s this Bruno? – [Morgen] Come, Bruno, what’s this? – [Mum] What’s this, what’s this? – What’s this?
– Bruno, Bruno! – [Morgen] Yes, yes! I’m not lettin’ you have that point. – I didn’t get the point,
he didn’t come to me he wanted his toy! (hip hop music) – Right guys, we just pulled
up right now by the tunnel, I’m gonna show you in a minute. And yeah, guys, we’re just gonna, gonna go in, try and explore,
see if we can get in. I think we’re gonna be able to
and yeah, it’s gonna be good. – [Mum] The floor is lava, Morgen. Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) – Yes! That’s another one down for you, mum. – [Mum] Morgen, the floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) – Yes!
– Yes! – There we, why are you saying yes? You’ve just used two of your turns – I’m shit.
– And you didn’t get a single point! – [Mum] I’m tryna support you and I shouldn’t be supportin’ ya. (slow clap) (beeping) Oh my god, – Mum, my bum! (gasps) Pretty weird, it’s kind of
like, so symmetrical and like, even and that, it’s just really cool. Question is, Mum, are you comin’ in? It’s fairly easy, so I mean,
you could easily do it. Yo, if this isn’t golden right here, I don’t know what is. Didn’t have any friends,
so I brought my mom. What can I say? She’s an active mum. I think I might have you
right where I want ya. – Oh! – [Morgan] The floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) Nope, no.
– Oh, oh! – [Morgen] Wait, hold on a minute! – Ah! – [Morgen] The floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) Does that count? Does that count? – Ahh! – I don’t think it does. Yo, for real, this is
actually like really cool. We’re gonna go, we’re not
gonna go in, like all the way. It is pretty manky, innit? Yo, for real, I wore my Yeezy’s guys. She wore, why did you wear sandals? – I didn’t know we were
climbing over walls, I just thought we were
gonna walk into a tunnel. – [Morgen] This is like a proper– Oh god.
– Oh, I’m not goin there. – [Morgen] Oh my god, yo, look at that. Proper, this is a proper frickin’ tunnel. There’s an Adidas bag. Jeez, I’m gonna have to cop that, team. (beeping) Yo guys, this is awesome. I love like, I love doin’ stuff like this. Like explorin’ and that. I genuinely find it proper fun. Look at that door! So if you don’t know already, guys, this was like an old
abandoned like, tunnel. Like a railroad tunnel, I think. And obviously it got abandoned. And yeah this is, oh wow,
there’s water drippin down. – [Mum] You’ve got shoes on. – There’s actual water
drippin’ down that’s– – [Mum] There’s food, there’s food. – Genuine, there’s like
kabobs down here and stuff. People have been down here a lot. Oh, wow, guys, look at this puddle! Look at that puddle! That’s like poo! Right, guys, so we’ve just
been takin a few photos– – [Mum] Morgan, the floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) Woah!
– Yes! C’mon mum! I am whoopin’ you!
– Darn it, darn it, darn it. – I am whoopin’ ya! – [Mum] Well, that was
lucky, but the floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) Ha! Loser! – That’s two a pop! – [Mum] You’re gonna lose. – You’re leavin’ it there. – [Mum] Quickly, we better go quickly because the floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) – That counts, yeah, that counts. – [Mum] Yeah, you stood
on a bag of crisps. (grunts) Great. – [Morgan] Floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) (crunches) You know what? I’ll give you that. – Oh! – [Morgan] I’ll give you that. – Thank you. – [Morgan] Echo! (echoes) That was actually– – Ahh! – Mental. Subscribe to Morgz! (echoes) That is actually a mad thing! Don’t remember to, oh, don’t remember to? Okay.
– Leave a like! – [Morgan] Don’t forget to
leave a like and subscribe! (echoes) Mental. Yo, are we done? I think we’ve done our job here. Wait, what’s that down there? (gasps) – Seriously.
– Let’s go – We’ve got to get out now. – So now, we have to do the
tricky part, which is get out. – Yeah, give me.
– Guys, I think we’re alright. I’m just handin’ her my stuff right now. Take the camera and I’ll follow ya. Oh, jeez, easy there boy.
– Easy. – Yo, for real, you’re in
a great spot, right here if the floor was lava. The floor is lava! Four three–
(drums beating) No! Damn it! Right, so we’re just
pullin’ in to BMQ right now. Loads of people in the conversation said this is one of the places
you wanted us to go and obviously play The Floor Is Lava. So, we’re here. That was actually really
fun in the place, but mum, the floor is lava!
(drums beating) Four three, oh, you’re doin’ that. – What? – Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) Okay, yeah, I didn’t think
you had it in you, you know. I didn’t think you had it in you. Mum, the floor is lava.
(drums beating) Four three, two, what the hell! Shelf lift. – I think so, look. – You just illegally got on a shelf lift. The floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) Yo, she did it. She did it again.
– It’s easy. – [Morgan] I’m strugglin’, I’m
bloody strugglin right here. – [Mum] Morgan, have you seen
anything you like in here? Some nice walls? ‘Cause Morgan, the floor is lava. Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) (cracking) Oh my god. – Oh my god. – [Mum] What’d the matter with you today? The floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) It’s hot in here, isn’t it? It feels like the floor is lava. Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) Oh, dear. – I froze, I panicked.
– You froze. It’s ’cause, you know why? – I got lost in the moment.
– It’s ’cause I said it very quietly. I just went, the floor is lava, Morgan. Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) – You’re gettin’ very
lucky here, you know. – Why am I gettin’ lucky?
– I’m getting– – [Mum] Just ’cause I’m
saying the floor is lava? Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) No, you can’t do it. – Do you know what, I’m
gettin’ off this aisle. I’m getting off this aisle, I’ve just took three
big fat L’s right there. The floor is lava! Four three, no, two, one!
(drums beating) Oh, wow. Mum, the floor is lava. Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) (laughing) – Come here. Morgan! – [Morgan] Lay down and
say I’m havin’ a bath. – I’m having a bath. – [Morgan] Lay down. Say I’m havin– – I’m having a bath. Morgan, no, let me up!
(laughing) – [Morgan] It’s like
bullying a guinea pig. The floor is lava. Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) Oh, you got away with that one, Mum. Mum, the floor is lava. Four three, oh, no.
(drums beating) Chairs aren’t allowed! Yes! (laughing) Get it again! – Oh, I’m lookin’ at toys. – [Morgan] I get my point. – [Mum] Morgan, the floor is lava. Four three, two, one.
(drums beating) You just, ahh! Get the ball. – Classic ball under the car. Yo, we ended up going to BMQ
and gettin’ a squigy ball because we’re really, really grown up. – And some kitchen roll. – And some kitchen roll. Okay guys, so it’s actually
the next day right now. You’re probably wondering, “Morgz, what on earth happened there?” Basically, I came home and I just crashed. Like I just fell straight to sleep. Now it’s not all bad though, because what I’ve actually done is I’ve actually worked out
how many turns we spent and how much points we both have. And guys, it ain’t looking good
for me, let’s just say that. I’ve used 16 turns, which
means I have four left and I’ve earned five points. Mum, on the other hand, has
used 14 turns, two less than me, she’s got six more to go, but
she’s earned eight points. Basically, Imma need to
come back pretty damn hard or I’m gonna have to
give an iPhone 8, or 8? iPhone 7 away. But you know, I’m sayin’
it’s bad to do giveaways. It’s not really bad to do giveaways. I do giveaways all the time. But at the same time,
it’s a bloody iPhone 7. It’s just kinda a factor
if I’m gonna actually spend that kind of money on a bloody phone. So yeah, it’s gonna be really competitive between me and Mum, I’m ready– – But Morgan, the floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) – What do mean? What the fuck, what do you mean? – [Mum] The floor is lava. That’s another one. Morgan, are you gone
in, what’s the matter? – Yeah, but what? – [Mum] The floor is lava. Four three, two, one! – Do those genuinely count? So wait, that means, the floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) – Oh! – [Morgan] She fell off it! Ha! Yes!
– It’s ’cause I landed– – Yes!
– You know that– – C’mon! I landed on my bruise from the wall. – You’ve now done 16 and
you’ve got eight points. I’ve done 17 and I’ve got six points. So I can still beat ya. Guys, I can still beat her. So Mum, you better frickin’ watch– – The floor is lava.
(drums beating) Four three, two, one! – Ah! – [Mum] Are sinks allowed? – Yes! What, they’ve gotta be allowed! – [Mum] Off it then, you’ve done it. Well done.
(groans) – Yes! That means we both done 17. You’ve got eight, I’ve got six. – [Mum] (gasps) The floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) – Oh my gosh, oh my god,
I’ve done another one! I’ve just done another one! You’ve done 18 and eight. I’ve done 17 and six. Guys, this is all getting
pretty dramatic right now. If she wins, I give away an iPhone. If she wins, she gives
away cleaning products. – I’ve been buying. I’ve already bought my
bleach and things to, a mop to give away. – [Morgan] The floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) Yes!
– Oh! – Your pain is good for me! (beeping) Oh my god, Bruno. We’ve got a chance,
bro, we’ve got a chance. This woman has the power
to let one of you guys have an iPhone and I think
she’s screwin’ it up. Mum, you’ve used 18 turns and got eight. I’ve used 18 turns and got seven. Oh my god! The floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) Yes, yes, oh my god! Oh my god, oh my god! – That’s not fair! Are you allowed to do it
while I’m getting food ready? Look at him laid there, just chillin’ while I’m getting tea ready. Does he see me? Good, Bruno. (door creaks) Morgan, the floor is lava. Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) – I did it, yeah? I did it? You know I did it! – [Mum] Just, literally, just. – Oh, my god. I literally knew going outside
was gonna be the worst idea. Thank god for that, yo. I had a mini heart attack
’cause I knew I couldn’t do it on the sun bed again ’cause
I’d already done that. (claps) C’mon! She’s got 19 turns, eight points. I’ve got 19 turns, eight points. Yo, it’s neck and neck! I just noticed! Mum! It’s neck and neck and
it’s on the last point! You’ve got one more turn
and I’ve got one more turn and we’ve both got the
same amount of points. We’ve got the exact same points! Whoever wins this round,
wins the entire thing! Mum’s in the hallway right now. I can hear Bruno’s footsteps.
(heart beats) That’s the only reason I know. The hall is by far the most
empty room in the house. So I’m just gonna burst down there. I’m just gonna say it guys,
it all comes down to this. If I don’t score a point
here then I’m in trouble. The floor is lava! Four three, two, one! No!
– Ah! I did it! Oh my god! – [Morgan] We’re both on the same points. I have no chance left,
you have one chance left. If you get me with your turn, then I– – Oh my god and you can’t– – I can’t even win anymore! – [Mum] You’re gonna lose.
– No. – [Mum] The floor is lava! Four three, two, one!
(drums beating) Oh! Oh, you were so, you
should’ve stood on Bruno! Oh, Morgan! Mommy’s won! Winner, winner! Winner, winner! Winner, Bruno, we’re winners! High five! High five! Good boy! Mum’s just too much for you – I think I’ve cracked your wall. – [Mum] You what? Oh!
– I toed it. I banged my toe on it.
– Oh my god. – You know what, you know what, guys? Imma be a little bit
more positive about this. A bit more positive about
spendin’ a thousand pounds. At the end of the day, at
least I’m spendin’ on them. It’s not just like I’m goin’ out and just burnin’ a thousand pounds. I know one of you guys
will be gettin’ an iPhone and will be very happy. So, yeah, looks like you guys
didn’t get cleanin’ products. Which I think you’re probably happy about. Mum, will you loan me a thousand pounds? – [Mum] You’re joking! (beeping) Well guys, unfortunately,
it’s Sunday right now. So the Apple shop’s shut
really early at four. It’s like six right now. What I’m gonna do, is
because we’re literally about 50 thou subscribers
away from two million. And bearing in mind we’ve been gaining like ten thousand a day at the moment. In about a week, we’re going
to be hittin’ two million and it makes sense to do this as my big two million giveaway. I mean, we could either
do it as my 1.95 give away or my 2 mil giveaway. I think that 2 mil sounds
a bit better, right? – Yeah. – So I’m gonna go get the iPhone tomorrow and as soon as we’re at two million, I’m going to be givin’ it
away to one of your guys. If you want updates on the
giveaway and when it starts, Remember to add my other social media, which is Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. All the links will be in the description. That’s where you can stay updated. And also, if you’ve
enjoyed and you’re happy for the iPhone 7 giveaway,
remember to smash a like on the video down below and also subscribe if
you’re new to our channel. That’ll mean a lot. Because literally, guys,
if you want the giveaway to be quicker, you need to subscribe. Because as soon as we hit 2 mil, that’s when the giveaway’s gonna start. Brand new iPhone 7. Gonna basically make
my bank account go rip. You know what, Mum? Imma let you do the outtro – So, if you’ve enjoyed
the video, leave a like. And thank you for watchin’ and we’ll see you in the next video. Peace out! – If you enjoyed the video, then remember to subscribe
to MorgZ’s channel! And don’t forget to leave a
like (laughing) Thanks for watching! Peace out!

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