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First Time Dubai Waterpark Atlantis – Why You MUST Go !!

(chuckles) – It’s actually sunrise here in Dubia. See there’s a very quick time
lapse of the Dubai skyline. You can see that here is just, a stunning sunrise. But today calls marks the
first day of our adventure. We’re actually going down
to the adventure water park here on the Atlantis. since we’re on the very, very tip of the palm here in Dubai. So today I’m going to be
going down with the family to see what’s it like, see
whether it’s worth going and once again to have an
adventure that we’ll remember, like the sunrise. (upbeat energetic music) First time big green slide, come on Sam, first time let’s go. – [Young Son] Oh! – Big bucket. Big bucket just topped
over, we can make it Sam. (energetic upbeat music) – [Father] Okay so you hold on, and I’ll hold on to you, Sam. You hold on, we’re going down the rapids. Okay you ready? Here we go, Sam. (energetic upbeat music) – To go and get in front,
Sam and I have gotta win. We’re going to win, their all cheating. All the teenagers are
cheating, aren’t they Sam? They’re cheating, I’ve only got one arm, I’ve only got one arm, I’m coming second. (teenage girl giggles) One arm, one arm and one
baby, we can do it, Sam. That’s it, come on, good boy, that’s it. He asked for rapids, and the lasers, and move on to hot air balloon. The kids have run off to Neptune’s Town, which is exactly one
point two meters tall. This little one, he’s a natural pro, now, trying to wake up our world, so. Look out, big waves are coming. (baby talk) So much fun. (laughing) You come here, you stupid little bugger (child laughs) come right here, we’re
only giving ya drinks. (energetic upbeat music) We’re currently going to the
store, if you can believe. We’re actually walking
there through puddle. Adam said that this is fun but. (energetic upbeat music) Here we go. (laughs) I love this place. – [Father] Oh!
– Oh here we go yo! – [Father] Oh! – Here we go! (screaming) – [Father] Woo! (loud laughter) – Ah! – Ha, ha, woo! – [Father] Ha, ha, ah! Woo! Oh God, we’re soaked Woo! – Now we’re just drownin’ ourselves. – This what teenager sons are for. – [Father] Mush! – [Father] Dark, Oh why’s
the tunnel so dark for? – Um, um it. – [Father] Okay, keep your ass up. – There’s a chance there
might be something wrong. – [Father] What the? – [Teenage Son] All I see
is a red beeping light. – [Father] ’cause its no lights. – D.C.E.D.C. – D.C.E.D.C. (screaming) (laughing loudly) – [Father] This is the best. (laughing) (waves of water overlaps words) – That was awesome. (energetic upbeat music) – So is the shark attack worth it? – Yeah. – It’s a bit of fun. You’ll only do it once,
but it was a bit of fun. – You can’t really see
through the glass though, like when your in there, you
can see perfectly from here. But when your in there, you can’t see a thing ’til
you come to a traction – Correct, the actual trick is that when you get into the tube,
you can actually get stuck. So you have to push yourself along and you have to keep your butt up. If you don’t, you get stuck like we did, then everyone comes behind you, and there’s a chance, cause
we’re sitting here watching the kids come through the tube as it is, and a lot of them are
actually hitting each other. So remember, tip on
them, keep your butt up. (energetic upbeat music) (baby laughs) We’re just here getting into Dolphin Bay, ’cause Sammie wants to see
the dolphin’s, of course. I don’t know what it is,
we’re about to see it. (energetic upbeat music) Plunge. – The storm. – [Father] Yep. – [Teenage Son] The, I
don’t know what it’s called, where you go straight down, but I’m gonna call it the sacrifice. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – The. – The Shark Attack. – [Teenage Son] The
Shark Attack, Sun’s Tower – [Father] Yeah. – It’s actually all really, really good. – Slitherine. – Yeah the actual food was great and it was easy to get into. – Zoomerang, that the one
right there. – Zoomerang. – That’s the one right there,
that’s the one that goes up. – Up in the corner there. That’s the one where Sam look
up here in the Zoomerang, where it goes up and down the edge, but it’s actually been a really good time. (music overlap words) – Yeah but it’s actually been really good, being able to stay here at
the Atlantis has been good. You can just literally walk
across and come across. So, it’s something we
start our holiday off, In the spring, a lot of fun. (laughs) – Greta! – [Greta] Yeah. – Greta! – This is why I don’t leave
you two with a camera. (rumbling water) (upbeat music)

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