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FIREFLY PARKOUR 👉 ALL 6000 POINTS tutorial, walkthrough bhop map 100%

Hey, how’s it going, monsters? My name is SpikyJohn. Today, is a very special day. Let me tell you why. We gonna find out how to beat Parkour. Firefly’s parkour. Most of you do remember Mr. Firefly. A guy with a face. And two dogs. And a mustache. Firefly is a mapmaker who was playing Krunker
ever since it was made, or at least ever since it was possible to make an account there. He made multiple extremely popular maps thorough
Krunker and in many other games. One of his earliest and well-known maps was
Car_Race. Then he made Firefly and Angel Island which
did blow up. His the most played map to this day is still
Firefly_Royale which was one of the first Battle Royale maps made in Krunker and still
one of the most played maps ever. Firefly was always very amazing with movement
in the games. He was very natural in Bhop and Parkour games. It was a matter of time until he’ll make
a parkour map. He started with bhop_Lava_Floor, which is
still one of the most difficult parkour maps here. Then he was kinda forced to make a simpler
parkour map. And that’s how Firefly Parkour was made. A map is very similar to Bhop Levels 6.4. It’s a corridor type of parkour. Firefly Parkour is divided into 6 color sections. – Green
– Teal – Gray
– Yellow – Red
– Unfinished purple The map is giving a slight clue that two more
colors can be added. Although the map was updated 3 months ago
and Firefly is not that active as he was before, it’s very questionable if the map will be
ever finished. Green is a starting point, Teal and Gray need
very basic parkour skills. Yellow is where it gets truly difficult. The most problematic part of a green section
is hidden floors. Although in multiple games, hidden floors
are very unintuitive, it’s not a big issue here. Until finding a truly hidden floor, small
clues are there. Blue part’s most problematic one is moving
platforms, which use ramps that are pushing you back. When standing on them, you can’t use jump,
so it’s important to get outside of them trying to counter their movement on your own. The blue part also introduces us to slide
jumping. This technique is very often used in parkour
maps today. All you need is to accompany crouching into
your jumping technique where when landing you need to also crouch and use that as an
additional speed boost before next jump. The first gray room shows upside and corner
jumps. Those could be challenging at times. And we will see many of them. Lastly, the introduction of teleports is added
in the gray part. When seeing naked ladders in the yellow area,
the easiest trick there is to turn to the ladder by aside and use A and D (left and
right) keys to strafe from side to side. When doing that, the ladder is also pushing
you up, so there is a less painful fight with the ladders. In the last yellow room, you need to gain
some speed before leaving the ramp. Also, don’t forget to jump at the end. The best amount of repetitions there is somewhere
between 7 and 10 depending on your FPS. Try to don’t get over 10 because too much
speed gives you a small amount of time to jump when leaving the jump. The red part is full of riddles. For those, it’s better to check the video
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