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finals week study vlog // spring 2019 // pre-med

So today I’m going to study for a cab This one is one of the classes that I thought was like an easy a but I completely bombed my third exam so Now it’s like not so much of an easy anymore I printed out all of the past problem sets that we had we’re gonna have to review everything From the beginning because the final is cumulative We can do this. Okay. I’ve been off caffeine for like a month now Maybe not a month, but I’ve been off caffeine for a very long time So I’m not gonna go back on caffeine. It’s finals week. Okay Hello everyone. Oh so it’s been a few hours since I’ve lost 12 into you guys. It’s 12:15 I’m so tired. I’m tired, but for no reason I slept it so much last night I took a nap woke up and then slept super early and then woke up at like 2:00 p.m So I have no excuse to be tired, but I am tired So I think I’m just gonna go to sleep and wake up early tomorrow and go to the library and study there. I Tend to get really distracted when I’m studying at home Just because I’m so comfortable and I don’t feel that much pressure to actually get stuff done So I’m going to head to the library tomorrow There is a plan, I’m gonna drink this gonna Take two salads. Go to the library study until I can’t stand the library anymore gonna come back and maybe study a little more and then Go to sleep Hey guys, so I came back home because I have the worst migraine right now So I came back to take tylenol I used to be addicted not addicted but super Dependent on tylenol my freshman year because I always had migraines now. It’s better if I’m migraine right now is giving me major flashbacks internationally, and it’s Probably because of the in digestion that runs in my family My mom my sister and I we all have like in digestion symptoms, we always feel like very nauseous and sick to the stomach At all times which is why you even have like these little special Many things they literally look like hamster poo Yeah, it kind of feels like a hangover, but worse it’s not a good time My migraine is not going away and I don’t know how to deal with it I’m gonna eat the salad. It’s the turkey and bacon country Cobb I know what you guys are thinking So I’m not gonna go back on caffeine just because it’s finals week. Okay, so I’m not addicted to caffeine anymore I’ve passed the whole withdrawal stage and like I could live without coffee but the thing is coffee just helps keep stay productive and I kind of need to be productive because finals, you know, so although I am Functional without caffeine now that I’m not super addicted to it. I Do want an energy boost so that I could get work done quickly and efficiently Isn’t that beautiful I’ve never seen these before why not an Oreo enthusiast so I don’t really know about these things But apparently there’s a mega stuf Oreo. I’ve only seen the double but they have this It was on sale. So I thought I would try them out low-key. Why does this look like? There are a few Oreos missing? So that’s how much stuffing there is. Let me show you a more uniform one Okay, let me try this Definitely much, sweeter It might be a little bit too sweet for my liking I think it’s a little bit too much. Let’s continue studying I’m currently in the gym to workout. I Think I’m gonna do this one today. I just climb up an endless flight of stairs See, I don’t really like this, but I don’t like this specific Elliptical machine like I like the one that I usually use but this one is true. I don’t know. I just don’t like it it’s like Weird. Yeah, I’m probably gonna do this one. Why am I out of breath? Today’s salad is a classic grilled chicken Caesar a salad because I’m going back home right after my finals why is my fork so Anyway because I am going back home right after my finals I Need to empty my fridge and eat everything that I have I don’t have a lot of food. So it’s not gonna be hard for me to empty my fridge Surprisingly the caffeine didn’t keep me up last night because usually when I drink caffeine I’m not able to sleep at night But I was able to fall asleep pretty quickly I’m gonna eat these two Yoplait yogurt Hmm Here we go What is the amount of current liabilities Non current assets Would your computation be different if the company reported worth of contingent liabilities and the notes to financial students I bought this thinking that there was a lot of caffeine in it But it turns out There’s not even fifty milligrams per serving which is basically nothing I mean no wonder I’m able to fall asleep at night because this doesn’t do anything for me I’ve been sleeping 12 hours a day. It’s like this doesn’t help I need energy drinks. But anyway, I drank all of it Yay Hello Today is Tuesday. I have one exam today Well, I technically have two but the other one isn’t due until Friday It’s just like some essays that I have to write. They’re probably gonna do that on Thursday or Friday So today I have my chem exam. It’s currently 4 p.m. I have my exam at 7:30 I have to leave at seven ish. So I have like two and a half hours so I’m just going to Review all of the problems I Used up two of these pens I Have used up a lot of the ink I’m proud of myself. That means I studied This is blueberry, this is strawberry whips this kind of matches my outfit today I don’t really like it So I went to leasing office and I picked up some packages In her leasing office they had these little final exam goody bags, so I picked one up What is this Oho is this first stress relief Wait, for real Yes, that was a good feeling they have these life savers fruits nuts a Pen Okra no levar. Now. These are the stuff that I ordered from Amazon. I Ordered a large black hoodie. This was about ten dollars, I think You’re telling me this is a large And then I got a clear bag because I’m going to be chances concert this weekend They have this clear bag policy. So I bought one super last-minute Cute okay doctor study I Came to get some food because There’s literally nothing to eat at my place other than yogurt and I already had a lot of that So I’m going to get instant ramen noodles 1 For 2 because it’s a secure to sing you’ve ever seen I Actually came to buy a monster drink But I think I’m going to resist the temptation and Not drink energy drinks because it’s probably gonna screw up my whole body should I Or should I not They’re on sale two for $5 should I bother temptation Should I or should I not expense? Oh my god You know, what’s a finals week vlog with your without monster drinks, right I’m just gonna get one Just one though. I just made my ramen and now I’m watching I’m watching this youtuber Sending dm’s to 100 celebrities on Instagram So I’m gonna study for my bio exam, this is just our study guide It looks like all we have to know is this information? but every bullet point has like other information that we Need to know and then here I printed out my notes that I took for each unit This class is Actually, not that bad. I think I can get an A in it pretty easily I Think all I have to do is like get a C on the final and I can still get an A or something like that So I’m not too worried about it, but there is a lot of information that I need to review here are all the lecture notes The fact that I can throw all these away after this exam just makes me super happy She is oh my god, so Today is Thursday I have to leave for my exam in Approximately seven minutes. I Don’t even care about my grades anymore at this point. I just want my exams to end. I just want to go home It’s gonna review my notes Just giving enough and let’s move on in life. I really Don’t care about my grades anymore. I’m Exhausted. Okay. It’s so done. I Just get me out of here. I also just woke up like five minutes ago, so I’m not in a good mood Paracrine signaling short distances endocrine long distances I Came back from my bio exam. It was it was easy for a final Because final exams are always Significantly harder than all the other exams I don’t even think it’s because of like the level of difficulty of the problems or the amount of information That I need to know it’s just the length of the exam itself just makes my brain want to give up Halfway through the exams are two hours long and I think also the timing of the exam because I’m literally on summer break for three months after these finals My brain is just already out of school the finals are just so hard in that sense that I have to Pull through and actually care about my exams when in reality. I just want to get out of here Don’t you just hate it when this happens I’m so ready to go I came to the dance studio to dance I’m just like not in a good condition today. So I Think I just can go home. I’ve been here for like 20 minutes. Oh My god I’m gonna cry. I just finished packing for the most part I just need to throw away some trash. I still have to pack my makeup stuff and these things It’s currently it’s almost 3:30. I am so freaking tired But I have to wake up at 7 a.m. So I’ll get like 3 and a half hours of sleep if I sleep right now So the reason why I’m packing is because I’m moving out Someone’s gotta live here for 3 months and then I’m gonna move out of this place. And so I had to pack everything Yeah, so that was a nightmare. I hate packing. I guess I’ll see you in my next video. Bye Oh

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  1. I once had such a bad migraine, that I started to see black spots, which later blurred out my whole vision, and later I couldn't feel my limbs anymore, my mom thought I was having a seizure. Be happy if you don't experience migraine people!

  2. Promise is my favorite Study song to listen to. Helps me feel at peace whilst I almost at my breaking point from consuming any crumbs of knowledge

  3. Can u please do a vid obout how u organize ur time 2 weeks before the exam cuz really i can't deal with it and im a biologiste student ….

  4. What kind of app do you use to edit all ur videos? (timelapse, music, and captions?) im thinking of creating one!! Plz replyyy💜💜

  5. how does one finish up 2 pens in a week ?? i use like 1 pen in a month even when i’m using it at school 😳

  6. i had indigestion during thanksgiving last year and i didn't tell anyone and was eating very little and i pratically forced myself to eat cuz i was hungry but it hurt to eat but afterwards my cousin gave me a smoothie for indigestion after we ate.

  7. I can't believe it, like we are so similar, except the fact that I can't study if I am having a headache. I always listen to Jimin's solos while working. Or BTS songs. And during my breaks for lunch and all, I would watch a BTS bomb !!

  8. Can u make a video how u manage your time so well?! Like u do a lot of things in once (you study, doing yt, exercises, and be a fangirl)

  9. So even if I try to study on a phone or laptop my mother would accuse me of watching K-pop instead of studying. Dude why

  10. the way she studies is magical.
    i stare at the wall every five minutes, chew on my pen passionately every five minutes, pee 1000000 times, change clothes and think about the meaning of life at least twice.
    and she works out in between studying? gOdDeSs

  11. Mis examenes finales duran 2 semanas e inician la otra semana, y hoy literalmete llevo estudiando 7 horas 😧

  12. i usually can't study or do work at the library because it is too crowded and cold. my brain doesn't work if it is too cold.

  13. Seriously your video motivate me to study. So everytime i need to study, i have to watch your video first omg

  14. I Think you are studying Atomic structure and some questions i saw where like the same question I do In INDIA and I am 16…and i see you are in college … No wonder The chapter is tough

  15. I wanna more study vlogs 😥😥😥😥 they are soooo inspiringgggg 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 thank you for you amazing work sis

  16. Nunca dejes de hacer blogs, me animas más a esforzarme en la carrera de arquitectura, de seguro en mi otra vida fui doctora.

  17. How you can study with music?
    If I'm listening music while I'm studying, I can't concentrate, I'm starting singing. 😂

  18. I'm not gonna go back on caffeine just because it's finals week.

    Me: Yes, you are.

    6:44 So I know what you guys are thinking…

  19. I watch this video

    Takes out my homework

    Write down my name

    Watch more Yoora’s video…

    iPad gets to 10% battery then I realized I did nothing

  20. I can't stop watching your videos, cus they are so relatable!! I am from Brazil and our routine is pretty much the same 💚💛 Love your videos!!

  21. i have no self control whenever my laptop or phone is beside me during studying even if i actually need for it studying cuz i end up ditching studying

  22. I legit have finals week next week and my dumbass is binge watching YouTube vids instead of doing my old homework I left and revising 😔😔😔

  23. How do you study with your phone right beside you and not even bat an eye to look at it? Like wow, only legends can do it.

  24. i've watched this so many times before, but i just now realize that she was working on rate laws, which is what most of my first semester of advanced chem at my high school covered lmao.

  25. me and my cousin always complaint about that we dont study our lessons enough. she find you and offered me, so we're studying now. thanks ^^

  26. "The most personal is the most creative"
    며칠전에 열린 아카데미 어워드에서 봉준호 감독님께서 수상소감으로 말씀하신 말인데 왠지 모르게 유라님이 생각났어요! personal한 유라님 영상이 사랑스러운 이유인 것 같아요 ! 영상활동 영원히 해주세요 ㅠㅠㅠ 사랑해요옹

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