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Final Fight (Double Impact) Xbox One Throwback Thursday Retro Gaming

Retro Wednesday or Throwback Thursday, whatever you want to call it. Sorry for low dialog audio. A place where I basically showcase retro and older games. Final fight in the 90’s had a blockbuster video version of the game that included Guy and Haggar. It wasn’t two player on SNES. Unfortunately, just 1. We are going to do 2 player drop in (online)on Final Fight Double Impact. Two games in one. Magic Sword, which is also a fine game. Most people say Streets of Rage (which is another fine 2D brawler) That (Streets of Rage) was a copy of this. I actually think Streets of Rage came first (Arcade version), not that it matters. They are both great games. They are both very similar. Really, Double Dragon preceded both of these games (Streets of Rage and Final Fight). Couldn’t just open the door? Gonna bust our way through. Andre the Giant! The subway in New York, once upon a time, did look something similar to this, minus the broken glass.

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