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Film Theory: Jon Snow is THE KEY to Game of Thrones

You’re 500 dollars off the lead, John Alright, here comes the clue for you This Seattle-based coffee chain was named for the first mate in “Moby Dick” I never knew my mother But it’s Starbucks Oh! You know nothing Jon Snow But don’t worry, I can help *Film Theory Intro Song* Hello Internet! Welcome to Film Theory! You know if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from all my years working on this videos, it’s that in the “Game of Theories” You either win or you DIE!! at the hands of the angry fanboys! But who knows!? That was for Game Theory Maybe Film Theory viewers will be more forgiving Augh! Just wait until I talk about Star Wars NEVERMIND!! Shameless promotion of Game Theory aside The HBO show “Game Of Thrones” has been an absolutely massive hit! Because of it’s stellar storytelling, captivating characters and uhhh… Well… OTHER THINGS! LOTS AND LOTS OF OTHER THINGS!!! but in all seriousness with the 5th season currently in progress This show has been presenting us with unsolved mysteries since episode ONE! Even the books have left us in the dark And when getting ready to theorize about this series There is no better place to start than with the mystery of Jon Snow’s MOTHER This detail is sooo important to Game Of Thrones that when approached to adapt his books to T.V. George RR Martin The book’s author ended the interview asking for her true identity Now, can we just take a minute to appreciate the mental image of George RR acting like the Bridgekeeper from “Monty Python” What is your name?
*poorly copied accent of the Bridge keeper by MatPat* D:Dan Wise What is your quest?
*another poorly copied accent of the Bridgekeeper by MatPat* D:Adapt your books to television What is the identity of Jon Snow’s Mother?
*another another poorly copied accent of~~ you get it* apparently these guys were able to answer correctly and if they can figure it out so can we Now before we continue, a warning! We’re gonna be treading beyond a wall into spoiler territory If you’re up to date with the show, then you’ll be fine. If not, well beware ye who enter Here, there’ll be dragons and minor spoilers and speculations For almost the first time I get to talk about a work of fiction that’s actually in progress So, this is pretty cool Watch the show then, watch this theory then, watch the rest of the show then go back and watch this theory again to see if I was right! and you could know it here first Alright! Let’s start with what we know! Jon Snow is the BASTARD son of… am I allowed to say BASTARD?? isn’t that like a bad word or somethin’? Watch out! Film Theory gettin’ all PG-13 up in here Jon Snow is the ‘Born out of wedlock’ son of Eddard Stark Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North The story we know is that Jon was born after a single night of passion about twenty years ago and has been raised by Lord Stark in Winterfell ever since We hear repeteadly from various characters throughout the series that Jon’s personality resembles that of a Stark FAR more than any of Ned’s other true born children except for maybe Aria So? Who are our suspects? Ned himself tells us the mother’s name is a woman named Wylla Well he doesn’t tell us it’s not like he went all meta and broke the 4th wall or anything No He says it to his close friend Robert Baratheon King of Westeros During the second episode of the series The story goes… that she was a wet nurse who somehow managed to charm Eddard into her bed while he was away from home fighting alongside Robert One thing leads to another and nine months later… Out pops the! and Ned being a man of true honor takes responsibility for the child bringing him home to Winterfell BOOM!!! Done! Open and Shut Case Cut and Roll credits Man! This Film Theory episodes are easy OK! So Obviously, it’s not as clear-cut as that Eddard Stark is Well, WAS a pillar of virtue I don’t care how much junk Wylla was carrying in her trunk Ned, was a type of man who always stayed true to his vows, to what was just. This is a guy who would trade his head for his honour LITERALLY In Season One we see him willing to die of starvation in a prison cell because he won’t lie about who the next king of the realm rightfully is. Eddard just isn’t the type of guy who would dishonor his wife like that and pulling a page from reading rainbow “You don’t have to take my word for it” King Robert’s brother, Stanis backs me up here in Season Five saying that “Bedding a tavern whore wasn’t Ned Stark’s way” and look at what Ned does when Robert presses him to talk about Wylla He nearly shuts down with agony clearly in his eyes refusing to speak anything but her name This is a man who wouldn’t’ve been able cheat on his wife even if he wanted to. Clearly! He’s LYING! You see loyal theorists Jon Snow’s mother isn’t some naughty nurse or random tavern wench but, instead Ned’s deceased sister Lyanna Stark Huu ho! Huu ho! When I put it that way it makes it sounds waaaay worse Get your minds out of the gutter This isn’t a Circe-Jaime Situation STOP TYPING YOUR RAGE COMMENTS Ned isn’t an Incestious Necrophiliac No! My theory is that Ned isn’t Jon’s parent at all that Jon’s mother is Lyanna Stark and that the father is actually Rhaegar Targaryan Now, if you’ve never seen the show you’re probably asking Who’s that?? and if you have seen the show you’re probably still asking Who’s that?? Because, seriously? Who is that? There’s so many darn characters in the show whose names are impossible to remember Seriously!? Roose Bolton!? I mean who took notice of that guy before the end of Season Three? Amirite? Okay! So, who is Rhaegar? outside of being the guy whose name is literally impossible to type correctly Well, he’s probably the most important character we’ll never meet on the show considering he’s dead But we do know a lot about him already He was Daenerys Targaryen older brother and Heir to the throne of Westeros We also hear in bits and pieces throughout Season One that he kidnapped and raped Lyanna and that Robert, who is engaged to her started a war called “Robert’s Rebellion” to bring her back At the end of the rebellion, he ends up killing Rhaegar but when they try to rescue Lyanna, she’s already dying. Lying in a bed of her own blood But beyond Lyanna, Rhaegar’s death actually had huge repercussions Resulting in the Tragaryan family being ousted from the throne Daenerys and her brother having to flee the realm and Robert Baratheon becoming King So a pretty big deal for a guy that we’ve never met So, what makes me say that we’ve been lied to when that Jon Snow’s parents are two characters that are already dead and that we’ll never meet Let me explain, although there have been hints here and there Last week’s episode actually gives us the strongest clue we’ve yet seen on the show, confirming this theory There’s a crucial scene that takes place in the crypts below Winterfell Between Ned’s e ldest daughter, Sansa and the sleaziest guy in the Kingdom of Westeros Lord Baelish
*Booing Sound* While they walk through the Hall of Fallen Starks Sansa mentions that her father never talk about a sister, Lyanna and that others said that she was quite beautiful This prompts Lord Baelish to tell a story about the only time he ever saw Ned’s sister. It was at a Great Tournament, where everyone who is anyone was in attendance. Basically, it was like Westeros’ Coachella At the end of the tournament, it was Rhaegar Targaryen who stood victorious and as his prize, he was given a crown of blue roses to give to the woman he believe to be the most beautiful in all of the Seven Kingdoms It’s a weird prize, but hey go with it So, of course everyone expected him to give it to his wife Ellia Martell cuz’ you know. It’s HIS wife! But he actually rode past her to give the crown to… You guessed it! Lyanna Stark Man!! That had to be an awkward horseride back to the old stronghold. Right? Shortly thereafter, he kidnaps her and well we know the rest of the story Or!? Do we? Did this guy really just kidnapped, raped and killed Lyanna because he thought she was pretty? Something tells me, you don’t romantically and chivalrously give a crown of flowers to a girl, if that’s what you’re planning to do a few weeks later and honestly, i’m not the only one to think so Sure, Robert Baratheon may badmouth Rhaegar on the show but everyone else gives the guy glowing reviews Ser Jorah praises the late prince when he discusses Rhaegar with his sister, Daenerys “Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly, and Rhaegar died.” Ser Barristan Selmy, one of the noblest and most honorable people on the show behind Ned Stark. Eagerly tells stories about how considerate and generous Rhaegar was “Rhaegar never liked killing, he loved singing” “And what did you do with the money?” Even Ned has nothing but kind words to say about to him in the books Which is odd when you’re referring to the man whose supposedly stole your sister and had a direct hand in her death Isn’t it much more likely that this kidnapping story is simply a cover for two kids who fell in love and did something incredibly romantic and incredibly stupid by running away together? We get an additional detail in the book, that’s after the supposed kidnapping Rhaegar hides Lyanna away in a place named the “Tower of Joy” Really??? The Tower of Joy? Subtle much? RR? Seriously though, these guys are fighting a war for him and he’s hanging out in the Belfry of Banging? The Minaret of Minaj? The Parapet of Pleasure? After Rhaegar’s death, the story we know is that Ned raises up the Tower of Titillation to free Lyanna, only to find her dying in a bed of blood with her last words being “Promise me, Ned” Now think about this, a bed of blood? Yes, it could be Rhaegar killing the girl. But childbirth, can also be a pretty messy business Then, she asks Ned to make a promise? Could it be perhaps a promise to raise her newborn child? Or to take it one step further To keep the child safe by keeping his true parentage secret I mean, you know, Robert would totally freak out if his beloved fiancee had a baby with another man Robert just started with a rebellion against a royal dynasty in an attempt to get her back. “Oh sorry, we we’re inlove” That ain’t gonna cut it It would make sense that Ned would have to claim the child as his own to cast off suspicion Then, when Ned returns to Winterfell with the baby Jon No one would ever know the boy’s true parentage Makes a whole lot of sense to me Additionally, we hear that when Ned rode for the Tower of Joy He and his companions didn’t find Lyanna alone No, three of the King’s guard were there standing watch over the Lady Stark Including the Lord Commander himself why would they be there instead of fighting or swearing allegiance to the new king or most importantly of all, protecting the only two remaining Targaryan’s Daenerys and her brother as they escape the country? Probably, because they we’re busy protecting another Targaryan A baby The heir to the Iron Throne of the Kingdom Jon Snow Need more proof? Ever wonder why Ned had such an extreme reaction to Robert trying to assassinate Daenerys back in Season One? How about the discuss and urgency he shows when Robert says he’ll kill every Targaryan he can get his hands on stakes are high because Jon Snow would also have Targaryan Blood meaning his life would be at risk or how about some MORE super recent evidence like the awkward scene between Jon and the Red Woman at the Wall in Season Five Where she attempts to seduce him The only time she’s done this in the past was with men who possessed royal blood Stannis and Gendry and now her latest target Jon Snow With the royal blood of the Targaryan’s coursing through his veins But the biggest smoking gun of all, comes from none other but Ned Stark himself or rather his actor, Sean Bean In an interview with Vulture Bean admits that Ned’s quote “Definitely got some unfinished business that needs to be resolved there, I’m obviously not Jon Snow’s dad and you need that to be revealed at some point, don’t you?” End qoute That my dear theorists is what you call, An open-and-shut case or desperate need for actors to sign NDA’s One of the two So, if this theory does prove to be true what does this means for the future plot lines of the show? Well, if Rhaegar and Lyanna got married before Jon was born He’d be the rightful heir to the Iron Throne Even more so, than Daenerys Which makes another odd scene on the show makes a whole lot’a sense We’ve seen this image a few times throughout the series Most notably, as one of the vision Daene sees in the House of the Undying The King’s Throne Room covered in snow. It could be a literal reference to Jon Snow which is a bit on-the-nose but, whatever, it’s television. OR, it could just represent that both Daenerys and the True King of the Realm have a connection with the Cold North Perhaps, it’s foreshadowing that before the end of the series. Jon Snow will be sitting on that throne It’s kind of poetic in a way, The North, and the wall, and the Starks symbolize ice Cold and Harsh The South, and King’s Landing, and the Targaryan’s symbolizes fire Hot and Passionate If Jon is the merging of these bloodlines, then he’s truly would be A song of Ice & Fire But, HEY! THAT’S JUST A THEORY! A FILM THEORY! and, CUT!

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