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FFRK Global Special 4th Anniversary Event : Rope Jump

Hello guys, welcome to my youtube channel. Today I’ll be featuring the special Jump Rope
Event from FFRK Global. Origin
******* This mini game started from Final Fantasy
IX once you play as Vivi in the beginning part of the game. Vivi can start the mini game by talking to
a child that is doing rope jumping. There are various rewards for completing certain
amount of jumps such as cards and key items. Like in the original game the jump will gradually
getting faster and faster after you start hitting 20 jumps onwards. FFRK Event
*********** In FFRK, it’s similar. Once you start the game, there will be a jump
button. Press it to jump over the rope when the rope
is about to trip you. There is one prize you might don’t wanna miss. It’s a Ultra Soul Break Relic for Vivi. Once you hit 40 jumps congratulations! You won the Vivi USB relic! So here I did a few attempts on this mini
game. This mini test our reflex action and timing. Timing and consistency is the key to winning
this mini game. Good luck and keep trying guys! Eventually you’ll win it! Thank you for watching! Hope you find it helpful! (^.^)(ฅ•.•ฅ)🌸

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