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FAMILY gets a PRINCESS MAKEOVER!! Adley controls our day with surprise Pedicures! (my first time)

(upbeat music) – [Mom] Did Daddy paint his toes? (upbeat music) Gross! – Hey, where’s my family? (giggling) (all yelling) – [All] Welcome to the best day ever! – And guess what? Adley’s the boss all day.
– The boss? Oh my goodness.
– She gets to choose what we’re doing. What are we doing first? – We’re eating popsicles. – What?
– Popsicles? – [Dad] It’s early, it’s the morning! – We can eat popsicles though. – [Dad] All right, looks
like we’re eating popsicles. Where should we eat ’em? – Outside. – So yeah, that’s right. This entire day, Adley’s
choosing everything we do. Unless it’s a really bad
idea, then we won’t do it. But almost anything she wants. It’s gonna be maybe fun, maybe weird. – Winner!
– We match tops. (Nico babbling) – [Dad] No, eat mine, Nico. No, eat mine.
– Eat mine. (laughs) – [Adley] Can I try yours, Dad? – [Mom] Sharing germs, are we? – [Dad] (laughs) A family
that popsicles together, stays–
– Don’t shove it up my nose! (Adley giggling) (Adley mumbling) – [Dad] Try mine? (Adley laughing) Nico, try mine. – Don’t, don’t.
(Dad laughing) Okay, what are we doing next, boss? – Princess makeover! – [Dad] What? – That means you get makeup on your face. – Not me, I’m a dad! – [Adley] You get to do it. – [Dad] No! – Yeah.
– I don’t know if I like that idea. Should we think of another idea? – No, we can’t. I’m the boss. – [Dad] Oh, you’re the boss, huh?
– She’s the boss. Maybe she means manicure. – What? – [Dad] Do you know what you mean?
– Man-icure? – Woman-icure?
(Mom laughing) I got an idea. How about you and Adley go
get your nails and toes done, and me and Nico hang out here, and play video games, and eat food? – How about Adley’s the boss,
and she tells us what to do? Do you think Daddy should
get a manicure and pedicure? – Yeah. – That means you have to get one. – [Dad] That sounds like
you’re persuading the boss. – Adley, what do you think? You’re the boss. – Daddy’s going to get a pedicure with us. – Yeah!
– No! Maybe we should go swimming!
– Let’s do it. – No. (Dad laughing) – [Dad] Can I really get one? Do they let boys? Yeah? – Yeah. (Dad laughing) – [Dad] I don’t know this stuff. I don’t know about this, Adley. – Mm-hmm. You have to do it, though. – [Dad] How come you’re the boss today? – ‘Cause it’s my idea. – Your idea? (laughs) It really was her idea. She’s like, “Guys, maybe
I’m the boss today.” And do you know where she got it? You got it from Parker
being a boss baby, huh? – [Adley] Yeah. – [Dad] Nico, what are you doing? – He’s going in the skate park. – [Dad] What? Hey, don’t go in the skate park! You get over here! (Nico giggling)
– I say no going in the skate park. – [Dad] And she’s the boss. Okay, should we go do
our princess makeover? I think we’re ready.
– Mm-hmm. – Ready? – I’m gonna look gorgeous. Okay boss, what do you
want me to wear today? Can I wear this? – [Adley] Mm-hmm. – Look good? What shoes should I wear, boss? – [Adley] I’ll show you. These. – What? (Nico crying) I’m sorry, Nico! He’s getting his bum changed. Hey, if I’m getting my toes painted, I’m not wearing sandals. – You have to, ’cause people have to work, see your pretty toes! (Dad laughing) – [Dad] Is this where we wait? – I guess. Watch this phone. – [Dad] Ooh, a massage? Ooh, this is a fancy day. Hey, good idea. (Adley squealing) – Is it working? – Oh. – [Dad] Does that feel good? (Adley giggling) – [Dad] Whoa, a princess massage? How’d you do that, what one? – [Mom] That one. – Oh. Ooh, this feels weird. (Adley giggling) – Oh. – Ah!
(Dad laughing) – Hey boss, what are we gonna do next? – We’re gonna paint
our foot and our nails. – Oh! Wait, what color do I have to paint ’em? – Spacestation Gaming. – Spacestation Gaming? That’s a good idea. What color are you gonna get? – Pink, and purple, and blue, and red, and pink, and purple, and blue, and red. – [Mom] You want rainbow toes? – Yeah. – Ooh, rainbow toes. (laughs) Are you getting a bum massage? – Yeah, I want my butt massaged. (both laughing) – Foot five! Whoa! (Adley laughing) – You’re too crazy. All right, I think I’m gonna do, Adley chose this gold for me. Then, maybe a gray and a light gray? Oh, that’s Spacestation
Gaming right there. That’s my pick. Can I do these colors, boss? – Yep. Hey mom, I need that color! – Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t want her to have green. – Mom?
– She gets to choose her colors, she’s the boss, boss. – I’m the boss.
– Adley, listen. Can I pick out your colors? – [Dad] Nope, you’re not the boss. – These are my colors
I already picked out. – I don’t like those.
– Hey, if I’m getting my toes painted– – Look at those colors. – [Dad] Those are beautiful colors. Purplish greenish, mixed with
green and pink and sparkles. – They’re gonna look terrible. – [Dad] No, they’re not. You ready? What one are you gonna do? The butterfly? There’s water in there? – Yeah. – [Dad] Have you done this before? – Yeah. Sit right there! (distant chattering) – [Dad] It’s blue? Why’s it blue? – I don’t know. – [Dad] I think I’m too big for this one. Where should I sit? – That one. – [Dad] That one? – [Lady] Is that okay? – [Dad] Yeah, perfect. Adley, I’ve never done this before. Good luck. – Yeah. – [Dad] You’re a butterfly,
it looks like you’re flying! – Ooh, I’m flying! – [Dad] Hey this is my
water, get out of here! Does it feel good? – Yeah. – [Dad] She’s clipping your toes? – That’s what Mom does. (Dad laughing) – [Dad] Mom, they’re clipping her toes. Your toes are gonna be so pretty, and my toes are gonna be so pretty. I’ve never had pretty toes before. (chuckles) That’s so funny. – Yeah. Purple. – [Mom] Purple? – Yeah. – [Dad] Purple? – Purple. – [Dad] The boss says purple. – Okay. (upbeat music) – [Mom] Daddy painted his toes? – Hey, I’m hungry can we
go get food next, boss? – Nope.
– What? – We’re going to swim next. – But I wanna eat! – We’re going to swim next. – How about eat, then swim? – No, swimming next. – I wanna eat! I’m hungry! – You’re not gonna eat! – Then I’m gonna eat you! (Adley giggling) – Should we look at our toes? – [Mom] Let’s see our toes. – [Dad] This is the weirdest
thing I’ve ever done for sure. – [Mom] Look how cut our toes are! Those are so pretty, Adley. Just like you. – [Dad] I can’t believe you made me paint my toes.
– What’s in there? ♪ We both belong ♪ – [Mom] Quit peeping on someone, weirdo. Oh my gosh. – First, we’re eating. – (gasp) What?
– We’re gonna eat first? Yes, I wanna eat, I
wanna eat, I wanna eat. All right, we’re hungry, we gotta eat. – I want chicken nuggets, and
ice cream, and then that’s it. – I’ll take a chicken
nuggets, and ice cream, and then that’s it. – (gasp) Guys, we should eat
chicken nuggets and ice cream, but that’s it. (Mom laughing)
– Should we do it? – Yeah! (Adley mumbling) Hi vlog! – [Dad] Did we get food? – Yep. – [Dad] Did we get Nico? – Yep. Look it. – [Dad] Hi, what’s up Nico?
– Hi. – [Dad] All right, now what are we doin’? – Swimming! – [Dad] Oh yeah! – Three, two, one, plast off. – Woo!
(Dad laughing) – [Dad] That was an actual blast off. – Do it again! (mumbles) – What? – We’re gonna do another plast off. First, I have do the numbers. One, two, three, plast off! – Woo!
(Dad laughing) – That’s true.
– I was really only going like 40, but it’s– – Yeah, no totally.
– I was! – [Dad] We were like
under the speed limit. – ‘Cause we were going
slow, and then you go you just accelerate fast, and it feels like–
– Yeah, I know, it was probably like 30, yeah. – It was like 40 or 50. – We do one plast off! – [Dad] I think she
always says “plast off”. – Yeah, so sad. – But, I kinda like it so
I’m not gonna correct her. (Mom chuckling) – [Dad] I don’t even if
we’re gonna use this, but I just have to document it anyway. Adley’s asking “Mom,
why can’t we go fast?”, and Jenny goes– – There’s cars everywhere! (crickets chirping) (Mom laughing) – She said, “Because
there’s cars way over there, “and we don’t know if they’re
policeman until we get close. “So you gotta wait and see.” – That was maybe a little honest
for a four year old, but– – You gotta be honest with them, that’s what makes them smart. (Adley mumbling)
– Are you smart? – Nope. (Mom and Dad laughing) We’re here! – [Dad] Hey, you ready? – Mm-hmm. (upbeat guitar music) – [Dad] Float, float, float! Ooh, good job! Oh, good job buddy! You are crazy, girl! Like an olympian under there. (Mom laughing) Is there underwater flipping,
is that an Olympic sport? – Isn’t that called synchronized swimming? – [Dad] (laughs) But no
one’s synchronizing with her, where you at babe?
(Mom laughing) – [Dad] Do you want mom to sync with you? – Yeah. – [Dad] There it is. – I don’t know what to do! – [Dad] You guys have one minute to plan a synchronized dance. I’ll keep an eye on Nico.
– Okay. – [Dad] Oh, you’re just
chillin’ back here. Are you vibin’? – Yeah. – Vroom!
– What should we do first? Jump splits? Is that what you’re doing? – Yep. – And then a front flip? – Front flip. – And then jump up and dolphin. – A dolphin. – [Dad] I love how she
knows what a dolphin is. She even knows to do it twice! She’s so smart! What’s your guys’ name? – Goggle Girls! – Goggle Girls. – Our name is Ariel too. – [Dad] Okay. – Three, two, one, go. (lighthearted music) – [Dad] Good job, Goggle Girls! – Woo-hoo! – [Dad] Oh, now there’s a
pirate out here! (laughs) (Adley singing) (Dad laughing) Wait pirate, I got an idea. – What? – [Dad] Let’s be friend pirates. – Okay.
– Let’s go attack Mom. – Okay.
– Let’s go. – No! No!
(Dad laughing) – [Adley] I got her. – [Dad] Attack ’em. (laughs) Get Ben! Ah! – [Adley] I’m gonna get that shark. – Get the shark. See if you can get me all
the way this far away. Ah! Did she get you guys? Get ’em! (Mom screaming) – [Dad] (laughs) Yeah! – I’m all done in this. – [Dad] Try and figure it out. Whoa, – My turn, my turn!
– that was tricky! (suspenseful violin music) Shark attack. (laughs)
– He bit me! Ow, that hurt! – [Dad] Shark attack,
babe you gotta be ready for those at any moment.
(Mom laughing) – [Dad] We have time for
one more thing before bed, what do you want to do? – Play with these ponies. – [Dad] Okay. Where are we gonna play with them? – Maybe in the toy room. – [Dad] Deal. – [Adley] I love my toy room so much. – [Dad] Me too. Hey, where are you? – So Dad, we’re playing all
this, what we opened today. Well, you know that. (Dad laughing)
– Remember we got these? – [Dad] Whoa. We opened all of these
on an Adley video, huh? – [Adley] Yeah vlog, you saw us. – This is a different vlog, look. This is Daddy’s vlog,
when we opened these, we were doing your videos. So, they’ve never seen ’em. – Food and ponies and the ponies can– – [Dad] Like shaving cream? – Yeah. Guess where the ponies,
– Mmm, Twinkies. – guess where the ponies room is. – [Dad] Where? – Up here, and the shaving
creams go right here. – [Dad] The shaving
cream goes on the roof? – Yeah. – Where’s the crazy one, we got one of these and it was a limited edition. Here it is. They were like these
little balls that had food inside of ’em for like toys
to play with, you know? And the gold ones are limited edition, and we got a limited edition soy sauce. How random and weird is that? I’m gonna be this pony ’cause she looks like Spacestation Gaming.
– I’m being these ones. – [Dad] Okay. – And my other pony. – [Dad] Ahh! Her saddle fell off. Hi, what’s your name? – Sweet Girl. – [Dad] Hi Sweet Girl, my
name’s Spacestation Pony. I shoot lasers, pew, pew, pew! – And guess what
– What? – my name is?
– What? – Pony Dancer. Like this ’cause I dance. – [Dad] What! I’ll shoot lasers while you dance. Ready, set, go. (upbeat music) Wow, this is so much fun! – Her name’s Pineapple Felina Bow-tie. – [Dad] Oh. Hi, Pineapple Felina Bow-tie. How are you? – Good. – [Dad] What’s this stuff, the blue stuff? – These is the poop. – [Dad] Ew! These are shopping carts, I
like to use them as Tech Decks. – [Adley] No Dad, guess what? This is your skateboard. – [Dad] Oh, that’s my skateboard? – [Adley] And then this is two, and then these– ♪ Skateboarding on Adley’s face ♪ – Dad, these two are for shopping, and this is for skateboarding, okay? – [Dad] Deal. Skateboarding. – I’m getting the poop out for them. – [Dad] Ew! – [Adley] Ew. – [Dad] Ew, you have
unicorn poop on your finger? She’s playing with unicorn poop. – Ew! – Mom, do you wanna play this with us? – Yeah! – Hey, guess what? We get our own shopping cart. – [Dad] This is my skateboard, look. – Whoa.
– I’m buying, we gotta share all these food, okay! – [Mom] And I want some golden soy sauce– – [Adley] Guess what? Guess what?
– Would you like some mini-Vaseline?
– No, we we share! – Yes.
– Hey, guess what! – [Dad] Who wants some chocolate? Open your mouth! – Ah. – In the toilet, I’m going poop in the toilet. – Ew.
– That’s a big one, here I think you need this now. – I need no wipes. (both laughing) – Oh, that’s weird. All right, we’re gonna
keep playing with toys. I love your guts, if you wanna
see us play with ponies more, you can watch Adley’s video.
– The poop’s gone, the poop’s gone!
– Otherwise, we’ll see you tomorrow for a best– – Come see, the poop’s gone! – [Dad] The poop’s gone. – Flush it down the toilet. – [Dad] Who wants to end this vlog? – Me!
– No, I want to! I wanna end it with my lasers! – [Mom] Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew! – [Dad] Ew! (upbeat music) (Adley mumbling) – Ew!
– Thanks for watching, bye!

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  1. i now realized why i watch Adly vlogs

    It's because i never had a childhood.

    Your videos & vlogs make my inner orphan 8 year old smile 😥

  2. Question: how many times a day does Adley 'end the vlog' before it's actually finished? Does Brandon have to edit twenty "Thanks for watching, bye"s out of every BDE?

  3. Adley did a good job i don't even know how to swim lol lol♡ by accidentally in the big pool I fel down but don't worry l am fine my dad help me byeeeee * pshhhh *

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