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Family Fun Playtime at the Playground with Chase and Egg Surprise Toys

– Hey guys, let’s go see Naiah and Elli. They’re at the playground. Hey, Naiah! It’s me, Marshall, give me a kiss. – Oh fine, Marshall. – Hey you! – [Elli] Mommy, I want get on this. – Hey you, Elli! Give me a kiss, it’s Marshall. Thank you. – [Naiah and Elli] Naiah and Elli show. – [Naiah] Elli you messed it up. (laughing) – [Voiceover] Who’s ready for a blind bag Easter egg challenge? – [Ellie] I do! – [Voiceover] Alright, wait a second. On the count of three, you guys have to find all the prizes I’ve hidden all around the playground. – [Naiah] Okay, you
saw it, we’ll find ’em. – [Voiceover] Wait, wait, wait. Go, alright, go! – [Elli] I found some of ’em! – [Voiceover] You found one! Alright let’s see. You got a prize. – Yeah! – [Voiceover] Alright, let me hold,
– [Elli] Socky! – [Voiceover] let me hold it for you. Go find some more. Kids, they didn’t see Chase. – Found a toy. – [Voiceover] Alright,
she found another one. Good job, Elli. Alright, keep searchin’, Naiah. – [Naiah] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Voiceover] Uh-oh, Naiah found one. Naiah found one. Did you find one, Naiah? – Yeah, it’s a Minion one. – [Voiceover] A Minion one. And guys, now you have
to find, we lost Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol. – [Naiah] What did you do? – [Voiceover] Can you find them? They helped me hide your
toy, your blind bags. Look at all these blind bags we got. – [Elli] Chase, Marshall! – [Naiah] Marshall! Let me see if I see him. – [Elli] Wait I think
there’s some red color. Look for red, red is his color. – [Voiceover] Look guys, there’s Marshall. Let’s see if Elli can find him. Where’s Marshall? Where’s Chase? – [Naiah] Chase might be here. – [Voiceover] Huh, I see Chase. There’s Chase! She got Chase! There’s Chase! – [Elli] Where’s Marshall? – [Voiceover] You gotta look for Marshall. – [Naiah] I think I
know where Marshall is. Hello, find Marshall. – [Voiceover] Can anyone find Marshall? Uh-oh, Marshall’s lost.
– [Elli] Marshall! – [Voiceover] What
happened? You see Marshall? You see Marshall, Elli? – [Elli] No, not here. – [Naiah] Marshall! – [Elli] I see Marshall! – [Voicever] She got Marshall! – [Elli] Here’s Marsh. – [Voiceover] Hi, Marshall! Woah! Can I see Marshall? – I found. – [Voiceover] Can you bring,
can you show me Marshall? – [Naiah] Touch this. – [Voicever] We got Chase. – [Naiah] It goes back. – [Voicever] And we got Marshall. – Let’s do it again. – [Voiceover] There’s Marshall. – Let’s do it again. – [Voiceover] So Naiah,
what blind bags did we get? – [Naiah] So we got Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, Thomas and Minions. – [Voiceover] Thomas and Minion, so look at all our blind bags. So Elli, why don’t you
start with the Minion. – [Elli] Oh, okay. – [Voiceover] Can you open it? You need help? Your Minion bag fell open! Look, we got a Minion
we have to put together. You wanna put him
– [Elli] I hope I get My Little Pony. – [Voiceover] You wanna put him together? – [Elli] Yeah. – [Voiceover] Alright,
let’s put him together. Alright, so we got a Minion
and he has a little popsicle. But unfortunately, when we
opened it, we lost his eyeball. – [Elli] Eye. – [Voiceover] See, that’s what
he’s supposed to look like. – He’s a blind one. – [Voiceover] He’s a blind Minion. Naiah’s gonna open the Thomas one. – [Naiah] We both gonna get the girl one? – [Voiceover] Alright,
there’s Naiah’s blind bag. Let’s see what she gets on the inside. What’d you get? – [Naiah] Captain Hook. – [Voiceover] Captain Hook? Oh this, does look like a
Captain Hook Thomas friend. He does look like Captain Hook. Here he is! It’s Salty, Captain Salty! Salty, hi Salty. Alright, so now we have this
My Little Pony blind bag. Elli you wanna get your
toy out the blind bag? – Wow! – [Voiceover] Woah! What’d you get?
– [Naiah] It looks like Pinkie Pie, more. – I got a bee. [Voiceover] You got Bumblesweet. She’s so cute. Bumblesweet, hi Bumblesweet. Can we have a kiss? Can we have a kiss, Naiah? Hi, Bumblesweet, she’s so pretty with her orange and yellow. Alright, so now we have
our Littlest Pet Shop and let’s see which one we get. So Naiah, you wanna get it open. – This one feels like, this
one feels like nail polish. – [Voiceover] Pretty how her
glitter, her hair sparkles. I’m so sparkly. So we found our pet. She’s sitting up there. She has a hat in a little bowl. And she’s right there. So let’s put her all together. – [Naiah] So this is
Marshall, Chase, and Minion. – [Voiceover] You got little–
– [Naiah] Little Pet Shop and, – [Voicever] Bumblesweet.
– [Naiah] Bumblesweet and, – [Voiceover] Salty!
– [Naiah] No you mean, Captain Salty! – [Voiceover] Oh, excuse
me, Captain Salty. – That’s more like it. – [Elli] I go way. – [Voiceover] These are cute! – [Naiah And Elli] Guys,
thanks for watching. (mumbles) – Here’s a picture. (humming)

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