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Fairly OddParents! Breakin’ Da Rules All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS2, XBOX, Gamecube)

time to get up sleepyhead I didn’t know
Jimmy had just his head just another day or two you have to get up Timmy we have
to prepare Timmy we’re leaving for our seminar weekend duty calls
we certainly won’t be having any fun this weekend and waddle away this
weekend but means something important Oh like rain is not with work you can go
sour well I think of something no can do Timmy you know we can’t be seen by
anyone but you m0c o there’s no time for rules I wish you would have to follow a
stupid rule you got it I’m betting this isn’t good news I’m
betting this is really great news but I’m not spending much it says here that
your wish wrote the rules so badly that the next person to touch them will steal
the wish power of a very stupid enough to grant such a silly wish okay
twerp here’s how it’s gonna be I’m in charge and you’re nothing
god I wish Vicky didn’t have that book well I wish you were still in bed asleep
so I wouldn’t have to deal with you and your freaky disgusting habit we’re in
trouble now we’re in some entity things now we’re spinning around in trouble
engineering we this is serious business it’s only a matter of time before
someone finds out what happens and we end up in family court
yay we get to see the judge super creamy justice for some unsuspecting creep some
unsuspecting creeps well I didn’t see that coming silence
puny theory Wow I thought that coming Jorgen von
strangle the most feared very drill instructor this side of the galaxy of
really unpleasant fairy drill instructors don’t worry I’ll talk us out
of it murder murder the case of the fairies
vs. Cosmo and Wanda is in session all right Cosmo and Wanda you have been
accused of losing your copy of the rules how you plead out feedback wait here and
Marti Thailand and Italy other than guilty will be met by loud shouting and
a terrifying display of my muscle tone my taking me lip Jorgen von strangle you
may begin the persecution thank you your honor
I call to the stand little timmy turner timmy video fairy godparents lose their
copy of the rules yes the Court finds the accused guilty and sentences them to
forty nine and a half hours of impunity service to recover the missing copy of
the rules or lose their very license forever um what was the first race again
and in your wand and your backup ones now tiny theories you can take these
training ones and get out of my sight forty nine and a half hours we’ll never
complete the impunity service in that time not without our real one not with
that attitude come on guys we can do this and I can do this test it’s going
to be a long 49 in a half hours training one stick Timmy if we’re to recover all
of the pages on the rules we really need your help what do I have to do I’m
pretty much everything but don’t worry we can help each to the basics you can
use the left analog stick to move around and the right analog stick to look
around just remember if you get stuck or you’re not certain or you see something
interesting talk to us and we’ll be there with some advice
talk to us lacks resides useful advice we can give you all sorts of fashion
tips right now so gun you’re so cool let’s move to the next part of the
training hon but vacuous again first it’s the universe is giving you a bad
point of view it can be mean like that you can adjust your new
I can’t jump high enough you can jump twice to do a double jump pumpkin it
places my fun and only two thirds the galleries be careful on these narrow fun
you have to get across and press that big red button what happens if I fall
off you’ll move downwards really fast it’ll be fun until you hit the ground
that is those crowds will come in handy they’ll give us a little more magic when
we have a hundred we get enough magic to give you another chance at a fast if you
fail the first time like in video games when you get a 1-up that’s about the
size of it those pointy things in familiar there with stars on remember oh
if I get them I can make a wish Jeff Ankeny fuck you need five stars then you
have to stand on a special wishing circus is that right you remember cause
holes I always said you’re not just a pretty face I must do if anybody whoa
a Crimson Chin card they’re super rare I prefer the medium rare so what happens
now that I have like stars you can make a wish and in return for a job well done
we get a page of the rules it slices on a regular wishing and when we get all
the pages back they’ll restore our own fairy whipping powers so what happens
now that I have five stars I can make a wish
we can’t do really big wishes but we will be able to help I like helping and
then I get four healthy what should I wish now you can undo Vicky’s went for
far to her great idea I wish I was awake ji-hyun I’m not sure we’ve got time to
read comic books I met your aunt able to read comic books but I haven’t read the
legislation yet maybe I could get some ideas from the Crimson Chin who are you
talking to Lane brain uh talking to your dumb comics Wow your language that I
thought and I thought you were pretty lame okay
I have an imagination I wish I could spoil your childhood fun
I wish the Crimson Chin became completely useless and I wish you were
trapped in his world so you could see just how pathetic comic books really are
uh-oh this doesn’t look good oh no Vicky’s wish is already coming true the
Crimson Chin is your force in this issue luckily the second half of her wish
hasn’t worked maybe I should keep my mouth shut when Jim Stowers gone I
wonder huh let’s explore we should probably stick our noses where they
don’t belong and maybe find some stars to power up waiting just in case my
kingdom you need to keep trouble at the bank
maybe we should prepare for a winch on five stars make a wish and wishes make
four heroes only noon dad it’s the daily gravity we’re late subtiles Hampton
indigo otherwise known as X ends and in give away the Qin secret I heavy cabin
Cosmo news Justin our villain with tremendous strength has waited the first
bank of chincinatti tremendous strength could this villain have the chin
strength hmm I just have to go somewhere there
Dillons escape to the other panel we have to chase the villain quest but
we’ll need to make a wish first the questing time
we’ve got a super strong as they were making a getaway with the contents of
chips in a tea bag I need to pursue a high-speed high speed pursuit
I said Nicholas let’s activate yourself doctor are you sure about this because
of look very safe ecology the putters male and without fear I gave it to stick
to a hundred is one am ia hero quake laughs think of a catchphrase before he
gets away hey Jackie was your flavor Dennis yeah
what a war – if it weren’t for that they dined on Claire look I rescued the
Crimson Chin strength I guess when Vicky wished his powers
away they had to go somewhere and that somewhere was a group of low-grade
criminals how to make good for themselves News but Tim is strong again wow I wish
I hadn’t clean back one defeated ah nice work crap now what we’re going to
need more wish power there must be more wishing towers around here somewhere
let’s search around is there trouble at City Hall it seems likely
there usually is let’s power up for a wish
preparation is the first rune of doing good my quest is tingling I said
something is wrong yeah where’s the mayor bad news captain
Cosmo the mayor has been kidnapped only a hugely charismatic person could
dissuade such a dedicated man from his work yeah spatula woman can she have the
Crimson Chin’s charisma and if so can she be stopped
I’ll bet she left for that open window I’m yourself with a wish before you
investigate never fear quest is here he was denied utility
quest oh there’s your chittering what about
the chittering and call captain Cosmo let’s kill it
catcher pearl your kin rang they’ll knock you into next week but not
literally right to the window spatula woman’s trail leads from there
oh forget your plan trays oh yeah um cleft what is whiter than white
oh that’s an flappy catchphrase work that gasps well here we are in an alley
there’s only one way to bachelor wanted to go cap she’s not getting any mirrors
let’s go the jig is up back to a woman ah cleft
you’ve done well to make it this far I really ought to hire a better help
nevertheless your heroism stop here we’ll never rescue you kento we’re
improving we’ll see you have two choices cleft join me or become a paddy beneath
my mighty spatula and your dreams your ever corrupt King Paulo look hello
why cry never pain in the kitchen anywhere else
I hate for the chins powers are being misused by but vulgar villain
I think pinky fitted over bumps oh thank you boys in wonder all of chincinatti
owes you a tremendous debt yes it is my reward mayor and yeah to return your
charisma to the Crimson Chin with the Crimson Chin’s charisma fully
restored Cincinnati once again celebrated its most popular hero or poor
man it’s super hero and suffers and so on
that’s because you’ve got prep sorry Timmy otherwise you shouldn’t even
attempt these stunts at home aren’t any late now but fine more with stars
there’s one for Minister Foyle I sense something proud of them within the fully
station what’s troubling the police station maybe I should find enough stars
for a wish before I save the day the overtaxed police have been
humiliated by a mysterious long-legged villain kill these arches I’ve seen them
in the Crimson Chin comic books he is evil but we’ll make the gifted it’s
tremendous speed it must be the Crimson Chin’s we’ll need to wish to keep pace
with their Cisco devious people do it beware we need a wish they will help you over
the rooftops and the canal villainous goons ever-resourceful
i cleft the boy chin wonder and just the same psychic very pleased activate the
kid grapple gloves sidekicks Riya at least he said please target wrestling
areas by looking around and firing and press action to punch with the force of
a thousand tins you have your catchphrase ready get chain swing and
turn left grandpa old hopper you have to reel it
in go back your evildoing days are over gilded
arches drat I didn’t count on the skill of the bunch in wonder these powers
shouldn’t be in the hands of villains it’s all cities fault
we should rest first the Crimson Chin speed is safely back
where it belongs how old or maybe not so safely
so Tim it may I call you Jim certainly my anchorman but don’t talk to me as we
stand here on this historic day bear chincinatti safe once more and it’s
dedicated protector me what’s more we story shining peak captain hood we have
but one brave sidekick to thank congratulations quest faithful boy chin
Wonder thanks to your heroic efforts these fine
people are safe once more Wow laughed how did you do it why did you do
it what did you do you see my babysitter stole the chin superpowers because my
god cards lost their magic powers so then I came into comic books a trying
out and also find pages of the road and I must have taken a blow to my head
during the fight what I needed with one mighty wheats our hero was free Wow ah
there you are dressed in crutches fun but I feel like being ordinary
mild-mannered timmy turner for a while can you fix it hang on hey your stupid
little dark-eyed friends are here my friends must be Chester and AJ we’re too
busy regaining our powers to play with your friends we have to find a rolls
Timmy or Jordan Monsanto will live up to his name and I hate being Jorgen hey Tim
you want to play games it’s a beautiful day outside so chart duty as kids to
stay in front of the TV kinda low guys well crap keep it down oh
that’s better I wish you parasites would just don’t
live in that stupid video game then you wouldn’t bug me all the time oh hey check out this cool VR suit
I wonder where a giant tester are entering little monkey oh dude who is
that that was the game I think maybe she and I could have a chat
excuse me a virtual voice lady she’s not very user-friendly now why do I doubt
that rouhani topping the virtual reality we had what
to do exteriors warming is and unstable that
would be the llama huh Timmy it would be best to stay out of the lava another
bath might be refreshing how do you know do you thrive on this we’ve got this
game with you oh yes we do and we haven’t used any cheat why your friend’s
a unready she does have a point bear no problem
Chester and AJ must be around here someplace we have to get across the water Kimmy no
that’s why I can’t wish 100 a snowmobile a team of musky dug secret do some snow
blowers oh wow well done Timmy a sensible wish Ben
suppose I didn’t get where I am today by being sensible Wow a sea of information
it’s probably best not to swim in it it’s possible to drown in an inch of
information let alone at sea hey Timmy this is a really cool game but I’m a bit
stuck at the moment I’ll get you out Ajay there must be a button or something
nearby whoa a hovercraft this is awesome I’ll bet I’ll have to do a challenge to
free Timmy through the rain gauge to complete the challenge ha I was right
let’s go I have freaking careful Timmy
watch out for this ouch cyber bees aah to the lowest pixel
plasma oh don’t worry guys I’ll defeat the bees okay let’s left hand lever
rotates me left and right tense I press the action button to shoot
pixel plasma right back Adam and star to bad guys that’s not fair you’re an alien
I’ll bet she’s holding them hostage in an evil cyber pentose of exactitude Wow
sweetie big words you must be an idiot savant you’re half right let’s go we’ve
got a mainframe in need a serious virtual spanking okay here’s a wish I
love it when he gets bad look at his eyes the intelligent look no the
dangerous one I wish for a way to crash victims see what I mean okay to need
your wish is granted when you attack you’ll fire data eating
disks of doom they love video games video games are
the candy in the data world aha a point field natural enemy is a guinea pig I’m
not sure about that hon but I think we can break through with Timmy’s dick
launcher a sacrifice feel to me this is an ominous walk way he’ll be pissed
Wiener exactly with the head we do so that’s a relief
Wow this must be the CPU look at all this guy ah it hurts my eyes
what el Timmy it’s the central mainframe oh and it has gender and age a
you happy here hanky I mean feeling in my toes I hate that sense locked up
feeling where I go now confuse it by humming breath band songs
or showed it with your data eating doing discs cool game Jimmy yeah can’t wait
for the sequel Wow we won well done Jimmy you’ll get great yeah
and we found more pages of the rules I feel more magical already enough games
tang for char’s uh see you later look Jimmy I could probably use some
fresh air anyway let’s go again let’s go then one more go can’t hurt oh boy catalytic Airbus this is so cool
did you pack everything yep and I’ve got all my merit badges let’s hope I can
earn a few more wait what’s happening where are you going to me we’re going
camping with the squirrely Scouts but what about our missing wish powers if we
don’t find the rules Jordan bond Fraggle will make sure we’ll
never be very godparents again Lorna I have to go to camp even though we’re in
trouble right now I’m just a kid and I have to do what people say
Timmy Turner get on this bus right now you don’t seem too unhappy about it
I love the squirrely Scouts but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to help you in
Cosmo and when were you two going to tell me about this print clearly Scout
is avoiding Wanda you know for boys is that so
yeah come on Cosmo hey what are you ready to be humiliated I’m ready for
anything but I don’t think to Milly Asians in the
car there’s no way these dumb squirrely Scouts are going to earn more merit
badges than my cream puffs this time who knows I want to have fun narator Vicky’s
know that irritating little wax there’s no way to score least out there
better than cream puffs it’s Sicily when the steam house are
under my control oh oh I don’t like the sound of that hey there right better water Timmy Timmy
wake up tomorrow all right well you to me got something troubling you Rhonda
what are you doing here this is a boy’s camp yeah so where are
they thanks to do sufu ask tomorrow
one is boys camp the squirrelly Scouts have been kidnapped
what what and that’s not all Vic has made another wish it was true babe to
tell what effect it will have what it’s like raising a diabolical oh
and uh that’s okay so it’s not Cosmo hey I wonder if Vicky’s wishes anything to
do with the kidnapping of a squirrely Scout we better check this out
thanks for the help sugar but this is man’s work as a scoreless kelp is my
duty to rescue any of my fellow Scouts if they’re captured by small girls
paragraph 23 eight handbook and I will for now I have my squirrely self skill
my plate and a pocketknife with furniture and he implements some which
have no parent you tank hey is that you sky what happened it was
it was horrible they came out of the darkness while we
slept well it’s a good thing we sleep in our uniforms turns guy who who are they
why the cream puffs of course we would have thought but the King so quickly so
silent least we didn’t stand a chance the cream puffs the cream puffs have
kidnapped the squirrely Scouts but why I don’t know thanks for rescuing me man
I just wish I could do more to help Nicky is camp counselor for the cream
puffs I wonder if she has something to do with this where is it something to do
with that wish she made I’ll have to avoid the cream puffs patrols if you
want to get much further use all your squirrely skills man use a drink for
cover keep out of their line of sight and anticipate their patrol routes it’s
going to be tough thanks guys you stay here you’ve done your part I’ll fight
for you now for all the squirrelly Scouts I’ll spare a sight
keep to the shout and just think this cream puffs terror scouts honor
it’s a cream puffs that girl versions of us when we fight yeah but that deal
yourself and brave and staff huh so how come they managed to kidnap all
the squirrely Scouts I better not get spotted there may be
more around I want to get captured to hide behind devils and don’t run in
front of her and watch her portray rings let’s go didn’t look that looks like
there’s a squirrelly Scout trapped in there bud
they got you too coming asleep Timmy it was horrible
any idea why the cream puffs are doing this but it’s not like them not like
them at all I heard something Timmy I heard one of
the cream puffs talking something about badges oh and a name Vicky Vicky I knew
it Vicky D robot pure evil but I guess I gotta say sir check
gimme you can’t stay here it’s dangerous I know there are green paw patrol
everywhere I wonder what’s gotten into them their
counselor Vicky she’s insane Timmy she’s using the cream
puffs as her private army you stay here Chuck I’m gonna find some
way to defeat Vicky she’s my babysitter so in a weird way she’s my
responsibility Wow it river rapid named after the first
pioneer to practice Charles Stirling’s in rivers sure does go fast how they’re
going to get across I wish I guess but we need wander for that and she’s still
mad at me I’m mad at both of you folk if you go to camp without me we’re sorry
Wanda luckily Vicky’s which is allowed us to continue our quest four pages of
the rules while we’re here otherwise I’d be really mad you don’t want to be that
I’ve seen it horrible so you’re helped me wish sure can even
we need those pages and you’re not netting me anymore that would be a
little too much – it’s for Cosmo dear yeah that’s what I thought have to cross river rapid and a lot of
ideas come to mind mind you and math to my mind if we can cut some of those
trees down we can make natural bridges I thought of that kind of Kinney we’re
waiting what I do wish something to make tree bridges with green great I do love
bunny who and whatever I combine to powerful tree cutters is the ultimate
pre-selling device a beaver chainsaw a chain beaver act weird like Annie take
one of our our baby I just doing the cuttin hey Marvin red get here geez
Tibby am I glad to see you you got any Intel on their ops anything
you know about the cream puffs could be useful the cream puffs are in a weird
sort of days they do what they’re crazy counselor
says without thinking and she rules them with an iron hand sounds freaking Marvin
like iron hands rust and I’m just a scout to get them wet Joe any news on
the pups in Vicky Timmy it’s out of control she’s trying to force our scouts
to admit that cream pods are better than we are
I thought it might be something like that you better get back to camp squirt
soldier Turner yes Timmy can’t creampuff is at the head the
techniques you’ve been using up to that won’t work on their home turf we need a
pan I gotta get close to Vicky’s to foiler insane plans a wish would
probably be an order you need to get into camp cream puffs we could use a
distraction or a decoy an octopus that will distract them don’t think so Cosmo
hmm what about a disguise good idea Timmy
we’ll make a cream puff out of you yet ignore him Timmy wait girls will stick
together ha ha ha Timmy’s a girl ha ha ha ha ha ha ha is such a bad idea
oh you who are you oh I’m one of you ah kimantha you know at amantha don’t
think so is that a French name I um I’ve been on special assignment reporting
directly to Vicky she’ll be mad if he doesn’t hear what I have to tell her
Vicky nerd come in commander ma’am hi there are you ready to dance the secret
dance of identification as ready as I’ll ever be
but no cameras okay on you have to dance to prove your cream puff do you want to
be a cream puff now here’s where you start paying with sweat ah the magic wore off I would just get
used to it Wow look at all these merit badges there
must be billions maybe not one but there sure are lost they’re all packed with
wish power oh the shame we can’t expect some of it off with a bendy straw Nikki
must have wished for them but why I wrote a wish let me think what she was
warned there’s no way that squirrely Scouts are better than cream pumps
especially when the cream puffs are under my control
I just wish I had the badges to prove it that’s it these badges are the source of
Vicky’s power she only has control of the cream puffs because of his wish
charged merit badges she obviously doesn’t know that the value of a merit
badge lies in the wounds of learning new
skills rather than in showing off to others Wow who’da thought there be a
moral to this madness the more badges Viki has the more power she has how can
we break the wish I hear something go go go with Viki what that’s it you’re mine
my back is my beautiful badges oh maybe I better run away now that’s the final
straw I’m gonna make your life resurrect a me turner oh no this doesn’t look good
stop huh we’re sick of you bullying people Viki
yeah we don’t know why we let you push us around
but it’s over now look how dare you but I broke once and for all that throws our
men and boys and about what you wanted you just proved that you’re a greedy
bully now leave or you’ll answer to us y’okay yeah I’m sorry I was mean Wanda
that’s okay hon it’s not exactly an unfamiliar experience but at least we
help Timmy find more pages of the rules yeah amazing is that we keep on being
Timmy’s very daring and I think we learn something today
dad I learned that Timmy looks funny as a girl and that it’s really hard to get
marshmallow out of your hair I learned that girls and boys are and it
would taste woody and three new uses for jell-o and had a bell or a set of
underwear and have so which direction to going from the color of the dish and how
to put out a campfire using only wetbacks and the burnt wetbacks are
really uncomfortable and maybe I should have a bath it’s been three weeks by
some privacy please shut it shrimp it’s not a job to
persecute you and out ah there’s a spider in the bath can I guess you’re
scared of spiders right I suppose you like spiders I guess you yucky things
stick together don’t worry I’ll rescue the spider and
pop it after window he’ll come back this bath is so filthy it attracts evil I
can’t even look at it without getting sick it’s so needs cleaning I wish there
was some way you could scrub every little nook and tiny it’s a dusty cranny
I want it spotless turn our you creep come back here and clean this bad I do so helpless what kind of berry good
sir I can’t even answer a wish snap out of it we may be able to bring
enough power from our Wang for one little wish all right gimme it again
house is safe goodness honey your quick thinking saved Timmy
that so could help in this deadly environment
well this hours pretty cool I bet it is all sorts of petrol and gadgets and
weapons well yes did you like cleaning you can
attack to UM clean stuff okay but my savings thanks guys well it’s a long way
back we better get started and keep your eyes open for which stars
we’re gonna need them whoops boy those piles made from him do we have to step
on them they’re made of grind oh yes we will be
leaping across them I wonder what grime is grape and line
maybe I’ll have this first wish time well we have to cross chasms breaks bye
uh-oh let’s just call those ropes shall we
what’s it going to be Jimmy I guess I want to walk looks like that crimson
tears oh and dr. products response axis Thomas was here once a brotherhood of
ineffectual evil what’s the fuse our imagination guide
this isn’t quite what I had in mind well it’s the best we can do you’ll be
able to walk across automatically you just have to worry about which direction
you’re watching in how cool is that I know you guys try I guess I should just
say thanks but I won’t the only way is that there’s no wait Timmy can make it
without some help let’s make a wish I like being useful
you have to jump upward why not sure you can do it without a wish I wish for my
jumping palace super jumping powers why didn’t you say so by utilizing the
innate craziness of the Cosmo plunger patent-pending
you can sail high into the air so just have some fun devises do you mean
flickering strip lighting what we’re free Oh tell me you were so great well
you’re the best jumping plumber in the world what was that
you know hug I hate to say it but Vicky was right this pump is filthy not only
does he it’s alive ah I guess I better find enough stars to make a wish before
whatever made that noise finds us quick wish this time sweetie yes I put
some up in it I don’t know what’s making those sounds but it won’t stand a chance
against our no suds Oh stink taking fragrance bombs oh they sound cool in a
domestic kind of way oh you look so handsome when you do the housework she
always tries telling me that but I don’t believe her ha
I’d like to see that that thing out there frighten me now springtime fresh winter white no one
fighting giant room I haven’t got this clean in years how we managed to win
some pieces of the roof and we’ve come closer to regaining our powers and we
outwitted Viki by doing exactly what you wanted us to do ha ha ha here you are
and talking to yourself again what is that bath going to be all done time for
cake man I can’t believe it Viki have your wish power sorry um but we’ll fix
it once we have the pages of the rules hey twerp why aren’t you doing your
chores it’s starting the most exciting day of the week
I don’t do chores on Saturday this is exciting it’s a dull morning in a
downtown Washington happen on a Saturday a circus could arrive dinosaurs might
escape a nearby government facility aliens might attract resilience would
attack at least that would be more interesting than what’s that all right
this better looks good what’s worth having your brain sucked
out through a bendy straw by aliens or being babysat by Vicky hmm I guess you
have a point oh look an alien looks like a
yugopotamian those test to you go potatoes
hey nice things I guess we’re going to find out just how nice you can be I got
five guys I can make a wish use it wisely sweetie or just have some fun
well I need a way to get through these beaten up houses they are pretty wrecked
I suppose a few more homes wouldn’t be a problem
we are power plums now Timmy use ester break them
just punch away and unidentified flying objects
I might invited to thank you that’s a full five stars
my wife is coming what are you going to wish for this time surrounded by aliens
of numbers I’m good this job or crash if we had enough power we could conjure the
real crash but we’ll have to make do with Timmy in a spacesuit I have to
activate that justice cannon green sauce pillow terror upon your alien foes they
make that whoa now what do I do find the control don’t be scared huh
what would crash nebula do you find the control room DP but I’m not crash nebula
you’re better you’re real you take the alien guards and take ya they won’t
kidnap my neighborhood not if I can help it that’s the spirit
did you say something already they control the trip and rescue Vicky rescue
Mickey not if I can help it there’s no way forward
I just want me to move the blocks damar press a button five stars
let’s wish if there is anyone I wish I could fly like a plane yeah jetpack I’ve
always wanted to conjure up a diskette just jump twice to start looking around
oh we don’t have much power so um it won’t hold you up for too long it’ll be
enough uh where are we what is this who is this
tiny earth creature he controls our ship you must be a mighty warrior you have no
right to kidnap people or suck out their brains with bendy straws Oh what appears
to be challenging us so be it tell the earth warrior of the pre-test
irritating ramming guard oh yes sir to save your people you must be as strong
and fearless as are we first test of three attested power you must cross the
field of flowers come on Jimmy let’s go these oily alien
women made up but not literally honey if flowers fail to fill our foe we’ll
hide our fearful looks of woe and ask the warrior if he’s ready to face the
terror of the Teddy’s its planet is really weird
I’d be weirder how can this be those cute fluffy bears give even me
nightmares so these are things know nothing of fear only the mighty come
this far but the toughest test of all remains the horror of the chocolate bar
filled with sugar packed with pain is raining pattern changed I think he’s
scared for their wine we checked it out what terror will bit/s pretend it was
perfect you say to me baby my husband
I fear the earth warriors cheesy grins us most gluttonous queen our space
Empire stands at the crossroads one wrong word may ruin us all just want all
the Earth’s people restored you exactly as they were before you invading okay oh
yes of course all will be restored Oh flawless of
beings and I’ll have that in writing please ah the hideous word please
fails to burn it home and now Oh noxious one all right we’ll honor our bargain now we got home okay everything’s back
to normal and we got some pages at the roof yes we saved the neighborhood and
retrieve some pages of the rules it looks like everything worked out
perfectly or maybe not I hate school I can’t believe we have to go on a
Saturday so Nicky’s fault she has extra classes and because she’s my babysitter
this weekend so time to go to school too it’s so unfair I should probably make
some dumb wish too at least that would give us a chance to find more pages of
the rules that’s if my teacher crackpot Crocker
doesn’t detect a wish power and try and get it for himself
oh I don’t like him adults shouldn’t believe in fairies it’s madness and he
won’t stop until he proves that we exist I don’t want to be proved and the way ah any turn are you creeps you planned that
you didn’t have to stand there you just got unlucky
I’m always unlucky I wish you got all my bad luck for a day then you’d see how
difficult my life can be you hear that bad luck she said not to
miss Turner doesn’t know it isn’t so here we are useful on a Saturday how
good life possibly get any worse that it’s creepy here it feels empty with a
silence that I don’t like all the other kids are at home hon probably having fun Kimmy we’re in trouble
that was unlucky that’s what we’re trying to tell you the school is full of
anti-fairies they bring bad luck I can’t see anything ladies hello timmy turner you know
you’re quite famous in the fairy world we’ve always wanted to play with you
back back evil aunty series Oh No auntie days in the school and up with no
powers hi ma’am Vicky we’re still mr. crocker finds the auntie berries you can
use of a prove a theory we have to catch the edgy berries before you know than
them we have no choice but to look for which stars we’re going to need wishes
to get out of this one what we can autumn ourselves against the
anti-fairies Oh whisper a halibut or maybe a herring mmm something a little
less fishy please I wish for an anti-fairy capture device available from
all good retailers and on the Internet whoa nice one guys it’s a lucky
horseshoe powered anti-fairy magnet it’s a magnetic rod you can use it any
time we’re near an anti-fairy site I mean I’m sorry about me some other
figures if you keep the anti-fairies snagged in the beam for long enough
you’ll capture it dan what’s there captured there under your control
they like that what I’ll give them bad luck
so you made it this far but this is the end of the line for you
say your prayers anti-fairy yeah this is the end of the line they are you already
said that good luck it can only mean one thing we
are not alone what’s hide here and wait I don’t worry it’s only babies yes yes
fairies it must be very serious it’s cracker all
right and he’s still obsessed with fairies oh
we can’t be caught Jorgen von strangle is angry enough already
I’m not scared of cracker or Jorgen no wait yes I am I care about it don’t
worry I’ll just avoid Crocker while I collect more wish stars we’ll rope we
can create a magic device that will warn you of how quote Crocker is that’s right
if the croco beater is green you’re safe if it turns orange crackers getting
close and if it turns red I’m Randy Hermes Robin we’ve got enough
power for wish Timmy he needs some speed there are still two
anti-fairies left and we have to get to him before cragger does you have to pass
through the school sports fields and Park you up next I wish for some super
speakers to make our progress easier sounds like fun Wow cool branches I
thought you’d like them oh you’ll jump higher now much higher
excellent let’s try them out is it going well stepping on cracks in the sidewalk
is really unlucky but I shall dispense with the opportunity to put your mother
in traction and instead try and get you to break your back little boy hey don’t
make me mad brat you passed my little playground
obstacle course peace oh that sounds familiar it’s Crocker again and look at
all these doors he can be behind any one of them fairies no no no berries here
they must be somewhere where are the theories will reactivate the krakow
meter it should give you some warning if these clothes do you remember the colors
of course i you green a safe orange everywhere red is run like that and
purple nice answer hazy ask again later now let’s finish charging r1 i want to
get away from this corridor as quickly as possible we also need to open up
those locked doors ahead well it’s illusions obvious here it is Jimmy if
you would the wish mm-hmm I wish for whatever cosmos thinking oh
oh it’s not safe and cosmo head series are jetsons awesome
diorama watch inside me isn’t it great gimme will doing forward you disgusted
are moving left and right index M okay yes I love her great yeah oh you know
what that means that’s right seven years Adam I’m bad
luck hahaha it’s a very empty final the final
variant i dnt final berry the final and today
that’s release return Simon Turner my pal absurd like you should have been
terrified of my book face bad luck I met skinnier books or you like prepare
to be magnetron elated what’s that a bee fairy have it Timmy so keep it for
yourself and use it oh I think sorry beginners oh honey I know we have a
janitor woo a phone booth let’s call Jimmy I guess you to them for
that Timmy you better look around first your ground cave beneath the school how
quote no I’m not in right now I’m out catching them doing my shopping but
please fling yourself into my defensive stasis field after the tone and I’ll get
back to you as soon as possible baby I can get through those fields I just have
to tired of I know this is Crocker speakers very touching later and his new
super secrets are detecting and catching Ben wow you know a lot hey it’s a beer
out of the tires now Cosmo we shouldn’t be encouraging such anti-social behavior
I’ve got a better idea since these anti fairies are under our control now what at the dairy with my government
that will keep Crocker off our backs for a while
wow that was one long weird dance school oh no is Crocker boy is he in for a
surprise oh my beautiful then I guess Crocker’s
fairy catching van Kyla fairy after all but not in a way he expected did you
enjoy your extra day in school for actually it was a refreshing change
ah no not this time Thurs you’re right okay that’s does it aha a babysitter they’re always fun that
was a great day yeah we kept Airy world a secret bpmdj I collected some pages of
the room down at whoa I haven’t even started to annoy you yet you’re already
at DEFCON 4 if you mess up my history homework timmy turner I’ll kick your
butt and any other part of you my leg will reach you don’t need any help
messing up your no word Vicky not of these answers or anything to go by what
are you saying that my answers are wrong my answers are so not wrong and I quote
that Egyptian pyramids or called pyramids because of their distinct is
sex bell rung cube shape what’s wrong with that huh Vicky pyramids are
pyramids you know like big pointy triangles
I don’t care my answers are better anyhow you brat I wish you could see
that history would have been so much better the way I wrote it
oh I guess I shouldn’t annoy Vicky while she’s got magic powers
now go away my homeworks all done I get to relax with chocolate and the latest
issue of evil babysitter monthly ooh a whole section on psychological torture
wrong me the great Vicky rustic torts though out of it it’s like you’re living
in the past I wonder where when I am Cosmo Wanda hi
I’m Timmy hey good shout by the way yeah we heard
you from a thousand years away that’s quite a fairyland you got you guys
recognize this plate you’re duelin its medieval Britain in the time of a great
King Arthur oh there’s a castle over there
luckily I Dickie all the English poor dude Vicky wished history into a
mess that sent me back in time I guess I should try to fix things let’s see what
she said about King Arthur we taste young square a many nutty sunny landing
on Emani Nene Oh Kimmy good day to the bazaar strangers would that I could
offer both fashion is creeping but whoa buy it isn’t so sick with disappointment
I am cold alpha by the way how are you cold
usually by shouting people are always shouting at me from yonder in the light
for dude I can’t why is the fat so a melody afflicts me
tomorrow’s dog heralds a great event I saw drawing competition for many days
have I anticipated his reverie yet alas I cannot compete as my jealous sister
has contrived to implicate me in her own hobby schemes verily am i grounded What
did he say he’s sad because his sister framed him and now he’s not allowed to
take part in this sword pooling competition it’s in Vicky’s all her
homework said that the sword Excalibur was pulled from a stone by a girl
because whoever pulled the sword from the stone became Britain’s ruler in
Vicky’s version we have Queen Morgana not King Arthur and thy tongue is
tossing strange sir I do not understand thee
perhaps five years be filled with wet don’t worry sir Arthur sir I’ll fix this
I have a cutting plan something looks wrong why is that ground
a different color hey Tess medieval my breath a powerful remedy against the
only diseases such as great that and closing toe
actually I think it’s probably a trap try not to step on it look a night we
can’t let anyone else stay up hideous why not I want a job my superior
knowledge of science and philosophy and TV shows why is right Cosmo we could
change history just by being here there’s no point in fixing Vicky
mistaken if I’m just gonna make more of my own we should be able to sneak past
people if we’re still cool what you gonna wish for Kimmy I need a way to get
over the black eggs the past isn’t designed for short people how about some
sort of grapple rope Savo a crossbow how would that help well it
fits the medieval being here oh I wish you guys would just work it out what if
we make it that crossbow with a grapple plunger you guys are the best
we like to think so well look for targets when you see one aim and shoot
all right Wow Excalibur the sword in the stone whoever
pulls it out rules all of Britain know what it’s tiny it doesn’t even have any
mom you’re going to have to pull the sword out to me but only the true king
of England can go with scaliger out and the people have to believe that our Tsar
did it that’s where our magic comes in yeah we got a little more magical earth
backing this time we can pull the sword into thinking that you’re Arthur but you
have to help us try to pull out the sword then keep going really fast to
help us with our magic just make you’re playing a video game and you have to
press the button real bad it’s like that but totally different I’ll try once the
guard leaves again this boy he grew Excalibur he must be
the proof king of England I must tell everyone this car just saw
Harbor pull out the board the magic aura Jimmy don’t let him see you with the
sword I gotta get the sword back to Arthur
head for the wool we’ll never make it out through the castle my good and
faithful friend I know not what magic transpired this day but do you have
Excalibur Kurt sorry pull it out while disguised to look like you oh don’t ask
but if you take it back you can pull it out again and prove that you’re the one
true king I bet thanks to you if I am to become
king I will have the means to well reward you oh why I’d love one of those
big lousy prop women we’re here oh no time Arthur what I was nice to meet you
I fear were for public fucking a sensible language some time soon
and move and watch out for that Lancelot he’s trouble
hey I’m King how cool is that hot dandy
bigot we’re in ancient Egypt guide Oh what luckily I speak ancient Egyptians I
wear dark headed man Gilbert testings birth had a tough trip okay Kimmy what
did Vicki not know about Egypt well everything is the obvious answer but I
think our main problem is the pyramid Nicky thought they were cute square
pyramid that’s weird you can stack them up a lot easier that
way so we have to convince the builders that a pyramid is the new in shape for
goons this even that’s about the size of it forget it man buy a throne carrying
an egg that means let’s get on with it it probably doesn’t matter if we’re
seeing here but the Egyptians may not be friendly ah
can’t we talk to someone I want to try out my new words one of right cardinal
let’s be careful Oh wish time okay Cosmo Wanda we need some sculpting to appear
what do you think how about a hammer that’s almost too big too laughs good
thinking sweetie you’re always one step ahead you got that right
you guys make one big mallet find big blocks of stone then get them to knock
them into pyramid and I bet now that we’re Americans you could knock the
ground by the guards when they fall over I’m feeling seismic I love you guys you
know just with a growing boy knee funny he’s not here Cosmo no I see what you
mean you’re under the desk right guy I bet these mummies fall over as I whack
the ground unum just like anywhere else now this is what I call Sam but everyone
calls dan Wanda except Egyptian who call it three wavy lines and last a pyramid I
need the square Minh we still have to get these Egyptians into the pyramid
vibe let’s get jumping all right Lee smash it with a hammer all that
hammering has worn me out you should try being my hammer I find gonna Cosmo
hammer a lot more that gasps but I think we get it the Egyptian seemed very
interested with a little fairy magic we should be able to see what will happen
yes look they took the bait they’re going to alter the square of its
appearance quick dance ah no time to sign our name two circles coming
together close Cosmo eight Egyptian twist through time like a leaf in the
wind how irritating don’t worry hon just think of Vicky
grade point average after this okay guys when are we now hmm nice architecture
this seems like a really cool time oh is it Canada ancient Canada
I’m guessing Canada I miss me right sorry Cosmo according to Nikki Tomac
we’re in Greece ancient Greece hence the smell of cleverness yep it’s
well-known that ancient Greeks were especially brainy who would an outfit
right in let’s see what is Vicky messed up here well she has a Greek eating fine
food and drinking fine wine what seems okay but no she says here that the
ancient Greeks hated sports the Greeks practically invented sports
their games are world-famous for sporting excellence are you sure the
Egyptians didn’t invent sports and then a lot of things I know I was just there
we have to turn these Greek gourmets onto sports guys or I’ll never get to
see another Super Bowl or World Series again and that cannot allow you know
what much of an athlete dubby ain’t gonna have to avoid keep looking well
better-tasting sorry don’t look at us mr. god we’re not here what’s the plan
guys same as usual hon let’s wish I kind of int what am I going to wish for this
maybe that’s your job duty so as far as you care if you wish for something
stupid like a hammer or a TV oh I’m hammer and one chisel now let’s find the
statues would wish on we’re proud of you this looks like a fun challenge oh I
love obstacle courses stay obstacle courses
look guys there’s a button I bet that first two challenge Wow
the Greeks are really taking this for Wow
thank you do this every four years does that fix all of Vicky’s tampering with
time Timmy I think so which means time to go goodbye
ancient Canada I love you it’s Greece Greece yeah great peace is the word it’s
got groove it’s got meaning grease is the time it’s the place it’s emotion
okay I’m leaving out whoa I only just got back and you’re already
at DEFCON 4 if you mess up my history homework timmy turner I’ll kick your
butt and any other part of you my Lego reach hold on haven’t we been here
before yeah you always show up to annoy me just when it’s time to relax you
finished your homework done yes I have and it’s all correct I am a genius so
all my answers must be correct I’m not so sure
no Timmy don’t make a wish the same wish again looks like we got back before we
left be careful what are you saying that my answers are
wrong my answers are so not wrong oh no you’re right a genius can’t be wrong I
agree with you completely I’ve been off their tired face and Vicky
is still a Duggar person our net sums up perhaps just drinks in my phone please
don’t do that what are you doing here your babysitters
my directors staring I know that but why are you here because I love you of
course and I’ll always be here for you and anyway I had the last Vicky’s dog
joy go today I love dog I’m going to get one of my
own hi Trudy yeah are you okay hon we heard barfing
noises who we came to watch hey you guys can’t interfere with true love right
that’s one of the rules that’s right so can you tell us – he really does love me
it’s a sickening thought that I’d like to put by ah it’s possible hon but I
doubted kids tend to be in love with their pets in their parents until they
grow up and they’re got tears of course especially if there’s open with me well
that’s a relief I guess now back to that milk if
everything’s okay we’ll go back to our Bowl yeah I was in the middle of some
serious swimming I think there’s some parts of the bowl I haven’t even seen
yet twerp hi Vicky Judy said she scared you good ha ha ha timmy turner’s scared
of my little sister it’s only natural to be afraid of your family Vicky most
people agree that avoiding you a sensible oh that is so not true
we’re very popular especially me you’re so irritating it’s my job to make sure
you earn your overinflated babysitting money you annoy me so much why can’t you
be easy to babysit I wish you were as easy and fun to take care of and my
lovely doggie do I go oh no when will I learn
even if Vicky doesn’t know she has magic powers she’s too dangerous to mess with I’m Trudy quick your name whoa whoa I’m
on my way to the my little doggie would you like to come with me woof whoa
I’m gonna call you Timmy after my soon-to-be boyfriend
you can be my doggie we’ll be together are we there promise I love you so much well hello there little fellow here the
pet store is looking for fine animals like yourself but we’re not doing
anything sugar locks I’m exploring hey where’s Timmy go let’s go find him
I’ll hold it on his familiar penis what’s this what laughs oh this isn’t
Timmy it’s an adorable little puppy dog wait look at him there’s something timmy
is about him now that you mention it there’s only one
thing is adorable is this card and that’s Timmy or a monkey I love monkeys
uh-huh and Kimmy’s been a dog before oh dear I have a bad feeling about this
let mommy pop I had an idea that other time Timmy was a dog and I pooped this
up just in case whew that’s impressive sweetums
what does it do I know what I think you’ve gotta help hey that’s my voice oh
my it’s a doggy translator you are my hero sweetie yeah I know yeah
what are you waiting for word I wish there was a human again sorry hon but
something’s wrong I don’t think we’re that short on power huh maybe someone is
in love with the Timmy dog we can’t use magic to interfere with true love oh no
I bet extruding to take your little sister she said she loved me so I ran
away and got captured and sold to this pet store then we have to consider not
to love you which might be difficult to yours oh so you can’t turn me back into
human unless I make you any fault cut along with me also
I have to escape the pet store in all mouth what a horrible situation let’s
escape and we’ll think about how to make you unlovable as we go you should shave
all your fur off did you’d be both I’ll have to see I bet you’d be ugly well all
ideas are useful there you keep trying Cosmo the kashyap your dark to see cast
here when I gonna do make a wish Timmy we can’t miss you humans because two T’s
in love with your doggy for him but we can do other stuff okay then I need to
be able to see in the dark where’d you go puppy we’ve given you
doggie night vision hey your eyes glow it’s actually kind of scary
Oh puppy don’t call me puppy uh what are you gonna wish for Fido don’t call me
that either I’m still Timmy we need some way to quickly first of all uh I know I
wish I could fly don’t care
right I guess we would look Peter my job ah
the food cart my favorite part of the mo but the world
isn’t far from here I brought myself in a month after make myself disgusting
nothing can stop me now hear me there you are you very bad very cute
little job come to Timmy I guess I barked too soon
only guys dogs allowed a wish thank doggie brain I’ll try
maybe we cook turtle until a salon good idea
I wish that my doggie picking power with silver humid super catering can take
through the floor here you’ll have to find something softer look for pink
flowers and pop that’s the place to dig I wanna concentrate on making 2 tea mug
me less but all I can think about is finding a ball to bury Judy where are
you eurisk an egg what’s the matter don’t you love me yeah that’s happy
those dresses what what stop what I worked oh no no good doggie you’re
liable gob I don’t love you you’re a bad bad dirty little dog oh good job puppy
so let’s see if it works I wish I was human ah that’s a normal yeah I’m here again huh little pighead
and everything I guess even will can be foiled by an effective smear campaign I will never there being a door here
before it’s a door to fairy world we must have found all the pages of the
rules baby that was fun can we do it on again no we’re back in fairy court for
you scenario Oh can I be the narrator Cosmo and Wanda
have helped Timmy recover all of the pages of the room and now everything is
great and we get to have fun and go on pride the bean cake Thailand is it okay
if I talk oh of course your honor I was only
talking to these sniveling worm timmy turner
Cosmo and Wanda you have recovered all but one of the pages of the rules I
thought we got them all all except the table of contents page and according to
a very legal statute three million four hundred eighty three thousand seven
hundred seven subsection G G a paragraph one and a quarter that one page is all
Vicki needs to keep Cosmo and Wanda’s wish powers there must be a way for
Kimmy to appeal but it is appealing to everybody the only chance to avoid
losing your very licenses forever is to take the ultimate challenge all right
I’ll do it very well take it away Jordan we had to the evening and welcome to the
ultimate challenge tonight on the show the puny weekly will attempt to resolve
our interior lighting I just got here and now you make here for all isn’t the
only way to emerge victorious is to make your opponent say we I never took the
book from Jenny it will require it activate the magic reach times in the
arena however I doubt a weakling such as yourself who need to manage the task
this is your ultimate challenge and now let us meet your Holmen and arch-nemesis
Vicky for legal reasons Nikki will not be able to hear anything
that any caring parent and we supply to the three mighty white after the show
hey Timmy it’ll be easy with our house and to ensure we do the ultimate
challenge in the key will turn into a dragon like a little bigger beginning
the our dinner challenge the ultimate challenges brought you might not have an
inequality ultimate one for the other video video I’m poor why and Chris
in 2020 compiled sweetie you have to get her to say I wish I never took the bus
from kitty we get out you’re a small amount of politics we do give each other
you cannot Karen the real dignity you have beating the ultimate challenge next
time on the ultimate challenge I will personally meet 402 overs using only my
gigantic ego you will watch it now I mean then is everything fixed can I wish
again let’s find out go ahead Punk make a wish I wish I had cake and I wish I
was a cake all is well with the world Cosmo and I have our wish powers back we
got the rain back and I have cake nothing could be sweeter who are you
talking to twerps I heard voices ha ha I was having a wonderful dream I
was on a game show and I was trying to crush you flatter than a pancake
no one here Vicky T ah there’s my book oh oh yes we didn’t this week I think I swallowed
something time to get paid twerp see you around
loser that was a close one everything back to normal laughs than
usual this time it just goes to show ya there’s nothing together very happy ha ha ha ha why am i laughing member you

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  1. 1:23-"I'm in charge and you're nothing"? That doesn't make any sense!
    5:32-Timmy referenced Super Mario Bros. whenever you collect 100 coins.
    41:02-Cosmo referenced Super Mario.
    11:00, 52:14, 52:26 & 1:19:50-Proof that Cosmo's being smart for a change.
    1:10:47-Timmy's affection to Cosmo and Wanda.
    1:13:13-Timmy mentioned the Super Bowl and the World Series.
    1:14:22-Cosmo mentioned the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics being held every four years, which is actually true.
    1:16:01-Smart thinking, Timmy. Milk is good for your teeth and bones.

  2. This Game Was Made Before Of After Shadow Showdown?. I'm Sure It Was Made Before Shadow Showdown.
    This Game It Doesn't Have The Quality Of Shadow Showdown

  3. I love the chapters:
    Video Game
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    I love how it's based on the series. More games from TV shows should do that.

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