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FabFitFun Spring 2020 Box Full Reveal | How I Curated This with Katie Kitchens

Hey, guys! I’m Katie Echevarria Kitchens, and I am here
to tell you how I curated the FabFitFun Spring 2020 Box! There is a lot of stuff here, guys, but in
case you don’t know FabFitFun, we are a lifestyle membership best known for our seasonal boxes. What’s cool about us is that you get to pick
items that are exactly right for you or our team will help get you the right products. So make sure to like, comment, sign up for
our YouTube page, and we are about to get in it. So the Spring Box is amazing. It has more choices in a seasonal box than
we’ve ever had. That means it’s going to be ultra-customized
just for you. And just a quick callout because these are
record-breaking numbers – we have 20 female-founded brands in this Box, which is incredible! 15 cruelty-free brands, 7 products made right
here in the USA, and for the first time ever in a seasonal box, we’re introducing FabFitFun
Throwbacks, an awesome Member Perk that has been requested over the years. In addition to all of the new Spring items
available, you also have the choice to pick an item featured in a past Box that you may
have missed. But don’t worry! This is totally optional. Members will only receive an item they previously
got if they choose it. And of course we have an incredibly cool talent
partner. Gina Rodriguez is our Spring Cover Model. She’s incredible! She picked Dress for Success as our Spring
non-profit, so we’ll be doing tons of content around DFS, as well as fundraising through
our Add-Ons. So make sure to check it out so you can support
this amazing cause as well! Alright guys, so Choice #1 – this is a choice
that all Members can make, whether you are Select or Seasonal. So first up, we have this amazing device. It’s reVive Therapy device, and it is amazing
for increasing collagen. It leaves your skin dewy, glowing, beautiful,
and it’s really easy to use. It’s powered by a battery. You just turn it on. The lights come on, and you will sort of focus
on different areas of your face for about 3 minutes and then move on to the next area. You know, for me, my area – I have lots of
lines around my eyes. I’m 41 years old. I can admit it, but this little guy is super
cool. It’s a $68 retail value, so it’s actually
more than the box itself. Next up, we have this DONNI. Ribbed Sweater Coat. And what I love about it is that it is so
incredibly versatile. You know, I think of, you know, Spring and
starting to get outdoors. But guess what? In March, it’s not exactly beach weather. So this is the perfect transition that’s going
to take you from those colder months into those warmer seasons. And it goes with anything. It comes in 2 sizes, so there’s a regular
and a plus, and it really does look good on all body types. It drapes beautifully. It’s an amazing female founder. You’re going to love it. Next choice, we have the Caravan Diamond Woven
Rug, and I’m gonna show you guys what it looks like unwrapped. So this guy is super cute. This little boho, woven rug. I love it for your kitchen or your bathroom. That just gives you a little bit of super
cool flair. The black and white goes with any sort of
color combinations that you might have in your house. Another female-founded brand. I love it. So next up, we have our Summer & Rose Diamond
Tote. It was designed in collaboration with Eva
Longoria. I think it looks pretty good with my dress
today, but what I love is that it’s big. You can toss all of your Spring essentials
inside. It has a little pocket inside and a nice little
metallic clasp. And continuing with our navy theme, we have
these beautiful West Elm Indigo Bowls. They’re super cute. It comes in a set of 3, and I love them for
entertaining. You can throw olives, nuts, candy inside or
they just look super pretty on your window sill. Last but not least, we have the Elemis Peptide
Night Recovery Cream-Oil. Elemis is a FabFitFun favorite brand. You guys know them and love them. But what I love about this – it actually is
a hybrid of a cream and an oil, so all of the moisturizing benefits of a cream with
the health benefits of an oil. You put it on at night after you’ve washed
your face. You will wake up with truly glowing skin,
guys! All right, so now I’m going to pick my favorite
product in this choice. It is, of course, incredibly challenging,
but I gotta go with the first guy. This light is just too cool, and let’s be
honest – I can use all the help I can get in the anti-aging department. All right, into the box it goes. All right guys, onto choice number 2. These are one of my favorites. These are packing cubes from CALPAK. They come in a set of 3. There’s this beautiful, ombré, sunset-esque
pattern, as well as these super cute little fruits. But I love it. If you’ve never used packing cubes, they’re
going to change your life. I promise you when you’re packing, everything
becomes disorganized. You throw everything into a giant suitcase. This is going to make you super organized. You’re gonna know where everything is. I promise you – you’re going to thank me after
you start using them. All right, next up guys, we have another FabFitFun
favorite brand. It’s Murad. It’s the Resurgence Rapid Collagen Infusion. It’s a doctor-developed brand that’s super
results driven. It’s filled with amino acids to really help
create a more elastic, youthful skin. And you’ll use it in your sort of traditional
skin care routine like a serum, and it’s really fantastic. All right guys, I have another favorite coming
up! For every rainy day, if you’re looking for
a little bit of cheer and happiness, Shoshanna Umbrella is going to bring it to you. Shoshanna is one of my favorite designers. You can check out my Instagram. I am constantly tagging her because half of
my dresses happen to be from her line. But I just love this fun, yellow and navy
print. It just makes you smile when the weather’s
kind of gray outside. And it’s super durable. It has a cute, little ruffle at the bottom,
and it actually says, “Don’t rain on my parade!” All right guys, next choice we have the Tarte
Drink of H2O! It’s filled with moisturizing electrolytes. Tarte is another amazing, female-founded brand. Cruelty-free, free of all of the no’s quite
frankly, and it has a really nice non-greasy formula that just leaves your skin feeling
fresh and supple. All right guys because we always like a dual
punch, we actually have another Tarte product. This is their Tarteist PRO Glow. It’s gigantic. It will last you forever, and it is both a
contour and illumination kit. And I love it because it is incredibly inclusive. It works on all different types of skin tones. It has both a cream and powder formula, so
you can get that sort of sculpted, glowy look that we all love. How cute is this? All right guys, next up we have the 111SKIN
Rose Gold Radiance Booster. It’s a really beautiful product. It’s actually made with gold in the formula,
which works to enhance your skin. It goes on before your moisturizer and your
makeup, and it just has this really pretty rose gold shimmer that just makes skin look
fresh and healthy all spring long. All right guys, this is another hard one,
but what can I say? I gotta go with my girl, Shoshanna. It may not rain a ton in Los Angeles, but
this umbrella is just too cute to pass up. Okay. All right, next up we have choice 3. This is another opportunity for all Members
to choose. First up, we have our Amber Sceats Coin – Double
Coin Necklace. Coin jewelry has been a huge trend over the
past year, and I have been asking our team to find the perfect coin necklace, and this
really is it. It comes with a really long chain, so depending
upon how you want to wear it, you can wear it up high or down low, and it’s just a great
accent piece. All right guys, next up we have the Weighted
Gravity Mask. You guys know the Gravity Blanket. This is basically the blanket to go, so it
has patented, weighted technology that really does enhance your sleep, you know, partially
because it’s obviously blocking out all the light. But also the sort of light touch of the weighted
mask, you know, puts you – sort of gets you ready for relaxation. All right, next up, we have the Two-in-One
Purify and Glow Mask Collection. How pretty is this, and how much does this
scream Spring to you guys? It is like a mask with super extra, so you
actually take these little capsules, and if you want the – there’s four exfoliating masks
and four purifying mud masks. And you can actually use this little brush
for all of your application. It just makes you feel super luxe. You guys are gonna love it. We really are scouring the globe to find you
guys the best products every season. Next up, this is Cosmedix Pure C, and this
is actually a powder form of real Vitamin C. And what I think is really cool is that
when we put it in the box the first time, you know, you guys didn’t really know what
it was. But then when people had the opportunity to
try it, they could see how it created this really beautiful radiance in their skin, and
you basically pour a little bit into your moisturizer. Use it every morning, and what’s nice is because
it is in this powder form, it creates the full long-lasting potency that Vitamin C really
has. So you guys are gonna like it. Alright, last in this choice we obviously
had to have a body product. This is an exfoliating body polish. It really smells like a tropical, spring vacation. This is from Green Goo. It’s a brand that has done exceedingly well
in Add-Ons, and it really does smell delicious. And you don’t even have to go on a Spring
Break vacation. It just comes right to your shower. All right, I have to make my third choice. This time, I’m gonna go with the Amber Sceats
necklace. I love that it’s a female-founded brand. I love the trend of the coins, and also I
may have been wearing it all season long already, so I gotta be true to that. All right, next round of choices! This is for Select Members only. So if you do sign up for an annual membership,
you get additional choices to customize your box even further. So this is the Aria Beauty Luxe Detangling
Brush, and the sort of extra long bristles really do help detangle hair in a way that
doesn’t pull, break, or just feel uncomfortable. It also comes in this beautiful, rose gold
finish that is so on trend for 2020. Next up, we have the Marianella Body Oil. You know, obviously one of the reasons why
we wanted to feature body care products is that in Spring, you start to show a little
more shoulder, maybe a little more leg, and this is gonna keep your entire body feeling
moisturized, good, beautiful, dewy. It has amazing ingredients like pomegranate
oil, mongongo that really helps to keep skin supple and beautiful. All right, next choice. We have these incredibly cute tea towels from
Stone Cold Fox. It’s another female-founded brand. You know, we love the sort of beautiful, airy,
navy and white print. It’s made of 75% cotton, 25% sort of a recycled
polyester bland – blend! Not bland. Blend. That makes it really durable for all of your
kitchen needs and just like a nice pattern that you want to have around. All right, next up we have the Aveda Damage
Remedy leave-in treatment, and it’s really beautiful because it protects against heat
styling, so if you use a blow dryer or use a curling iron or straightener, this actually
helps protect the hair shaft. It has elements of macadamia nut that leaves
your hair hydrated, and I fell in love with it last year and really excited to bring it
back. What to choose? All right, I gotta go with Marianella. I love the way it smells. I love the way it makes my skin feel, and
yeah, I’m gonna be showing off all those shoulders during the spring months. Next up, we have the Lovescript Body Wash. This is another female-founded brand, and
part of the idea around the formulation is to help bring more love into our lives, which
of course we all want! It has a really beautiful orange blossom scent. It foams really lovely, leaves your skin clean,
fresh, and lovely. Next up, we have the Speaqua Wireless Bluetooth
Speaker. It’s small but mighty, so it’s perfect if
you’re going on a bike ride or if you’re hiking, camping, all of your Spring travels. You’re going to bring this guy everywhere. It’s just a really cool little gadget to have
around. All right, next up, we have the Ciaté Fierce
Flicks black liner. This is another female-founded brand from
the UK, and I don’t know. I’m not the best at always doing my makeup,
and what I love is that this just gives a really clean, dark, black line. So if you’re doing a cat eye or you just want
an everyday, sort of lined look, this guy’s gonna do wonders. All right, next up we have the Eparé salt
and pepper grinder. Another past member favorite. If you guys know me at all, you know that
I have a weird, crazy obsession with salt, but I love the Himalayan pink salt. It’s just like a really cute accessory for
your kitchen that comes in super handy. Next up, we have the AG Hair Care Fast Food. It’s a leave-in conditioning treatment, and
it really helps if you have any kind of thick, frizzy, coarse hair to really tame the beast. I have the craziest, thickest, curliest hair,
and I’m obsessed with this guy. It also helps sort of revitalize any sort
of dry, split ends. So if you do love a blowout, this is the perfect
pre-blowout treatment. All right, cool guys! I’m gonna pick another product. I gotta go with the AG Fast Food. I’ve been loving it, especially if I’m gonna
spend a little more time at the beach or in the pool this Spring. This is a real hair saver. All right guys, we’re going into our next
choice. This is one where FabFitFun is actually going
to pick for you. The boxes are getting more and more customized
to make sure that you guys really do love your products every season. So first up, we have the deep sleep body cocoon. I am a terrible sleeper. I have tons of anxiety. I will spend hours in our lovely Community
in the middle of the night, reading. But this is really helpful for better nights
and brighter mornings, as well as having really sort of beautiful skin-helping properties
like shea butter to really moisturize the skin. Next up, we have the Blue Matcha Restoring
Mask. Matcha has been a huge ingredient trend this
year, so the team was really focused on finding a great product featuring the tea blend. It’s antioxidant-rich, and it really just
sort of detoxifies, purifies, deeply moisturizes, and soothes. And you can use it basically once a week or
as needed. All right, so for this one, I am going to
guess what FabFitFun would pick for me. And considering that I am genuinely the world’s
worst sleeper, I gotta go with this works deep sleep cocoon. Alright, we have another choice. This box has so many choices! This is another one where FabFitFun is going
to pick for you. First up, we have Chic & Tonic Silicone Straws. We love Chic & Tonic, a barware line created
for women by women. But of course, plastic straws, as we all know,
are literally destroying the environment, and this is a really nice alternative. And what I love is that it comes with 4 super
cute, colorful straws, a little cleaning brush, and gotta get it all out of here… A holder so that you can take your straws
anywhere. Next up we have the Wander Beauty Mile High
Club Mascara. Another great female-founded brand really
built around the idea that beauty should be fast and easy when you’re on the go. It is both a lengthening and thickening formula,
flake-free, and water-resistant. This really is great when you’re traveling,
and I mean, who doesn’t longer, thicker lashes? Alright guys, next up we have a FabFitFun
hero brand, Spongelle! If you guys are not familiar with Spongelle,
it’s super cool. It’s an actual sponge that is infused with
beautifully scented soaps. This one happens to be in Black Orchid. It smells amazing. It smells like spring, and it just leaves
you looking and feeling and smelling fresh. So again, I’m gonna have to guess what FabFitFun
is going to pick for me, but this time, I think it has to be the straws. Always gotta do a little bit for our planet. Alright guys, we are down to the very last
choice. We have another female-founded brand. This is the WINKY LUX Lip Balm. What’s cool about this balm is that it actually
changes color so that it formulates to the perfect pink that is right for your individual
skin tone. So you can see here it’s not crazy. It is this really, really pretty, pretty pink. Alright next up, we have the Avene Thermal
Spring Water. This is a French-based brand. I really do love, you know, looking for brands
all over the world to bring to you guys. And what I love is that it sort of has two
purposes. For one, you can use it just to sort of refresh
and hydrate throughout the day. It’s an easy application. It smells really good, but it’s also – it
will work to set your makeup after you put it on to make it last longer and just keep
everything in check. So last choice of the day! I am going to go with the Avene Spring Water
Spray. Just gives me that sort of clean, dewy look
that I love, and into the box it goes! Alright guys, I did it! I made my Spring Box, and for the big reveal… Excited for you guys to check out the print. One of our themes this Spring is metamorphosis,
so all about how we continue to evolve, grow, change, and really never stop learning and
getting better as we get older, and that’s why we chose this really gorgeous butterfly
print to represent how we, you know, we never stop getting better. Alright, well I’m excited. I hope you guys are excited. Make sure to comment about your choices below,
and of course, sign up ASAP so you can get all of your amazing items in your next FabFitFun
Box. We’ll see you next season! Have a great day. Bye!

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  1. Sorry have to say I am a little disappointed in my spring box. The items I wanted weren't available. However the items I did get were nice.

  2. Not when all went out of stock in the first 15min
    ….I dont think seasonals even got to choose throwbacks, which isn't cool.

  3. I was a little disappointed in this season
    Sorry to say but being sold out on items is so TACKY!!
    I was hoping for the 111skin as chose nope sold out!
    Also I received a body lotion and a body oil
    I wish it had been more variety
    Would’ve liked a clay mask in place of the lotion I didn’t like the scent at all 🥴

  4. I don't like my spring box, what was choose for me was ok, I was late and unable to customize. Only received 8 items.

  5. I really like that there were household items such as the rug, bowls, and tea towels. Thanks for sharing 👍🙂

  6. The Tarteist pro glow is not pronounced tart-ee-ist, it's pronounced like artist with a t. It's like a combination of their brand name "Tarte" and artist, like makeup artist… Put them together and you get Tarteist. Sorry, but it's such a pet peeve for me when people pronounce things wrong. But I understand the confusion, the spelling throws off a lot of people.

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