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Everest (8848m) Winter Solo Mindset

everyone told me who am I everyone told me not to do it everyone told me it is going to be really difficult that there is no chance to succeed maybe that’s is why I think it is interesting I am a child at the biggest playground ever I’m curious about myself and the world this keeps me motivated why should I just do things I already know I am capable of doing trying things of which I am not sure if they are even possible. with such an epic goal in mind it is easy to just concentrate on this one thing Everest in winter is the goal and there is no better training than the goal itself on this first expedition the chances are slim but with each further step I will get closer It is not a question about if… but more about when. At the end of the day I am climbing just a meaningless ice- covered stone pile I need to give this project some meaning and what could be better than just enjoying it!

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