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Hello Guys, Welcome back to my Channel This Video, I want share about new Event after
18 March 2020 Maintenance okey, this event is Spring Event lets go to our SEA website okey, this is Spring Festival Event this Fluttering Cherry Blossoms~♬ Event for period from 19 March until 1 April 2020 and we can buy this “[Event] Cherry Blossom
Seed” for 100,000 silver. okey, lets buy from pearl store item You can press F3 for Pearl Store item and go to “Hot & New” then “Event” and… this is “[Event] Cherry Blossom Seed”
for 100,000 silver. you can buy this once per family and reset
each day okey, lets buy it after you buy that seed will place in your inventory and you need fence to plant this seed you can rent some fence from some NPC using
your contribution point and Where NPC to rent this fence Press M, and search NPC, type “Fence” and you got some NPC to rent
this fence because this seed need 2 grid to be planted you need fence more than 1 grid, and fortunately Fence renting from NPC more
than 2 grid, I Prefer using “Strong Fence”, because this
seed will daily planting event so we will have some grid to plant it tommorow Okey I already rent Strong Fence I will plant this strong fence at danger zone
not in safe zone you can check about Farming guide in my video,
I put link in this video description okey…. after you plant fence, just plant this seed okey and wait if you want to faster your progress, you need
to watch it out from any pest or to prune it when needed you can check in garden icon and this icon
will glow if this plant need to be take care okey and after you got 100% you will get this item, [Event] Blooming Scent
of Spring lets confirm it in website yah, we just can harvest it, and not possible
to breeding and after we harvest it, we will got this
[Event] Blooming Scent of Spring 5 pcs and after that we need to collect this Blooming
Scent and another way to collect it from daily playtime
for 2 hours we got 5 of them and after we collect all of this, you can
exchange this [Event] Blooming Scent of Spring for some reward this 3 item is enhancement item and the last
one is fine accessories box II and you can exchange this at anytime but this
playtime will available from 19 March until 8 April 2020 and another event is this Spring Draughts
and Crafts you can get this two event item “[Event] Fresh Peach Flower Petal” and “[Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Branch” from Defeating monsters, gather, or fish during
the event period and after you collect this 2 item, you can
process it this buff “[Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Draught”
can be obtain by processing simple alchemy by combining “[Event] Fresh Peach Flower Petal” 5 pcs + “[Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Branch” 1 pc, and also “Purified Water” 1 pc you will got this buff and this is the buff
for grinding and also if you want to make another buff
for life skill you only have to process this “[Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Branch” 5 pcs and “Purified Water” 1 pc just 2 this item, no need “[Event] Vibrant
Peach Flower Branch” and you will get this Life skill buff okey, that’s it for this Spring Draughts and
Crafts event and this item if you play from last year I show you my achievement page bellow yah, this is Cherry Blossom too for last year event period 28 March 2019, I have some left, and this item can be combine
to this newer item, I think??? Blooming Scent of Spring….. and this… ohh… it’s different Item, so we Cannot combine
this old item Okey Guys, That’s it for This Guide about
this Event If You Like this Video, You can LIKE and SUBSCRIBE
my Channel for another update video Thank you for Watching, See you next time

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