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Epithet Erased | EP3 – The Doctor is In

MOLLY: (via radio)
Hi, I’d like to
report a robbery? GIOVANNI: (via radio)
Hey! Hey! Stop that!(Molly gasps!)PERCY:
Hello? Hello? Oh dear. That was the museum’s
emergency hotline… And that voice sounded
rather young…(into radio)
Sergeant, assemble the squad. We might have trouble…(Beefton ROARS!)BEEFTON:
Hah… Tiny thieves may have
defeated Dr. Ashling… But they cannot defeat… DOCTOR BEEFTON! AAAAAAAAAAH!!!(♪Title theme plays♪)WAKE UP! ♪You’ve got a lot
to do today ♪Feel proud and wipe
your eyes, ’cause hey! ♪Stifle the yawn, you
stayed up ’til dawn, ♪Let’s see what you
been workin’ on… ♪IT’S GONE! ♪Keep in mind, the ♪DEADLINE is closing in ♪Your byline,
the headline,
they’re in the bin ♪Uncompleted… ♪All deleted! ♪WHAT’S GOING ON!? ♪You’ll have to crunch and
work ’til dawn ’til you die! ♪Cut out the corners,
cross the Ts
and dot the Is! ♪Whip out the white-out
But keep it in good taste! ♪Just so that no one will
ever know it’s defaced! ♪Epithet Erased! ♪SYLVIE:
Episode 3: The Doctor is In! BEEFTON:
Dr. Beefton is HERE! And he’s got a PhD in DEATH! As well as a
doctorate in philosophy and modern linguistics. GIOVANNI:
B-B-Bear Trap!
Do you think you can un-summon that thing!? MOLLY:
No! Hushabye only works
on small creatures! I can’t fight
something that big! GIOVANNI:
Uh… maybe we can
sneak around him? BEEFTON: HYAH!
GIOVANNI: AAH! BEEFTON: Hahh… Looks like Beefton missed… Next time you
won’t be so lucky! Oh yeah!? Not if
I hit YOU first! [Giovanni rips off the
knife taped to his bat with a sticky squelch! He tosses it in the air,
hits the handle, and sends it flying
towards the doctor!](squeaky toy noise)Hmph! Is that all? GIOVANNI:
Huh, I uh… I thought
that would work better. Can I have my knife back? It’s my mom’s. She’ll be
really mad if I lose it. Oh, yeah. Sure. Oh, thanks! For a minute there
I was worried that you were- THROWING IT AT ME, OH GEEZ! Hey! I told her
I wouldn’t break it! …or I would’ve told her
that if I had asked for permission to use it…
aaagh, which I didn’t! So now she’s going
to be DOUBLE mad! [Molly scans Dr. Beefton, looking for any
sort of weak spot. As he returns his arm to his
side, she notices something. Sylvie’s body is floating suspended inside
the monster’s torso.] Giovanni! I think
I’ve got an idea! This guy has sleep powers, and that fire he summoned
was from my nightmares. I think this person can
make dreams like… REAL dreams! Real life dreams! Maybe this big cow
guy is HIS dream, and all we have to do to
beat him is wake him up! Hmm… Clever girl. That means Beefton will
have to take you out first!(Molly screams)Oof! Ow… Bear Trap! Grr… So! All I have to do is
wake that kid up? Easy! Take this!Hmph. Pathetic.Rrgh! I can’t hit that brat! There’s too much
beef in the way! We need another way
to wake him up! What else wakes people up? Loud noises… light… water… My mom… If we don’t figure out something fast, we’re doomed! You’re doomed either
way, little girl! Say GOODNIGHT! Aaaah! GIOVANNI:
Hey! Torro, torro~! Hah! Oh, please. That’s the oldest
trick in the book! You think something like
that would work on an academic like Dr. Beefton? Hah! Ridiculous! AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! Whoa geez! There go the turtles. They never stood a chance… It looks like some of
the lights came loose! Try shining them in his eyes! You got it!
C’mon, one of these has to still be working… There we go! Take this![Giovanni takes a stage
light in each hand,and shines their beams
into the monster’s torso!] SYLVIE:
[Sylvie’s sleeping form
begins to stir…] Hmph! [Beefton buttons the coat, blocking the light
from Sylvie’s vision.] Dang it! Why am I always
getting screwed over by cloth?! Seriously, do you know how
expensive this stuff is at the craft store?
Ah! It’s insane! Whoa whoa whoa whoa
whoa whoa whoa whoa! Beefton has had enough of this! [He takes the bear replicas
from Fort Cool Guy, one in each hand… and LIFTS THEM LIKE CLUBS!] Prepare yourself! Oh my god that is SO COOL!(Battle cry)Less cool! Ah!(Cries of pain)[Beefton whales on him with
the bears like a drum!] Haha! No need to worry! I’ve still got my secret
once-per-battle ability:Ancient Potion![A bottle of healthy soup
materializes out of his sweat.] It sounds gross,
but it tastes great! Down the hatch! Ah… See!? All your attacks
so far have been USELESS~! What are you gonna
do now, huh!? Ow! Oh! Oof! Aah! Aaaah! Oh, I have no more tricks! Bear Trap! Bury me in a
coccoon of dinosaur bones! MOLLY:
[Bear Trap doesn’t answer. Instead, there’s
a different sound.(fire alarm wailing)
A sharp, wailing sound! A series of ringing OOHs
and BEEPs that drill right past your ears
and into your BRAIN!] AGH! What is that horrible sound!? I found the fire alarm! Pulling these outside of
an actual fire is a crime.But I’m a criminal now.So it’s okay! No… No! NOOOOOO!!! BEEFTON:
[With each blaring note,
Beefton grows smaller and SYLVIE:
smaller until finally the Doctor
dissipates into thin air, leaving Sylvie on the floor… groggy and moaning…] Heck yeah! Ho-ho! Nice work, Bear Trap! [He hops off the ground] It’s a good thing your
energy recovers instantly after you win a battle! I’m pretty sure my bones
were super broken. MOLLY:
OK! I’m gonna go
mute that alarm now before my misophonia
drives me crazy. How… I’ve never been defeated before! Yeah, well that’s just what
happens when you mess with the Banzai Blaster elite! Bear Trap, you’re promoted! Yay! Which of course means your membership fee has been upped to 100 bucks a month! Oh… I don’t have
that kinda money. What?! But your
family owns a store! Doesn’t that mean
you’re like super rich?(mirthless laughter)Have to…
tell the museum staff… Can’t let you…
take the amulet!MOLLY:
Wait… what do you mean? That tour guide lady is
the one who wants to steal the amulet, not us. Likely story! I didn’t come here
for a stupid necklace! I came here for mummies
and dinosaur eggs! Maybe a cursed sword
that I could throw at girls or something! I didn’t even know that thing
existed until she was all:(Mera impression)
Ooh! I’m going to steal it
and take your epithet! Ooh, look at me, look at me! Ugh! Jerk. …you can’t expect
me to believe that! It’s true! They were digging
through a bunch of museum property
when we found them. And then them imprisoned us! She specifically said she
“wanted to steal my epithet.” So you’re saying
I’ve been tricked? Y-yeah! But that’s alright! Now we can team up and stop her!(Sylvie laughs)Are you kidding!? *I* am a highly-trained
epithet user who graduated college and became
a psychologist at the age of 15! Like I’d ever cooperate with criminal scum like you! Hm. I’m gonna hit him. No, wait, we need his help! But I wanna hit him! It’s okay! I work in retail! Most of my job is
NOT hitting people, even when they deserve it! When you’re nice at people,
they tend to be nice back. Hello!(blows raspberry)Kid, do you have ANY friends? (proudly) No. Oh. I’ll be your friend. F-fat chance! I’m not interested in
working with outlaws who would defile academia! Um… I don’t know how to
tell you this, but… Awwww, dangit! Beefton did all that!? I don’t have full control over
Dream Big while I’m sleeping… Oooh, but I thought you
were “HiGhLy tRaInEd”~! Shut up! Maybe I can plead
“self defense”… You attacked us first, idiot! YEAH. WELL! I dunno, okay!? I just really wanted to
get a look at that necklace… It’s okay! It’s okay! We can clean this up later. We need to team up if
we wanna beat that lady. …fine. If it means keeping
the amulet safe, I’ll do it! Ugh… alright. If I must, I shall let you
join the Banzai Blasters. Haha! Yeah, that’s not happening. Haha! Of course it is! I’m the leader!
You have to follow me! I’m not becoming a criminal! And even if I wanted to be one, why would I follow YOU?
You’re weaker than I am!(Giovanni laughs)That’s a weird thing,
seeing as how I DEFEATED YOU! Shut up! Only because
that girl was here! She is my FAITHFUL MINION,
and therefore an extension of MY POWER! Um, guys? I hate to be the
Bear Trap of bad news, but… Well, okay, there’s
good news AND bad news. The good news is that the
fire alarm went off! So the museum’s up to code! GIOVANNI:
That’s good!
Safety’s important. The bad news is that…
the fire alarm went off. Which means… MERA:
The police are coming! The police are coming!!! Indus! Indus wake up you FRIDGE! INDUS:
Huh? What? Uh… barrier? Yes! I am awake! We have to get out of here! When a fire alarm goes off
in a place like this it alerts the fire department,
the police, the mayor, and… I DON’T KNOW WHO ELSE! We’ve probably got about
ten minutes before the museum is surrounded
and then we’re screwed! They’ll probably
increase security because of this break-in! We’ve lost our one shot
at the necklace, and it’s all because YOU LET. THEM. GO!!! I apologize, Lady Mera. I… I did not mean
to upset you, I- Quit wasting time
apologizing and DIG!!! If we don’t find this stupid
amulet in the next 3 minutes the last few months
of planning were a TOTAL. WASTE. OF TIME.(Mera grunts and moans)Why does everything in my
life end up like this? Yes, Lady Mera… I am sorry for
disobeying your orders… And I am sorry I know so
little about fire alarms. In the desert the only
thing we have to put out our fires with is sand. And sometimes it’s the
only thing we have to eat. Hey Lady Mera,
remember when we ate sand? MERA:
That’s it! Yes, it was all we had. Really it’s impressive
I managed to bulk up so much, given my diet. MERA:
Wh-? No! No, no… This is IT! …the amulet. Finally… What do you say we go
find out if it works? BEEFTON:
I diagnose you with
Epithet Erased! IT’S TERMINAL. SYLVIE:
Epithet Erased~! Hey, uh… Giovanni? Bear Trap, please!
Call me “Boss.” SYLVIE: (disgusted grunt)
MOLLY: Okay, um… Boss? Yes, Bear Trap? I was wondering… …why does your bat
have a knife taped to it? Oh, you mean my
SOUL SLUGGER DOOM BAT!?!(Sylvie groans)Well, that’s a very
good question, Bear Trap! It’s so that it does
extra damage, of course! This way I can hit someone
with all the powers of a knife, AND a bat! I think you’re supposed
to put the knife through the bat to do that. (laughs) What!? And ruin a perfectly good bat? I might be evil, but
I’m evil on a budget. SYLVIE:
That does raise the question… What exactly is our plan
when we confront this woman? Run up and smack her with a bat? Uh, Soul Slugger Doom Bat. With your toy. Oh like you’re one
to talk Mr. Yo-Yo! Doctor Yo-Yo. I’m a psychologist. Oh do they call you
that because you got totally psyched by
those museum guards? Oho! Bam! Hah! Nailed it. Y’KNOW WHAT!? Guys… Oh good.
Thanks a lot, four-eyes. Now I’m setting a bad
example in front of my minion! Like she needs you
to set an example. …why are you following
this guy, anyways? The harsh realities
of this world have forced me into
this life of crime. Ooooh, I love that! Sounds like the start of
a cool dark backstory. Uh, take me for example! My parents… are… ghosts! Dead ghosts! Feel bad now? Embarrassed maybe. I wish MY mom was a ghost. She’s just dead. Listen… if you ever want to
consult a professional, my office is always open. Oh! Thanks, but I don’t think
I can afford a therapist. First session’s free! My specialty is
epithet-based problems, but I’ve done some
domestic stuff before. Oh, okay! You can have my card too! SYLVIE:
“The Blyndeff Toy Emporium?” MOLLY:
It’s our store! Yeah! You can go
there when you’re in the market for
a new yo-yo! I hate you. It’s true what
Sylvie said, though. If we wanna stop them,
we should create an actionable list of our
strengths and weaknesses. Good idea! Hey, you.
What’s your epithet? I’m not telling
you my epithet! That’s strategic suicide! What kinda idiot tells his
epithet to someone he just met? INDUS:
Intruder spotted! Greetings, small girl
and others! It is I, Indus Tarbella, the
man who’s epithet is Barrier! I have come to retrieve you,
and also prevent the tall thief from
reaching my Lady! Much like a BARRIER! …which is my epithet. I… what? Is this a joke!? No jokes! Only epithets! Of which mine is BARRIER. Please come with me. My mistress has
located the amulet, and wishes to speak with you
about amulet things! She found it!? Grr… We were too late… Um… Mr. Barrier? Please, call me Indus! Mr. Barrier is my epithet. Indus? She said she wanted
to take my epithet, right? Does that mean the
amulet really works? That’s what she wants to
find out! Come along, then! Listen… they don’t know that
I’m not on their side anymore. If I can convince
them to let me past, then I could buy us
some time before she escapes with the amulet! Follow my lead…(internally)
Alright, Sylvester. You need
to play this carefully…One wrong word
and it’s all over!This man seems pretty foolish,
but you can’t be too certain…It could be some kinda trick!No one would really be
forward enough to tell theirenemies about their powers…Would they?Unless…Of course!He’s trying to lure me into afalse sense of security!Well joke’s on him!I’ve never been
secure in my life!And I’m not about to start now!The game of mental chess
has already begun…First… I’ll counterattack
with reverse psychology!The most basic tool in a
psychologist’s arsenal!And also our
greatest weakness…And once he’s caught off guard,I’ll swoop in for the kill!Knight takes rook,bishop takes pawn,sheep to E5…
beef to D2…Rook takes sheep!
Sheep takes beef!BEEP BEEP SHEEP BEEP
BEEP DEEPIN’ BEEF SHEEPUm… Is he… dead? He’s just been standing there
not blinking for 40 seconds. Dr. Ashling? Knock knock. Ah! Sheep beefin’! Deep… what? I hate to interrupt your
manic twitching, but I wish to remind you
that we have found the amulet! You can go right on through! I’m sure you’re quite
excited to see it! SYLVIE:
Uh… uh… Yeah! That’s right! INDUS:
Oh it’s down the hall
and to the left. Uh. Thanks! No problem! My epithet is Barrier! Now then, Miss Minion…
If you’ll please come with me. I… Um… We mustn’t keep
Lady Mera waiting! Uh… …okay. No!!! Huh? She’s not going
anywhere with you! Hm… Why does your knife
have a bat taped to it? Boss… I’ve seen him fight. He’s too strong! There’s
no way we can beat him! That doesn’t matter, Bear Trap! You’re my minion and that
means I have to protect you! If you won’t fight
for yourself… then I’ll do it for you! Not to mention I’ve been breaking things on our
way over here! I’ve got 12 hits stored up, so my next one’s
gonna be CRITICAL! I just have to hit him
once, and I win! Just try and take her! My goodness! She’s your minion… but the
two of you have bond so strong that you’re willing
to protect… Her! It’s almost as though you’re
bodyguarding each other! Hm. I think I understand now. How rude of me to
try to separate a bodyguard from her master… Very well! Then let us do things
the honorable way!One-on-one combat!HMM!!! Yeah! That’s more like it! My name is Indus Tarbella… My epithet is Barrier! Prepare yourself! I’m Giovanni Potage! Leader of these Banzai Blasters! My epithet… is Butt Whoopin’! I’m the baddest bad guy
there ever was! Very well, Mr. Butt Hwoop! Our battle begins! Heh! Don’t you worry, Bear Trap. I’m TOTALLY gonna- BARRIER. Giovanni! Hm! The battle is over… I am victorious! Come, Miss Bodyguard! We don’t want to keep
Lady Mera waiting! No… Giovanni… Indus? Before you take me… Can I ask you a question? I am always happy to
assist a fellow bodyguard! Miss Lady Mera said
she specifically wanted my epithet, right? I don’t understand…
Why mine? It’s not very strong.
It’s not even that useful. Hm…Well you see
Miss Bodyguard, Lady Mera’s epithet
is very strong. Strong enough to defeat
me in a single blow! But I am afraid her
power comes with a price… A curse. MOLLY:
A curse? INDUS:
Yes. Lady Mera has not revealed all the secrets
of her epithet to me, but I do know that it keeps
her in great pain at all times. Ever since I began following
her, we have searched. Searched far and wide to find a
way to rid her of that pain. Why… you should’ve
seen the way her face lit up when she learned
about that amulet! A way to gain a second epithet. A second power
that could heal her! Something to dull her
constant pain… Lady Mera has waited her entire
life for something like that. And now that she finally
has it within her grasp? She would do anything to get it.♪ Outro Theme playsIn the dead of midnight ♪Someone’s creeping
down the hall ♪See those yellow uniforms?
We’re the ones who got it all! ♪We may trigger an alarm
But we never come to harm ♪Because before the cops can
catch us we can call my mom! ♪We’re GREAT AT CRIME! ♪BANZAI BLASTER:
Give me your candy, nerd!Yeah we’re GREAT AT CRIME ♪BANZAI BLASTER:
I use grown-up words!The boys in blue are
here for you ♪There is nothing they can do! ♪We scuffle, scram, skeddaddle,
up a creek without a paddle ♪No you cannot rattle us
‘Cause we are GREAT AT CRIME ♪Larceny, incarcerated,
arson’s kinda overrated ♪There’s no reason to debate it,

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  1. WATCH EPISODES 4 + 5 ON VRV RIGHT NOW! Use my code ( to get 30 DAYS OF VRV PREMIUM, absolutely free!

    WE MESSED UP WITH THE FAN ART CREDITS! The correct credits are as follows:

    Molly + Cast- JencilthePencil (

    Giovanni POSE! – gearlic (

    Huge apologies for the mixup! The editor (me) was very very sick last night when he put this together.This is one of my favorite episodes. I really enjoy the dynamic between Molly, Sylvie, and Giovanni. What was your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments below!

  2. The thing I’m most impressed about is actually how Mera’s epithet was foreshadowed:

    – She gets stressed easily and takes in lot of headache medicine (most likely to cope with her body breaking figuratively and literally)

    – In the opening she’s riding on Indus which could mean the bodyguard relationship and all, but it could also mean by how Mera has to rely on Indus to keep herself safe, despite him being an idiot.

    – The dynamic of Indus and Mera in general, with Indus being a barrier to protect an important but fragile thing, or in this case the person Mera.

    – How Indus handles most of the housework for Mera, she probably hurt herself multiple times while doing this so it’s no wonder that she would enlist Indus to do all the work

    – She gets injured multiple times which is due to her epithet which would make her body fragile, as well as how she easily puts up a cutesy innocent harmless girl act. It’s a form of protection: If she acts innocent and impressed with everything like a typical anime school girl, then she won’t get hurt.

    – Her and Indus’s duo attack where she breaks Indus’s barrier to act as a projectile. It really shows how powerful she is as even Molly can’t Hushabye the barrier as it’s too big and yet Mera can break it with ease. It’s also worth noting that she stated that no one has ever remained conscious from the Barrier Shotgun after seeing how Giovanni’s still conscious. She’s done this before and up until that point, it’s always been effective.

    – We don’t know the full extent of her powers. We know that she could beat Indus easily and that she’s a strong person but it comes at the cost at damaging her own body but as Indus stated we don’t know the full extent of her epithet Fragile.

    I’m really looking forward to how this plays out because Mera (in my opinion), is a victim. Compared to everyone else we have seen so far, no one has an epithet that directly causes harm to the user. In such a case, no one, not even Indus fully understands the pain she’s going through. This isn’t a close relative kind of pain or emotional and mental pain like with Molly (and possibly Geovani due to how he said that his parents are dead) but true suffering. To Mera, nothing could compare to how she suffered everyday because of her epithet, and I think it plays in to how she views epithets. To most, epithets are a gift, something they want but to Mera, it’s the complete opposite. It’s a curse and you can’t blame her for thinking that way. It also makes me curious about Mera’s past as it looks like she and Indus live together with no one else with Mera never mentioning her home or her parents. It could be that her parents are most likely abusive towards Mera, thinking that she’s not grateful for what she got and not understanding the pain that came with her epithet. It could be one of the reasons why it would push her to get the amulet and get Molly’s epithet.

    Either way, it’s just a theory and I’m really looking forward to how this goes! There’s a lot that can happen to this character and I’m excited to see it. Also, to anyone who saw the later episodes, please don’t spoil it as not everyone can watch VRV… Other than that, feel free to let me know what you think about Mera!

  3. This whole time I thought sylvie was a fully grown adult who happens to be very short (based on how quick he was to "correct" anyone who called him kid) but he's ACTUALLY just 15. I laughed way harder at that then I should have.

  4. Clearly people haven't spoken 2 words enough about how Mera's representation~

    p̶i̶n̶o̶y̶ ̶p̶r̶i̶d̶e̶

    salamin is mirror or glass in tagalog

    t̶h̶e̶ ̶m̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶k̶n̶o̶w̶

  5. This series just keeps getting better and I'm stuck watching it on Youtube, cause no VRV here.
    I don't know if it will get a release outside of VRV so people who can't get that can support this show.
    I'm hoping for DVD.

  6. Why must you rush things? You are given the opportunity to animate something and make it look good, unless you want to anime the other 2 while this one is out, than I'm fine, if you leave the cartoon at just this, than you have wasted your time



    Making the Bull scottish was the single greatest decision in this show. Which is saying a lot, as all decisions have been great so far.

  8. Wait, is Beartrap's (yes that is her name to me) voice actor the same one who voiced priestess from Goblin Slayer abridged?

    (Edit) Just checked, nope, but they sounded kinda similar for a second. IDK. . .

  9. "I wish my mom was a ghost. She's just dead."

    "Listen… If you ever want to consult a professional, my office is always open."

    Why is no one talking about this part? Sylvie was adorable when tried to help Molly!

    And then Molly tried to give him her toy shop card lmao

  10. In Filipino, ‘Salamin’ means ‘mirror’,pertaining to the literal object that people use to see their reflection, or ‘glass’. Its interesting to think about when you connect it to her epithet and how her epithet looks !

    Keep up the good work, I’m absolutely obsessed with this show ! ♥️

  11. 1:38 Doctor Jeremiah Gottwald! That’s right, I’m a doctor – PhD in asskicking, bachelor of pain, and a minor in women’s studies!

  12. I thought her epithet would be something close to mirror because "Salamin" means mirror in Filipino. Fragile is pretty interesting.

  13. So to defeat Mera you should just need an epithet called Reverse and if you get in fight with her the attack will reverse to her and will break her so….

  14. The show is cute and clearly a lot of effort was put in it, but it lacks excitement, both visually and storywise. The feeling and atmosphere it emits is on a constant level, never high, never low, like a rollercoaster without any waves. I was really curious about the art at the beginning and like the drawings too, but the show should experiment more in the verticals and less just progressing the story.

  15. I feel like Giovanni would be pretty strong if he didn't announce everything that he did like people should start clapping.

  16. Knight takes Rooke
    bishop takes pawn
    Sheep to E5
    Beef to D2


  17. I just realised this, but its like they're pulling the whole 'king crimson' thing by showing the ability being used in a vague way before it's actually revealed

  18. Oh i get it why her epithet is like glass shards because of her name is mera salamin and salamin is mirror and if you break mirrors you get glass shards

  19. why is this show so good!!! every character was made so perfectly and while the animation may be a bit odd it just made me love the series more!

  20. 10:45 Ok now I’m both confused and scared. I thought that Barrier dude said she beat him in combat, but those kicks did absolutely nothing (and she obviously wasn’t holding back in her enraged state). So either she cheated during their match…or…her power is more dangerous than I realized. Just what the heck is her ability?!

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