Indoor, Outdoor & Kids' Trampolines

Episode 6: On a Rope

Soooo, it’s a western in space, with horses?
Yeah, see, the people live on the outer, the outer rim of the planets so they can’t afford
transportation so they ride horses. They’re like pioneers.
In a weird kind of way it does actually makes sense, Grace.
Yeah I guess, it sounds kinda contrived to me. Hey Mal did you lock the backdoor? Oh
my G… Ok, everybody, just uh, uh, beee, cool. Hey
you, big boy, over there. You three, sit down, right there [yawn].
Sir you can have whatever you want but I should warn you there’s not much.
There’s four dollars here. Don’t forget the change…
Keep the change. Ok. Uh. Ok. Um. Where are your, fo foam beds?
We don’t carry fo… why do you want one of those.
What she’s saying is, we only have spring beds.
No, foam? Oh crap. How am I… Ow. Ok ok. I can deal with this.
Well then what is your most expensive bed. Don’t be cute, which one?
This one? What’s so fancy about this? Wooo, oh oh oh, ahhh, hey, this really is
a comfort… [pause]
Mal what do we do? I don’t know, is he asleep? …able bed. Hey hey, no, you sit back down
there. Come on Tommy, hurry up. Don’t try to, pull, anything with me buddy, because
I, will cop a pap in your… Mal, do something.
What is it that you propose that I do Grace? He has a gun.
I have an idea. Shhhh!
Follow my lead. [silence] [snoring]
[snoring] The force is strong with this one. We wouldn’t even be in this if you hadn’t
gone so bonkers with the ambiance. Oh right, yeah, it’s my fault, it’s my fault
that you and your dad are trying to sell this store because you’re too scared to try anything
new. Try anything new?
Yeah. I asked for your help and all you did was
bring in a bunch of pillows and potpourri. Plus you sent spies to Pimpleton’s place.
Yeah I wanted to find out why a guy in a pimp suit sells more mattresses than we do.
Guys please. But now I’ve figured it out, you’re a bigger
pimp than he is. Well he’s a…
Guys! What Gary?
Hi. Don’t mind me, I’m just the guy with the gun!
[car honking] Ok. Oh good, he’s here.
Where is… the… foam? We told you there is no foam.
How am I going to make any money? I need foam!
Look man, foam is just an over-priced slab of… foam!
Look, take that bed. You can easily get $1100 for it, sell it on
Craigslist or whatever. It’s the best we’ve got.
Who’s Craig? Oh man, heavy. Gah this was a great idea Tommy. Take a FOAM bed, it costs more, yeah.
Well it doesn’t cost more if they don’t have it, moron. Wait until we get home. You don’t think mom’s
going to hear about this? [muffled speech] Grace, call the cops. Ooh, didn’t even tie it down! Idiots.
Klatu. Veratas. Nictu. Alright Gary, let’s get it back inside.
I did it. I have the power! I’m sorry. I was a jerk. I’m sorry I didn’t ask you about the ambiance.
It’s ok. Get a room. [music]

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