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Episode 2: Hunter Education

[Andre]…people that are, sorry- [Andre] oh you’re fine come on.
[Crystal] Go head, go ahead. [Man] Sorry
[Andre] No worries [Andre] But– [beep] [upbeat music] If you’re new to hunting, or even the thought of hunting the first thing you’re gonna want to do is sign up for a hunter education class. I signed
up for one way before I ever thought about going hunting. I was like, omg, this
is just gonna be a bunch of crazy hunting people who just really like
shooting animals… it turns out it actually wasn’t that at all. I was so
surprised about what hunter education actually was that I wrote a blog article
about it called, “A Non Hunter Takes Hunter Education”. I’ll link to it in the
description below. To learn more about hunter ed I’m gonna go meet up with this
guy Andre who works in the Colorado Parks and Wildlife education section. [beep] [Andre] Hi Crystal. [Crystal] Hey Andre, thanks for meeting me today. [Andre] No worries.
[Crystal] Oh your last name, how do you say that? [Andre] Egli. [Crystal] That’s my last name!
[Andre] Yeah. We’re married [Crystal] Right. So, Andre. Why I asked you to be here today is, I know you work in hunter education and I was hoping you could
tell me a little bit about what people can expect in hunter education class.
[Andre] Sure. So I know because we’re married that you’re interested in taking some
hunter education. And we accept hunter ed from any state, doesn’t matter as long as
it’s a hunter ed card from a state agency will accept it. We have a
traditional course which is usually two days, and we have an Internet conclusion
course where it’s part online and then there’s a final day in class. [Crystal] If somebody
is a little bit iffy about firearms and they want to take hunter ed, what can
they expect as far as like supervision or guidance?
I don’t know somebody’s just like randomly terrified of firearms? [Andre] No
worries, I know where you’re coming from. [Crystal] You do? [Andre] Yes! I do.
We have over 400 volunteer instructors in Colorado and we have
another 300 CPW staff that also teach hunter education. They’ll teach you
everything you need to know to go out in the field and be safe. We have inert
firearms that are bright orange, they don’t even have fire pins, they can’t
fire. [Crystal] I like that. [Andre] We have dummy ammo so you can practice loading and unloading the rifle
safely, but there’s also stuff about wildlife identification, orienteering and
survival in the outdoors, how to properly field dress and animal, how to take care
of that meat so that once you harvest an animal you don’t waste that meat and get
to take it home and have some delicious steak dinners. [Crystal] That is what I want. [Andre] Yep. [Crystal] Well, I’d be feeding it to you, anyway so hopefully… [Andre] I know, so WE can have some
delicious steak dinners. [Crystal laughing] [Crystal] So… I hear that you have been
trying to get my job and trying to make a video yourself…?
[ Andre] I already made one. [Crystal] You already made one?! What am I doing here? [Andre] Well I mean it’s about something different.
It’s about– [beep] Greetings! Andre here with Colorado Parks and
Wildlife hunter education. If you want to go hunting in the great state of Colorado you’re gonna need hunter education,
unless you were born before 1949 which makes you age exempt. We offer classes
all year long, all over the state. But that’s not all. [speaking in Spanish] [speaking in Mandarin Chinese] CPW has access to bite triggers, optic enhancers, limited mobility devices, and even high quad mounts so everyone can participate in the live fire program. Just let CPW know
your needs [gun fires] at least two weeks in advance and they’ll have everything ready for
you. Our classes are for everyone, all ages and all walks of life. Wait– I didn’t know I was going to be in your video Andre. [Andre off screen] Just say your line…
[Crystal] Oh okay. My family didn’t grow up
hunting so I didn’t take hunter education until I was in my 30s. Colorado Parks and Wildlife believes that outdoors are for everyone. If you want to enjoy all the great opportunities this state can offer a hunter we won’t let anything stand in your way. We want to teach you how to be a safe and ethical hunter so that you can live live life outside. Because hunter education isn’t
just for me. And me! And me! We hope to see you in class soon. I have a great source for hunter
education information right at home, but if you’d like more information about
hunter education you can head to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website and
search ‘hunter education’. I’ll also add links and phone numbers in the youtube
description below. I want you all to head there right now. Go ahead, click on the link below. Get your calendar out and sign up for a class. If you have any
further questions just give Andre a call. Once you take your hunter ed class
I want to know what you think! Leave a comment below. [Crystal off screen] Thanks for watching! Hey everyone! Thanks for following along on my big game hunting journey. Hunting
license dollars are a super important source of funding for the wildlife
conservation work that Colorado Parks and Wildlife does for all species in
Colorado, not just a game species you can hunt. So we want to make it as easy as
possible for you to buy a hunting license. If you’ve ever thought about going
hunting or just considered the possibility be sure to hit up our website or give
us a call for more information. We’ll link all the information in the youtube
description. If you like this video series and you want to see more videos
that we make at Colorado Parks and Wildlife, be sure to subscribe on the
youtube link below.

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